Why is it that so many times in the past (and i am sure i am not the only woman that has said this) i tell myself that i will NEVER AGAIN get into a relationship! I say this every time a relationship fails, and boy does it fail miserably! If its not the guy turning out to be a complete controlling psycho then he is unfaithful! I have been single for about 7 months now, (due to my x’s unfaithfulness) and just as i started to relax about hating guys, im reminded just why i did in the first place! I had this ‘friend’ who i only saw as a FRIEND but he admitted to me his feelings for me a few months back! i did not return his affections, but thats just purely because i need my time to lick my wounds and heal over the past relationship. however he is a great person and a kind man. we spoke about our possible future together when i was good and ready and he said he would wait for me..no pressure! so just as i in the past month start to really feel this could work and start to see him in a different..romantic view…his actions just cement my hatred for men even further! i cant go into why, it would take too long, but my point is why is it that just as u start to relax and feel comfortable with a man, they see it automatically as a weakness and that they now HAVE YOU and can turn into pricks! i never have and maybe never will understand why they do this! why are they so nice, romantic, sweet, never hurt you, never leave you type of guys, then the so called chase is gone, not because we give ourselves to you like ur personal slaves, but because u won us over and we now have loving feelings for you! DUH! that was your intention wasnt it? to make us fall in love with you right? so now that we have, and now that our hearts are open to you, you are going to break them? just like that huh? WELL IM SICK OF IT! i cant help it..im human and im a woman and i carve and want another humans company and love! im a conventional type of woman, i want a life partner and i want a family of my own with you. but the way men act i feel i will never be able to have that the ‘conventional’ way. the way you pricks act makes me want to RUN to the sperm bank, because i still need ur sperm but i dont want YOU! im so tired and shattered from constantly building my fortress around my heart , only for it to be taken down brick by brick and filled with FAKE LOVE and then have to work 10 times harder to built on the damage! i wish i was a lesbian, i really do because i would gladly turn to my own sex for that companionship! but im not gay! i cant help it i was born this way and since we have no 3rd species of human, i guess i have to self evolve into an asexual to have of spring! this is how you pricks make us women feel!
why is it that even though we give u everything you want because of our love for you, you still turn to the whore in the bar, who can give you NOTHING but her nasty, over used bucket! why? why destroy ur family unit? why break ur wifes’/girlfriends heart, why confuse and hurt ur children for a cheap slag? no seriously why is that worth loosing everything? and then you cry like a little pathetic mess because you SORRY and you wont do it again? hahaha, yea and i just saw a pig fly passed my window! im not saying that women down have affairs and cause the same pain, but then this site would be called something different!
how can a woman who has been hurt over and over again trust a man again? open her heart and soul to a man. i have stepped back and looked at myself too many times and questioned what it is that i have done wrong. its how i can grown as a person and how i can make my next relationship better, but i have come to realize that while no of us are perfect…you men are so far from the perfection line the line is a dot to you!
My mom tells me that im only 25 so i have MY WHOLE LIFE ahead of me to find my perfect man! but momma..im not naive and i grew out of fairy tales along time ago! my father was a deadbeat cheating scumbag, so i dont know how she still has the straight face to feed me these bullshit lines! bless her for trying though.
but she is right, i am still considerably young to have such a cynical outlook on the male sex.
i think men should be made to freeze their sperm from early teenage years and then neutered! so that they can still be fathers but not let their stupid penis ruin everything in the future! they say money i the root of all evil…hhmm..im starting to think its the dick!
so now i actually believe that i will NEVER be in a relationship! i have never felt it so badly as i do now. i jsut cant put my heart through this anymore. im actually throwing in the towel of LOVE once and for all. i went through a stage were i thought i could just be casual with men and never let them hurt me, but im not of that nature and i will always want the perfect family unit, that i never had.
so thank you to the male sex! i will now concentrate on my military career, and visit the sperm bank in my mid 30’s so i can have my babies! men will always be weaker emotionally then women, maybe thats why us women keep giving you pathetic creatures chance after chance because our hearts as much as they shatter are practically made from platinum!

and why (as some have suggested) i should go to counselling to deal with my TRUST ISSUES! im a strong, independent woman, as much as i have flaws, i dont need to work on my trust issues, because YOU CAUSED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! im not going to waist my time working on these issues, work on thinking with ur smaller head!
i am who i am, and every woman is a beautiful creature, to be treasured and fucking bowed down to! you would be nothing without us, and next time you think of hurting a woman, remember your mommas and sisters and daughters! dont be a hypocrite!

