Why are men so cheap?? Maybe its just me but every guy I have EVER dated or known has been one cheap a** mofo. Whatever happened to chivilry? They will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on stupid shit but when it comes time to treat their girlfriend or wife to something, suddenly she’s the high maintenance bitch. I consider myself as low maintenance as they come…’s a thought, maybe if I acted like a high maintenance bitch, I’d be treated better. I don’t know….men, can’t live with em, can’t kill em.

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  1. eve says:

    I’m totally with you on that one, it’s not just you who come across cheap guys. All I wanted for valentines was one lousy card. My roommate demanded (and received) flowers and an evening out from her man, what did i get from the guy I’ve been dating for 6 months…. an email.

    ok so there was a picture of some flowers contained in the email, but I don’t think modern women should ever be satisfied with that no matter how much technology advances!

  2. Sexy says:

    I totally agree 110%! I have been dating a married man for over 8 months. He acts like he dont appreciate a great-intellegent woman or a spectacular lover who happens to be employed, sexy, and beautiful! I make him feel righ at home, fix him breakfast, lunch and dinner from time to time and he doesn’t think he should do a damn thing for me. Moreso, I have to ask for money and even on payday he never has it unless its for the phone bill I got for him! He’s fine but not worth that! Any single, available employed, generous, fairly decent looking God fearing men available out there? Im looking!

  3. Anon says:

    “Any single, available employed, generous, fairly decent looking God fearing men available out there? Im looking!”

    Yes miss, they are out there. The problem is, the only reason they’re single is because it’s illegal for them to marry their boyfriends in most states. Straight “employed, generous, fairly decent looking God fearing men” tend to be snapped up fairly quickly, and tend not to cheat or leave their wives.

    Unless you, your boyfriend and his wife are Polyamorous, you clearly don’t have much in the way of morals. If this is the case I recommend you do the following:

    1. Find out where and when a Widower’s support group is meeting.

    2. Find a reason to be in the vicinity when the meetings are ending, or while people are still trickling in for the meetings to begin.

    3. Start prowling.

    4. Be prepared to deal with a few months of him being a bag of tears. His wife did recently die after all. The good news is, “Nice guys” are more likely to treat you as a real relationship as opposed to a disposable “Rebound.”

  4. Roy Rogers says:

    Wow, I can’t believe my comment was deleted. I put a lot of thought and effort in to what I wrote and with a click of a button my side, a real man’s perspective, deleted.
    I’m not angry, or bitter. Just looking for a response, or at least an acknowledgement. Not all men are evil just like I don’t believe all women are evil. People are misguided and people make mistakes. Don’t be completely blinded by hatred towards an entire gender just because of a few bad experiences.

  5. Jenna says:

    I agree with everyone here. MEN are cheap! I have a 2 year old daughter with a so called “man” and he is even cheap!!! Barely gives me any $ for HER nor for ME, the mother of his daughter. I think I am entitled to something! It’s crazy. Men suck. If a woman had male genitals I would def. become a lesbian!! MEN SUCK1

  6. rea says:

    I can’t stand cheap guys!! i dont care how cute, smart or nice he is if he’s not willing to spend his money on me then that will be the end of it….that may seem a little harsh but thats just the way it is-im a traditional kind of girl and i like to be made to feel like a princess because i know i deserve it besides we as woman have to put in so much effort to look good for them and that costs money- i mean hair, makeup, outfits etc…so it should be their pleasure to take us out and spend…especially when he has money but if he doesnt then i guess thats a different story but then he really need to decide if he’s worth your time!!

  7. rea says:

    **you need to decide if he’s worth your time

  8. Tara says:

    I love the comments. I’d like to add that when I was in my 20’s I never expected anything from a bf ever and so, I was never really given much. But now that I’m in my 30s and still single I’ve realized that if my bf is cheap, he will be cheap as a husband. Once cheap, always cheap. I’m not materialistic but when my friend who is 42 yrs old is sporting 2 nice pieces of “real” jewelry from her bf of 6 months and my brothers who buy for their gf’s also, and I don’t get anything, it makes me feel cheated. Men don’t realize. Even if it’s something small like filling up our gas tank for the week, it would be appreciated. Especially if we use our gas to drive to their house! They just don’t get it. Sorry but more and more I find that I’d rather be alone.

