Ok first off, I’m only 19 years old and I already hate men. They’re SUCH fucked up creatures. I’m glad I realized this early on in life because I’ll be saving myself a great deal of suffering in the future. The freedom that comes with not caring what men think about you is unspeakable. I used to try hard to look good for men; well, not anymore. FUCK IT. Older men are the WORST, they like to manipulate young girls such as myself because they know we’re naive/don’t know much about life. But hey, you live and you learn and I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m doneski. I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to have kids. I’m SOOOOO done. Love this site btw :) kudos to the creators!

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  1. shazz says:

    @manhater26: Edited to remove a few of the extraneous curse words.

  2. agirl says:

    @manhater26 yes you are very wise in figuring things out early. I wish I had! At your age I was being used by guys, impregnated and left behind. I was so lonely as I’d been starved of love growing up by a cruel adoptive father. He made me feel worthless. So at your age I was seeking love and in men all I found was indifference and horniness. It made me so depressed. Now I really don’t care about them. I do hope you have found independence and that you don’t fall for their tricks ever again. Even the “nice” guys are not able to love.

  3. R2D2 says:

    100 years ago, you’d be too old to get married.

  4. blaze says:

    From the comments I’ve seen in past posts, ironically this website was made by a man.

  5. Muzolf says:

    “From the comments I’ve seen in past posts, ironically this website was made by a man.”

    As a joke no less. :)

  6. Frenchy-Froggy says:


    I wish I had had the same clear-sightedness when I was your age! I wouldn’t have wasted such huge amounts of precious time believing one man would be able to care for me one day! Well, you’ve made me realise how naive, immature, girlish and stupidly romantic I was!

    Good luck to you and I wish you a happy independent life without those trouble-makers, men!

    Hugs from France,


  7. wilson says:

    @manhater26 Would you kill random men if you had superpowers? Beacuse you sound like you would.

  8. Imjustagirl says:

    Smart Girl. I wish more young women were like you. So many will fall into this trap even into their early twenties.

    I HATE older men with a passion. They are the most selfish fucked up creatures in the universe.

    I think it may be purely because these men feel they can influence a younger girl and basically exploit them…they cant manipulate older women in the same way and feel that younger children are not as threatening

    Older men who date young girls/teenagers are emotionally immature, insecure and socially retarded. They cannot cope with a normal relationship in which they will be held accountable for their actions and emotions. Dating someone so young assures the insecure 40 year old the adulation they would not get from a contemporary. They are seen as experienced, mature and intelligent from an 18 year old’s perspective. Dating someone so young also satisfies their Peter Pan complex, and need to be admired/worshiped as these men never want to grow up.

    Honestly ppl the only reason old guys want younger girls is to conrol them, i swear to God that each time i met an old guy he was divorced, mentally unstable, passive aggressive, and had alot of psychological problems and would get mad if I seemed a bit smarter than them, they’re always selfish and they always lie to me because they think I’m young and dumb.

    Girls, after my experiences a guy in your age group or not dating at all is always better than an old douchebag who will sleep with you and act all smart when giving you “useless” lessons about life. a normal stable guy does not need a “stupid” partner to feel great, trust me you can measure how stupid the guy is by his lover the dumber she is the dumber that makes him. its always the rich guys with the smart girls and im not talking about nerds im talking about smart, educated, beauiful girls not a 14 year old kid who is being tricked into thinking she has a proper relationship with an old poor guy who can’t afford anyone smarter because they will see right through him. They don’t want a relationship they trick you into thinking you’re in a legitimate one but then they throw you away all the want is sex with a young girl.

    Being bubbly and friendly has nothing to do with being late teens through 25 years old, there are 90 year old women who are so sweet and bubbly and are happy. all men prefer their partners to be smiley and “bubbly”. I would go out with the funny guy and not the serious depressed hunk because everyone enjoys “bubbly” people. dont confuse being young and being bubbly.

    Men complain about women their age being “bitter” but think about men go on a crusade running through and trying to trick as many women that they can that fall in the ages of 18-25 as possible. Old and young men make it their life’s goal to play games with them manipulating/having sex and ruining them in the process. As a young woman men try to scam me everyday and it wears you down. These young women become older women and of course they’re not as “happy” regarding how they’ve been treated by men.

    But instead of the men taking responsibility for making these women feel this way by treating them poorly and changing their behavior they just call them “bitter” just go for the younger ones that will fall for their tricks so they can destroy them too.

    Men are selfish creatures that can’t see past their own dicks. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

    Sorry for the rant but I hate them so.I wish I could better warn young girls. I’m 21 by the way still a virgin so luckily no man has made a fool out of me yet. But it doesn’t stop them from trying. Most guys in general have young women fetish being a college girl old guys try to hit on me it’s disgusting how these creepers hang around college towns.

    But anyway continue what you’re doing focus on your goals and your life you’re on the right path :)

  9. wilson says:

    @I’mJustAGirl Do you mean ALL 40-year-old men or just the ones who prefer women who are decades younger? What do you think of me, by the way? I’m 20 right now, but I mostly like older women. Even when I was 11, there was a woman who was my current age at that time I liked who lived next door to me, but she’s a million years away now, though. So what do you think of those young men who like older women if you claim you hate older men who like younger women?

  10. RedSonja says:

    I believe whenever there is a large age gap, male or female, you should proceed with extreme caution. Maturity will always be the defining factor and most importantly you need to feel like you can relate in a very sincere way. There will usually be a more dominate partner but equality and mutual respect are essential. For those of us who have young boys or may possibly have male children in the future it is our responsibility to be stronger than our oppressors. The past generations of men need to die off with their kind and we need to breed a new man of reason and compassion, only then will men truly know strength and wisdom.

  11. RedSonja says:

    I waited till I was 19 to have sex and yes I said “waited” because already at 19 I was considered “old” for being a virgin but I didn’t just want any fool thinking he could take me as if I were pizza on saturday night. Girls and young boys are pressured to be so over sexualized at a young age they can’t even process the consequences. In the end it was still a waste because although I was comfortable with myself and sex there was no love involved and it was still meaningless. Sex doesn’t have to mean EVERYTHING but it should mean SOMETHING. Stay true to your heart, wait as long as you want and watch out for lecherous 40 year old pedophiles.

  12. Muzolf says:

    I weep for any child “RedSonja” might have, for their wulnerable minds she will poison with her hatred.

  13. RedSonja says:

    Hopefully you are sterile I hate to think anyone might be tricked into thinking you are a decent person.

  14. Muzolf says:

    I fail to see the relation between being sterile or being a decent person.

  15. Iain321 says:

    Most men will become old men one day, the sight of attractive women will never become unattractive I dare say. So in short older men are no different to younger ones they just learn from experience and are better at knowing what women look for.


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