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  1. Shazz says:

    >>how can a woman who has been hurt over and over again trust a man again? open her heart and soul to a man.

    Gluttons for punishment Im afraid.. we are like the energizer bunny..we just keep on keeping on. I feel for you, and all I can say is it will happen one day. (and always when you least expect it)

    >>i will now concentrate on my military career,

    Thank you for your service, and feel free to post whenever you need to rant. :)

  2. Kelly Strom says:

    I don’t blame you for hating men. I’m a man and I know how bad they can be.
    I’ve been through so much crap with women, so you ladies are no better.

    The same thing happen to me with one of my female friends. When I was at my lowest point in my life,
    she decided to tell me she wanted to have a sexual relationship. She is married.

    Yeah . . . women suck just as much as men do maybe even worse because women think they are so much better–HELL NO!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well for men it’s all about the chase.  He feels like he’s got you so then he’s ready to search for the next piece of ass.  Men really do act like the baboons on discovery channel, sorry but they do.

    IA with you regarding trust issues.  If a man gave me a reason to trust him, I would.  How about we focus on men and make them change instead of expecting women to take their lying cheating asses as is????

  4. Anonymous says:

    So why don’t you become lesbian? try to date women instead?

  5. Kelly Strom says:


    Yeah . . . and women don’t like to chase after men.
    honeybunch2k10, if you were the last women on earth, I would run so far away from you.

  6. Anonymous says:

     “Well for men it’s all about the chase.”

    Can’t say for others then myself. But for me, no thank you. The “chase” usually involves misunderstandings, humiliating situations, angsting about rejection and ultimatly a growing sense of hoplesness.
    I would value stability and someone i can trust myself. So far, women i known failed to live up to these standards.

    As for your attempts at insulting comparisons. No comment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I dont think he was refering to me

  8. Kelly Strom says:

    You know . . . I kind of find your hatred for me sort of sexy.
    What are you doing after work?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nooooo thanks

  10. Kelly Strom says:

    I love you, honeybunch2k10.

  11. Kelly Strom says:

    >>>A man will NEVER be there for you, no matter how young or slim.<<<

    Great . . . now we have to be young and/or slim????Gosh, you women are hard to satisfy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That has definately got to be a wanker .. no real man would treat a women like that . In this world there are around 10 percent out of 100 decent men I am suggesting . Even more so , the ones who are thought to be great at what they do never really are .. Women do it better , know what a woman wants and needs, knows what fun is, love is and definately knows that breaking a womans heart is the biggest sucker of life .. Men definately have trust issues and so do women ,, but men are majorly insecure, jealous and dont know when to quit many things. It seems they aim for destruction in all ways. But yet they forget how they made it here in the first place . 

    Men will always be men . No one can change that . Just give up living with it or accepting it .. They just try to bring you down .. continuously .. :)


  13. LEWIS says:

    The real issue is the men you have met are acting nice in the begining is because their trying to portray themselves as being what they think women want , they dont feel that who they really are is good enougth so they pretend and lie to try and get a women . This of course leaves both sides bitter because everything was built on the guy talking crap in the first place . I dont condone it , but its all down to people feel that who they are isent enougth . People oftern hurt others because of fear themselves , its usually out of insecurity . Saying men would be nothing without women well yes a decent women can be a blessing for a man but people inevitably hurt people . I agree women are to be treasured but so are men ( well the decent ones anyways ) . Dont blame other people for your problems it rarely works . I have had alot of very bad experiances with women alot worse than what your writing about what has being done to you howether i have come to peace with my issues regarding women and feel at peace with the whole thing the issue was i was insecure in the first place to of being botherd by it . 

    Im sorry to hear your living in a mind of hate , anger you sound really unhappy . Trying to insult men to make yourself feel supiriour is no better than what has happened to you . Again sorry to hear that your hating so much .

  14. Iain321 says:

    When we first meet a women we are portraying us as well as possible, of course as a woman spends more time with a guy she sees his “real” personality. I speak for myself my wife gives me more than I give back and although I try I fall way short. If she could see 11 years later what I was like would she date me in the first place. Probably not.

  15. Sretah says:

    I hate it when a guy is pursuing you for sex and when he can’t get
    it from you he will go to another girl and if she is prettier than you he will point that out to make you feel insecure. He will also brag about
    how she gave him oral sex, then a few years later he will marry a
    virgin or some ditzy barbie doll to bring home to his parents. They
    will try to sleep with as many women as they can to boost their ego.

  16. Sretah says:



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