  9. Worth More says:

    Some men just dont realize the price of a relationship. Yes, as shallow as it sounds, it costs money to date and/or to be married. I have a cheap one right now and am contemplating ending it because of his cheapness. All I ask is that his masculine, provider instints match my feminine, nurturing instincts. Right now, its not so as I am providing and nurturing.

  10. MARY MORRISON says:

    I agreed to go out with a man for a cup of coffee. when he came to my place he bought the coffee, coffee pot, filter and the cup to drink in. Talk about cheap!

  11. Kim says:

    Yes I agree with the general comments here. Recently a read something that I found quite disturbing regarding being cheap. I’ve attached it here:

    Comments made during a radio interview by Roy Williams, star pro football player on Detroit Lions with a multimillion dollar contract. You can see that your situation with your dating was rare.

    On being cheap: I am cheap, I’m a cheap date. Get you some McDonalds, with some cheese on it and I’m just really cheap, man. I’m very low key, I like to stay home. I like to go bowling on Monday nights and I go to the casino every once and awhile. Other than that, you won’t see Mr. Williams out at all.

    You do tip the pizza guy? There’s no such thing as a tip. But I am really polite and I say ‘Thank you sir.’ … The pizza man knows, when he comes to my address, he’s coming for free.

    If you’re on a date and she wants to go to a nice place, what do you do? I might just take her to the casino and get her a free buffet. If I did take a date out to a nice place, I’d take her to a nice place, like a Red Lobster or something. It wouldn’t be Morton’s or nothing like that.

    First of all, I don’t care if women have gone a long way since the “old days”. Yes women are free to work and have control of their lives and don’t need men to support them. With that said, I don’t think the traditional roles between a man and a woman will ever change. There’s a lot of be said about a man who picks his date up, takes her to a nice restaurant, and gives her flowers afterward. That’s why people call it “courting”, and from the looks of it I don’t think some men know what it means any more. Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to have dated some very generous men in my life thus far, and I find that when I meet someone now I can’t help but always get really turned off if the guy is cheap, especially if he makes a lot of money. What’s the point of dating someone with money if he won’t enjoy it for himself or with you. You’re better off having a girls night out with your friends, at least with them at the end you won’t feel like it was a waste of makeup to get ready.

  12. Diana says:

    Cheap men make me want to hurl! I was dating this guy that was the king of cheap. I would pick him up on my day off and drive him to and from work, to the gym, to do shopping, etc.(He doesn’t have a car, probably too cheap to buy one!) One day I was low on gas and he actually had the nerve to tell me, “You need gas.” yet didn’t open his wallet when I pulled into the station. I thought that maybe money was tight, then he came into money and his cheapness didn’t change. I spent three days helping him move. The first day he bought me pizza to “thank” me. The second day, after I used my gas running him to and from the old and new house, he asked me if I was buying the dinner this time since he had bought it the day before. The nerve! I kicked his butt to the curb!

  13. diana says:

    I came to US 20 years ago from Europe, and let me tell you, there is a big difference between europian men and American. In Europe they would never make you pay half the bill, and then expect to get laid. American men are extremely cheap. They blame it all on emancipation. “You wanted it, now pay for yourself”. I had couple of those experiences, couldn’t get it at first what was going on. The tricks that one of the guys used not to take me out, you wouldn’t believe. And he was not a poor guy at all;very nice house, car, vacations every 2-3 months. He would buy a cheapest wine for me, never asked me which one I liked. Was probably afraid to hear the answer. Within one year he took me out to eat 2 times, and for a drink 2 times, and one time to the movie. I would come to his house, stay there for 3-4 hours and he wouldn’t even offer anything to eat. How it ended, he promised to take me out for 1 year so-called anniversary somewhere nice as he said. and then when I came to his house, pretended that he forget, put his beach shorts on, sat on a couch with me, tried to have sex right away, and when I said ‘so, we are not going anywhere’, he said.’o, if you want to…’ Can you believe it? I am a great cook, so I would cook for him and bring him food, he of-course liked that!!. Will never do it again. Was very hard for me to leave him. Besides his cheapness, he was a grea guy, handsome, great in bed, very considerate when it came to sex. I think he was trying to replace his spending a little money with great sex, I don’t know. But, yes, was heart broken. Still Think about it all the time. He lost me because of his ridiculous cheapness. And I didn’t even asked for much. I didn’t asked to pay my bills, or take me on vacation, just a little night out from now and then. O, well, his loss.

