Why Men should be Eliminated


Firstly, I would like to mention that I in fact am not trying to instigate any hate crime, genocide, etc etc. I full well understand that men will continue to exist, and that the world will continue to revolve, whether I ‘hate’ men or not.

I’ve just written about things that have been weighing in my mind for a long time. These, I thought I’d share, regardless of what people thought about me or how insulting ‘men’ might find it.

I must also say, for many things, I’ve not gone into detail, others I’ve glossed over, and lastly there has been much that I’ve just not written about. This is because, this is a limited blog and I tried to keep this as short and concise as I could.

Now then, to begin with. Why men should be eliminated?
Lets look at the natural genetic of man. The very basis and genes that make up the Y chromosome. What is the true essence of man? Not only is the Y chromosome small in comparison to the X, it hold a limited set of genes, and these make the predominant traights of men. Here we can find, the geners for phenotypical behaviour of violence, aggression, dominance, superiority, amongst lust and other male characteristics (facial hair, muscle tone, etc).

Now a careful look at the X chromosome shows none of the atypical ‘male’ traits. Instead, it carries ‘nurturing’, emotionality amongst others. The female genetic traits can be considered as fragile, soft and peaceful.

Now many people can jump the bandwagon to dispute that while men are aggressive, there are heaps of aggressive females. Ah-tut-tut. While genes predispose a person, they do not make the person who they are. And here enters nurture versus nature.

The world is dominated by males (at least here can we please not dispute?). The laws are made by men, for men. Business’ understand men, rather that women. Culture and religion is molded to suit men over women, and the list goes on. In fact even the words “wo-man, and fe-male” are only a subset of men showing their superiority. Hence comes the biggest issue. Men, whom are cruel, despotic and agressive, are role models to youth. They teach, form and mould the world in a shape of their bidding.

As such, we arrive at the conclusion. Why are men a plague? Because men advocate for all that is wrong. They rape, torture, kill, maim, pillage, plunder, belittle, dehumanise, and the list goes on. And worse of all, they show other boys and men that such actions are good, that it is even praiseworthy (or ‘manly’) to act as such. Women, which if they are unfortunate to be surrounded by a male dominant society, adapt to the behavious of men (so to ‘fit’ in), their aggression, hate, cruelty etc, is a ‘learned’ behaviour, not an innate one. This is the biggest difference between the genders.

Thats why I believe, should men be eliminated from the equation, slowly, we can remove all the wrong that is done. Of course such methods would also require the slow eradication of ‘old school’ females, who had previously had contact/raised in male predominated households.

Now some can say, the issue then is in education. Afterall, using the same method stated above, there are men who have ‘learned’ to behave appropriately, in fact they are goddamn saintly. My reason for excluding this is that, while certainly some men have succeeded in subsiding their genetic predisposition, what is the guarantee that it’ll stay that way? There is none. Because humans are so complex, there can never be a guarantee that men can keep themselves in check, and that offspring of ‘educated’ men would also turn out ‘educated’, At any point and time, they could fly of the handle and rage rampant on the land (an exaggeration, but it paints a picture none-the-less). As men are driven by primordial instincts, and this instict dates well back to the tribal societies monkeys made (and continue to make).

There are many more reasons why men are dangerous creatures. Have any of you wondered as to: Why it is men who can do attrocities like no others. Why men, take the largest portion of societies jails, and why they are still the leading cause of women’s pain.

Some say education can help, I say its made no difference at all. The amount of women who believe ‘feminism’ has saved them, has increased. Yet, its fool-hardy to believe that they have attained any ‘equality’. Far from it. Afterall, what equality can one have if from birth one is already unequal? Why teach children that they are gender neutral when they are either female or male, and neither one equals the other. Women can stand under the banner of ‘equality’ only as it is ‘convenient’ for men to have them think such. This way, they can have females ‘freely’ give liberities to men and believe they are ‘equal’.

