online dating idiots!


Why is that men on dating sites insist on either leaving stupid, pointless, short messages like this…”your hot” “your smokin” “wow, just wow” . How the fuck am I even supposed to reply to such crap? Or even worse, I guess, they just send a form letter type of message. Meaning they don’t personalize it at all, just a typical, “I saw your profile, and it sparked an interest. Check out my profile and if it sparks an interest, message me back.” Douchebag probably sent 500 of the same messages to 500 different chicks. All that proves to me is they have absolutely no real interest in who I am, just saw my pic and thought i was “hot”. Or even worse, they just attach a copy of their profile to the message. Worthless losers!

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  1. iShazz says:

     Have to admit I have never used those sites but your post has got me thinking. Anyone else here use them? Maybe a ‘tips’ page might be a good idea. How to spot the wankers…. :)

  2. BONES_luver says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I just recently joined a dating website and seriously, a HUGE majority of the messages I receive are “your so pretty” (notice poor grammar), “wow, sexy”, “hey cutie”, etc. And the generic “saw your profile and you seem like such a kind girl” messages piss me off. Especially since I specifically wrote in my profile in ALL CAPS mind you not to send me those!

  3. Kelly Strom says:

    And here are a few messages I got from women on those stupid sites:

    >>>You have amazing eyes.. you should post more pictures for us gals to enjoy… Just saying!<<<>>Your profile was amusing. I won’t do any of that stuff you mentioned,
    but it did make me laugh. Maybe you’d like a good jello bath! ;-)<<>>You are kind of cute. What’s with the namae[sic] calling?<<>>so what makes you smile…<<>>Can I say you are cute???<<<<

    Yeah . . . women are sooo much better that men!!!!
    I have 96 of these stupid messages from women.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had men online send me those generic messages to me a couple times by accident,  saying the same thing like, “Wow you’re one of a kind “hun”, message me back”   …ugh

  5. BONES_luver says:

    You’ll find who the idiots are after the first messages. The ones going “hey sexy” are typical players and want to get into your pants.

  6. JohnnyD says:

    Hi, i read this post because I found it of interest.  I get super-frustrated by dating websites because I write out, well-thought out messages to girls, I don’t ask for sex, I don’t make physical compliments, and I just say a little about myself and a little about the girl based on her profile.  Do you ever get those kind of messages?  I always have a hard time believing that the 100 messages in a girl’s inbox are all what you have described you don’t like.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think a tips page would be good. I have one

    When a man on a dating site says he likes to cuddle and watch movies, he’s really asking for sex more times than not.  Look for guys who want to do things in public unless you are seeking the sex.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know from experience these sites are bogus. A friend of mine was emotionally harmed by a person she had met from one of those site. Those site are real dangerous for a woman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope you aren’t considering using one.

  10. iShazz says:

     >>Those site are real dangerous for a woman.

    Especially with womanizers like you around kelly strom (aka melatonin)
    You have been sprung….

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ve since deleted all those stupid messages, but when I get more, I’ll cut and paste them here. I do get intelligent messages like yours, but they’re so few and far between.

  12. Sretah says:

    Ohhh Snap!!! That is cold! I am going through the same thing. One guy asked me if I was into kinky sex and I was like I’m not looking for that. I said it twice and the jack-o-lantern asked me a third time! I said I wasn’t looking for that. Then I blocked him. Oh and they are never satisfied! When you have photos then they want to text you, they ask if you have Skype, Yahoo messenger, and ask for nude photos. I made the mistake of giving my cell number to a few. So far they haven’t been calling day and night and sending 10 texts in one day. But they will throw compliments just to sex you up. What happened to romance and friendship? They don’t know about either one. I asked one guy if he saw my new photos and he said, “I don’t care I just want to f… you.” And I if I didn’t say yes to his sexual demands he would say, “Well (than) which was spelled wrong it was suppose to be then I am not interested in you.” I was like whatever. All you talk about is anal and oral sex! Loser!

  13. Sretah says:

    And the guys can just disappear into thin air after they have gotten you all interested in them. They just close their account.

  14. Sretah says:

    And to Anonymous I have had a guy on there calling me hun nonstop.
    And the Hey Sexy comments. For a while one called me Princess and use to text me. They are such players.


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