  14. mary says:

    I hate cheap guys!!! I have been with my bf for nearly 2 years now and i dont think i can take it any more. Yesterday he asked me out to lunch, he ate some of my food, hogged his own and when it comes to the bill he was calculatin who ate what. He made me paper roses and ever since he never bought me flowers again. What a fuckin cheap ass! He asks me for money when he dont have enough and dont even mention about returning it.

  15. akshay says:

    Why are all women so money hungry, anyways? Nowadays, u have a job and can afford to pay at least for yourself. Don’t u people have an ounce of self respect?
    It seems all you women folk care about is how much money u can extort from a man. Its really sad.
    Well here is an insider info…men acts cheap because they want to test a womens’ character…and all of u if fail so miserably..

  16. Roy Kasseepersadh says:

    If what is posted here is true, then I’m afraid there are a some men who are giving our gender a very poor reputation. To those who are guilty of this, please stop it immediately!
    To you girls out there, in South Africa this doesn’t happen. A gent will not even think of making his girlfriend pay a restaurant bill. Needless to say, he will probably go out of his way to please his girl, in every aspect of life.
    I can’t see how women get caught in situations like these. Normally, within days of a relationship you are able to assess the quality of your boyfriend.
    You should be careful before getting intimate with someone.

  17. Fed Up says:

    Cheap !! You girls don’t know what cheap is !!
    My cheap American husband came home today and said.. I have got something for you!!
    I’m all excited as have got nothing from him for so long.
    He pulled out of his pocket a b/w piece of paper which was a calendar ordering docket. He accounced he pulled out of the middle of his calendar at work.
    I thought maybe I was going to get to order one..not very exciting but better than nothing.. think again!!
    No, the order form was my gift and the calendars could not be delivered to my country which he realised before giving me the scrap of b/w paper.
    I am stunned at his cheapness and insulted that’s all I am worth to him.
    Should I divorce this cheap skate girls?

  18. Lisa says:

    I thought i was alone, with my experience with cheap men!

  19. Lisa says:

    Wow! I love this Site! You would not believe how much it has helped me. I felt like I was alone in my experiences and somber feelings towards relationships. I have come across too much cheap men, that i now believe its a North American epidemic that has infected our men.

  20. PetulantPoetess says:

    I don’t know….men, can’t live with em, can’t kill em.
    -I am currently working on such a contraption. The future looks bright. We will be able to kill all of them some day soon. Oh but before that we might need to sperm them dry and keep the sperms in some incubator like device with liquid nitrogen to preserve them or something of that sort. Meanwhile, hang in there ladies!!

  21. PetulantPoetess says:

    see thats why being a smart, financialy secure, sexy, single woman is the key. self defense skills also cant be overstated (in the case of an attempted rape for all the aforementioned qualities)

  22. PetulantPoetess says:

    the next time someone;s witnessed actual “courting” taking place let me know. I thought we;ve progressed to 90210 style if anything.

  23. PetulantPoetess says:

    Why are all women so money hungry, anyways? Nowadays, u have a job and can afford to pay at least for yourself. Don’t u people have an ounce of self respect?
    It seems all you women folk care about is how much money u can extort from a man. Its really sad.
    Well here is an insider info…men acts cheap because they want to test a womens’ character…and all of u if fail so miserably..

    because money buys security you MORON. contrary to popular belief there is nothing much men of today can offer women. even more so the secure uneedy ones. all of u are just an advanced breed of leeches. our self respect has been lost since the times when men dictated the role of women in society =). please refrain from being double standard.

    or maybe they’re just cheap full stop. and looking for a free fuck until theyve loosened a vagina before moving on. i think that give;s a more accurate picture.

  24. Virginia says:

    I’ve dated this engineer and he makes $11,000 a month to my $5,000 a month. I also am a single mom with two girls, ages 12 and 16. He has insulted so many times after he takes me out and says that I’m using him when he pays for our dates. I cook all of the time for him at home from scratch. He has never cooked me one single meal, ever, yet he always breaks up with me before the Christmas holidays. He gives his 22 and 20 year old girls thousands of dollars a year, and he tells all of his friends and family that I’m using him. For what. He’s never bought me a single gift or thought of me when he comes over–not offering to pick up something from the store as an gesture of kindness. Don’t you think I should rid myself of this torture once and for all? Thanks.

