I’m Tired of this CRAP!


Bottom line….men suck. You live for sex and little else. I haven’t met one yet who is worthy of my respect in whole. I don’t want to hear your lame ass coments either men, shut it! This is a new day bitch! I’m going to treat every single one of you like you make me sick, cause you do!

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  1. Tomkelley45 says:

    hahahahaha you must be ugly.

  2. Miss Angel_10 says:

    Oh don’t do that hun. Lol. You must act like a lady. Quote: “If you act like a man, get treated like a man.” Don’t treat them like they make you sick. Put a smile on your face like nothing is wrong. You don’t want them to start talking about you do you? “SHES A WHORE, OH AND YEAH SHES STUCK UP.” Yeah. Instead let them say, “She’s cool. She’s drama-free.” C= What do you have to offer that you are so worthy? You’re going the right way, except do as you wish and don’t care what they think or do. It’s your body and it’s their life. Who cares? Have a new attitude. WHO CARES? I AM WHO I AM. NO GUY IS GOING TO PUT MY DAY DOWN. BUT I’M JUST GONNA KEEP ON SMILING. maybe one will fall in love with your smile and you can use him in the long run to pursue your happiness? <3

  3. Miss Angel_10 says:

    And who made them that they have to live for sex? Us women. Because we gave, they crave for more and more and more. Thanks to all them boyfriend-stealing, porn-making women LOL. We sinned and now we suffer with a worse problem. Men. Just like eve ate the apple, we sinned, and we suffer from a worse problem.

  4. Shazz says:

    >> ” And who made them that they have to live for sex? Us women.” <<

    What? you really believe that? You dont think cultural attitudes have anything to do with it? Victorian style ethics? The duty of a good christian woman is to obey her husband and all that? You dont think that women are just beginning to stand up for themselves in this world?

    You think women are too blame for the abuse they endure?

    You should read some of hazzmattys posts. He will explain that men have always been the 'rulers' (and still should be) :)

  5. Cuff says:

    I don’t share much at all these days because of jerks like you! BTW, I’m not obese you stupid clown.

  6. Sretah says:

    I had a magnet that said all our problems start with men. Menopause, Menstrual cycle, Mental illness.


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