Why I hate men


I hate men because they’re shallow. They’ll always turn to stare at a beautiful woman, even when you’re right there beside them looking your best.

Do men think we should just sit there and endure it with a smile plastered on our face? Women don’t carry on like that. You don’t see us craning our necks to gawk at a hot guy right infront of our boyfriend.

Anyway… I guess I’m feeling a little frustrated right now.

I am not the type of girl who will go out and sleep with any random guy. To be honest I’m sexually frustrated but I can’t seem to find a guy I like enough to become intimate with. I’ve tried internet dating websites.. It’s like the guys in my town are all taken, gay or just plain creepy.

I just want to find my kind of guy, I want to have fun and open up to him have that feeling you only have when you’re with your favourite person in the world.

This post was submitted by Tanya.

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  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Men are not worth the damn time of the day! If they know you like them and want to be friends, they will just ignore you deliberately. Men are trash and not worth the time of the day!!! Meanwhile, they will have over three hundred friends, men and women and you will be the only one outnumbered. You can be the nicest, attractive, talented women above all the rest, but you will still get ignored. Whenever you reach out to someone, they may be nice in the beginning, but at the end men can turn into a bastard piece of shit! Men ARE HORRIBLE CREATURES AND NOT WORTH KNOWING ALTOGETHER! I HATE MEN WITH A PASSION AND SOMETIMES I REALLY, REALLY LOVE TO PULL THEM APART AND WISH BAD THINGS ABOUT THEM. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY FOR MEN! I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION; THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE GOD DAM TIME OF THE DAY! THEY ARE WORTH BEING SQUASHED!!!

  2. DicksRUs says:

    Men should just be slaves. We can just use them for hard labor and send the cute ones to the harem.

  3. tootsie says:


  4. Dashy says:

    AGREED AGREED . Well said Tanya.

  5. Dilligaf2112 says:

    I know what you mean. I have dated this man for 4 plus years and it is always the same shit. We go somewhere and he has to come home in a neck brace. He just can’t stop breaking his neck to look at ass or tits. I have been working with a small group of women who feel the same as myself. Sick of the shit…..since we have had this group 4 have returned to school (including myself), the single life and 3 have adopted a child by themselves so they would not have to deal with the male population, just their sperm. The female population is becoming stronger and more self reliant which I think is an wonderfull step for women kind. We no longer need to count on a mans pay check, and we don’t need to be a piece of ass. Let the women they stare at be the ones who deal with there boyish crap. I wish I had a mirror to give every man so they can see how stupid they look doing what they do best…….make asses out of themselves. In part it is also the womans fault, we bitch about it but look at the way we have come to dress,just the way guys want us to, like whores…..if we stoped giving into what the male ego and there sovinistic ways we might one day be able to co-exsist but untill then, ladies find away to stay away from men and raise a child by your self. Don’t worrie about what they as men do, worry about how to love yourself and live a happy life without the bullshit men give us. It has always been that way and it will never get better because we are portrayed as whores and men dawgs …….just find inner piece.. One last thing, have you seen the amount of men getting tits from all the hormones in food and such…soon they will be kicking eachothers asses becasue they will be confused and be checking the man boobs out because they are to stupid to look at the face first….

  6. ant_id_entity says:

    What do you feel about transsexual women? That is, genetically male bodied individuals who socially transition to the female gender and reinforce it with routine hormone injections and surgery because they truly feel more resonant with women?

  7. dothebedn says:

    I am a guy, however I am not shallow at all. And when I am with someone I only think of that person.
    However, been in too many bad relationships with women that only wanted money that I want to stay single for a while. But I am sure there are more guys like me out there that do want to date.

  8. Fake says:

    I hate men because I have been hurt so severly in the past. As well, 99% of men do not find me attractive due to my size and intelligence. In my experience, most men want a dumb trophy they can show off to their buddies, and I am neither dumb nor thin, In fact, for the past 4 years I have not dated at all, too traumatized over my last boyfriend of 3 years, who dumped me for gaining weight. It was ridiculous, because I only gained 1 dress size, but that just goes to show how shallow men are. He is now running around town with only thin women – he even puts this requirement in his personal ads – and he still gets tons of girls. How can women be so desparate to go out with someone who is that shallow? How come he thinks this is ok? Another true story: I recently started seeing a man socially, not dating, but doing stuff just the 2 of us. He seems totally nice, intelligent, responsible, etc. All of a sudden he tells me that he has been having trouble meeting women because he has 2 kids. He says that the women he meets either want to have children (which he does not), or already have children (which he does not want). On the other hand, he wants someone who will help him raise his kids. I was like “whoa!” You’re not asking for much are you? No wonder he is still single- he wants it all and is willing to give nothing! So typical of the selfish way men think when it comes to women. I am at the point now where I am seriously considering artificial insemination in order to have a family. Some may say a kid needs a dad, but from what I have seen, most dads are the pits anyways, and just bring their families down in so many ways. Sure, I would love to meet a nice guy and have a traditional family, but nobody wants me, it is as simple as that. And it is very sad too because I am funny, caring, loyal, cute, self-sufficient, independent, have a great career, a great family. Why are so many men such toads? It makes me so sad.

  9. Chris says:


    Stop comparing men to movie romances you will always be disappointed when they don’t read lines from a script. 


    Wake up and realize sex is not a toy or pass time, its your soul that you are playing with. Everyone you are with leaves with a part of you you can never get back. People create life with sex and die from sex. so better Learn to masturbate. 


    Quit having bubble gum relationships and throwing them away, looking for a new piece once the sugar is gone. Everything is good in the beginning because you see only what you want to see. You try to make them your preconceived fantasy.


     Guys look at girls who show off their junk. If it was ok for men to dress like women and have their penis dangling from their jeans you would look whether you wanted to or not because its distracting. Even women look at other women’s boobs.  Its nature. It will never stop, It doesn’t mean he wants to trade up. It just means he enjoys the show. Your man is not with you because you rate a number on an appearance scale. He is with you because you are you. You don’t compare a person with a body, so acknowledge this and feel secure or comment about what you think he noticed that was interesting and force him to do the same with guys you point out. (It’s only fair)        or else buy your man sun glasses and get over it. But if he is making flirting eye contact than kick him in the balls.


     you don’t hate men, you hate that men are men and not the perfect dreams Gods movies portray them as. They  don’t complete you because That’s Christ’s job

  10. I understand. They are assholes…..No, I am not rich, I don’t have a hot body, I am me…..Have been in a relationship for 4 years where he treats me like shit… Is never there for me and I refuse to get on his internet  because of all the stuff that comes up with him and other women….Hurts so bad…. Need to make better choices in life….

  11. OK, but why do men never show compasion? The gig is always about them and whats hot…..

  12. Fairweather says:

    Men… Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


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