  25. anonymous says:

    100% in agreement. Don’t go on a 2nd date with a man ungracious to foot the bill. Any man who doesn’t automatically do that esp when he did the asking (as most do) knows nothing about dating and how women tick. I’m not talking about forever, but certainly for the first few to several dates. Sure, they complain what about feminism and women want to be equal, but some things remain timeless (just like men are still traditional and conservative about sex, while they like it when they don’t have to wait long to get it from a woman, usually won’t ever consider her serious girlfriend and wife material – they think how many other guys has she done this with before me, and after me?), and when a man begrudges picking up the tab he obviously doesn’t value you. If he’s like that in the beginning when first impressions are important, he’ll be worse with you later chances are. I esp love it *sarcasm* when a guy doesn’t pay, or worse yet, you pay for him as well, and expects sex. Go pick up some drunk or desperate girl and stop wasting women like us’ time.

    Bottom line, if a guy’s a tightwad – cut your losses right away and run! Like the saying goes – cheap with the wallet, cheap with the heart.

  26. Lena says:

    Gawd I hate cheap men. It seems I always put forth my best effort and they don’t reciprocate. My friend for whom I’ve distanced myself told me for over a month he was making a gift for me (we are artists) and I made something personal, exclusive and special for him. He sent me some comic book and a cook book. Both I believe were his to begin with. Plus he waited to send them, as we live in different cities, on 12/23 (with no overnight). I also believe he doesn’t want a real job and make real money so he won’t have to pay an increase in child support for his daughter. It’s pathetic.

    It’s always the cheap and insincere ones who are more superficial as well. They want it for free, emotionally and financially. YUCK!

  27. mr anonyomous says:

    Jesus, The more I read this site the more I feel like killing myself as compensation for women’s suffering.

    Reading all of the posts has made me realise that my friends wife who is foreign and loves to say “all men need a nagging wife behind them” and is usually complaining about him, really does have justification to do it based on the things he has done. Cheap, yes, you are right. The trouble is that he is a really tough man, very respectable and respecting and certainly not a dog. I think his trouble is that he suffers from delusions and rose tinted spectacle syndrome which is what drives her mad. This causes him to act a bit like a naughty boy is all I can say. I know he has been unfaithful and so does she. I think after she threw a few cups at him and told him like it is he realised the error of his ways. He should never have done that to her because she has many qualities. I do wonder if he will learn.

    This of course is no worse than employees working for an employer who has rose tinted specs as well.

  28. Blanche Harrison says:

    I met this loser on a website called Tagged which is a social/dating service. He hadn’t put his picture up there. I had my picture on the site, and he emailed and tried to sweet talk me with compliments on my looks and stuffs. First, I didn’t pay much attention, but he was very persistant, and made it look like that he had fallen for me. I gave in and started talking to chat on the messanger. He was very rude in that he didn’t have a sense of appreciation for my time, and he asked me out to lunch for the next day. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen, because I have a life of my own for his friggin’ information. So, the day after and the day after that… and finally I agree to meet this “pushy” psycho. By the way, he had informedme from the gitgo of how much money he made and that he was paid “big bucks” because he was a freaking engineer in a top cell phone company and what not.
    So, the day that he was supposed to come and pick me up from school, here he arrives empty handed with no flowers!! And, he has the nerve to ask me out for a real date and getting romantic with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and his suggestion for a real date were a walk in the park and dinner at Mc Donald’s. I told him that I was going to be very busy with school and I wouldn’t have time to be with “romantic” with him. He said that he wouldn’t take much of my time, but he finally got the hint!!! CHEAP ASS.
    I would like to add that I didn’t turn him down only for not bringing me flowers and suggesting me cheap dates, but they difinately helped me make my decision much more easily. Beware cheap guys out there; women won’t budge in any more.
    One last thing I would like to mention is that it would have been different if the guy didn’t make as much money or didn’t have a job… I have dated men who didn’t have jobs and made no money at all, BUT they weren’t cheap-spirited, and even if they didn’t have money they had inner wealth… and I swear to God, I had my best time of my life with men who were really unemployed due to circumstances beyond their power and will. So, you see, I am not a gold digger, but a seeker of true inner wealth and beauty. I supported my man for five years, and I had the best time of my life, and we would have still been together and I would have continued to support us, but he got stuck on the other side of Atlantic, because he went to see his ailing grandma, and when he tried to come back to the US, he was denied entry because he had stayed here past his visa permit (he is European). Anyways, I just want to tell guys out there that we women are not gold diggers, but if you make good money and not willing to spend on us, you would get dropped like a hot potato.