It is the work of brainwashing. I see it everywhere. Men continiously steering society towards what they want: rape culture, large and easily accessible pornography, increasing rise in prostitution, and decreased ‘traditional’ sex. Often the important questions are not raised. What of women’s health? Why is sex something to ‘be given’, and not ‘earned’ (and most important, why does it lack love and is based on lust). Why does society not address issues of female degradation in schools, work places and homes. Why is it considered ‘humorous’ to send females to kitchens, or for them to ‘suck dicks’. Many female oriented issues are glossed over, girls are taught for the benefit and pleasure of men. They are ‘equal’ so they don’t require any special attential! Is the typical response, “They wanted to be equal! ” – “so hence no maternity leave, they can carry their own shit, whats this about childcare?” The list goes on.

The reasons are there, the facts too. Men always have been selfish, and will continue to be so. Certainly some may be saintly, but the percentage is so little, and with words such as ‘gentleman’ becoming a laughing stock, there is little to nothing to like and it frightens me honestly. What people say, and what they do, the statistics of men that ‘expect’ and ‘demand’ specific sexual favours (sexual perversion other than traditional sex – the list is long, and a lot of new disgusting entertainments involving a hand and/or a foot…) and the total disrespect or appreciation for the women willing to please.

Men, are a plague. That will continue to plague this world.

I end my note here. Its up to everyone to do as they want. Whether its to berate at my ‘stupidity’ or lack of ‘knowledge’ or whatnot. Or to perhaps take a minute to think, especially if you are a woman. For I worry, what kind of a society it would be, should I ever have a daughter (and by gods, how unfortunate she would be).

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9 Responses to “Why Men should be Eliminated”

  1. Muzolf says:

    Oh, its pseudoscientific bullshit week again?

    Someone please explain me, how can you have an educational system soo bad, that not even the simplest basics of biology are being tought?

    First off the Y chromosome is inactive, never under any circumstances is ANY of its gene sequence used to anything, the actual genes for being male are distributed along the others, since the Y is just a trigger. The acive gene is its paired up X that men have too!

    Secondly, psichological traits are not hardwired in the genes, especially not in the XY pair. Genetics is not like blueprints, or like the poster seems to think, like playing lego.

    I don`t even care about the ideologicly fueled bullshit and hate speech. Its nothing new here, and frankly, i would not expect most regural vistors to be above the level of a braindead neonazi. But that someone can be soo unbelivebly retarted, and try to act smart by writing about a thing she clearly has no clue abaut, is just baffling.

  2. ProtoEve says:

    “Why is it considered ‘humorous’ to send females to kitchens, or for them to ‘suck dicks’.”

    And how does that compare with you calling for the elimination of half of the human population?

    see, I’m right when I say that when men are acting misogynistic they do so in order to dominate the women, but when women are man-hating they openly call for the extermination of men.

  3. ProtoEve says:

    Another thing to consider is that women just aren’t as horny as men are. Even the best looking guy will still be far behind in numbers than the average ( or even ugly) girl who happens to be very promiscuous. She can reach astronomical numbers, men are that easy.

  4. ProtoEve says:

    I’m sorry that last post was for another thread. The mod can delete both this and the previous one.

  5. Keeperoftheforest says:

    Yeah I agree with you Men are parasites,
    Men(humanity) (women and men)

    What you said could have been said for both Gender, Women are more then equal now well In most countries.

    I dont get why you’re crying, My best friend had grown hating his father because that’s what her mother taught him to.

    That’s right Women Always win at child custody, You dont know the pain of the father paying for 18 damn years 500$ a month Knowing that His own fucking child hate him!
    The only times a men can get to raise his son is when Her wife is either a hard junkies or 6 feet underground.
    Where is equality.
    My sister was beating her boyfriend when I was at the appartement, I knew he just couldnt fight back, because of the damn law. Obviously she didnt make him bleed or anything but this is just sad…

    Give women more rights! ya hilarious.

  6. xDarkLacex says:

    I think all men need to fuck off, end of story.

  7. Muzolf says:

    I keep wondering if keeper is actually forrest, finally having realised that the only logical conclusion of being a male feminist is having to kill yourself, and did a 180 degree turn instead.

  8. flipflop says:

    And who will eliminate us?

  9. Muzolf says:

    Right, probably the magical feminazifairy, who comes from their hate combined. Captain penis envy… err i mean, misandry.


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