  29. bj says:

    You women deserve no respect, as you have no personal integrity yourselves. Funny how you speak from one side of your mouth of desiring men consider you equals, and from the other you accost men for not providing for you as tradition would dictate. – The worse part is that you see no wrong in it.

  30. Richard C. Mongler says:

    are you serious? how spoiled can you cunts be? it just goes to show that men are better than women if women actually think this way.

  31. cornholepopper says:

    Simple, because we actually have to work and break our backs to get our paycheck. 99% of women just put on make up, tempt the boss and sit in the AC all day, what a tough job. Why is it when we buy something for ourself, women always get pissy and bitchey about not buying anything for them? its bullshit, may be if you actually did something worth while, it may help and then you would understand

  32. Wendy says:


    I’m curious, how did a “manly man” like you end up on a I Hate Men site lol

  33. Dynamis says:


    Go Wendy!

    P.S “Boys, Bugger Off!
    We’re allowed to state our cases here – and the fact that we ARE surely signifies that are a few too many cheap BASTARDS like you lot out there!

    Move on & stop trying to label us as man-hating dykes, we just hate CHEAP men (emotionally, spiritually AND yes, financially!)

  34. Dolly says:

    I hate reading the replies that you lame ass men write here. This entire thing is about men not treating a special woman in their life with respect. NOT ABOUT WHO MAKES MORE MONEY !!! Its about a man treating a woman with respect… paying her way… bringing a small gift… thinking of her before himself. That goes a long way in making a woman feel special and that she is cared for. I have found during my years on this earth that the men who make the most money are the absolutely cheapest B*******s on this planet. The more they make, the more they don’t want to part with a dime on you… but they have 2 BMWs, a jet ski, a home on the lake, Hugo Boss clothing, etc., but they don’t want to drop money on a woman even when dating her for a year! Happened to me too and I kicked that sorry jerk to the curb.

    Ladies deserve respect… and when I started respecting myself and expecting any man I dated to pick me up at my home, pay my way, open doors and YES buy me small gifts. Men… this entire thing has nothing to do with how much money you make or we make. Its about manners, caring, respect for a lady in your life. Man up and treat your lady special and spend some $ on her and you will be glad you did.

  35. Miss L says:

    I hate cheap skates WITH A PASSION. They are leeches who don’t have any shame. They don’t deserve us.

  36. Annie says:

    LOL!! I hate to say it but I actually agree with some of the blokes on this one.

    Serioiusly, we DO live in a world of equality now, meaning we both work. It is very nice when a man pays for the first date, when he asks you out and I am alway’s flattered. I also alway’s offer to foot 1/2 the bill, though usually my offer is turned down.

    Any dates beyond that, should be 1/2 each and I would likely insist upon it.

    And getting annoyed because a guy doesn’t buy you flowers on a first date? Good Greif!!!

    Some people have very funny ideas on what respect is. If you expect a man to pay all the time, buy things all the time then I would suggest you are not respecting him, not the other way around.A man works just as hard as I do, and he isn’t working for the privaledge of buying a spoilt princess pretty things. He’s working for himself, just as I am.

    The only time I would consider “footing the bill” to be his responsibility is if you have a child, there isn’t much you can do about requiring some time at home, where you aren’t bringing in a pay check. This is just biology, so if he wants kids, then yes he’s going to have to deal with that to a degree. A woman can also help, by being extrememly frugal during this time before she goes back to work(if she is going to do that), and making every penny stretch as a matter of respect for the money he is earning.

    But seriously, there are still a lot of men out there that would take pride in providing for a wife and family and be willing to do it, but if you expect it, believe you are entitled to it and show no grattitude for what he’s doing then you don’t deserve him.

    I get some of these comments….1st date to mcdonalds? Yeah that’s a joke, but seriously ladies, we fought for equaity, and we now have equality. That’s the funny thing about having the RIGHT to earn a living. We are now expected to do so. We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

  37. Forshorn says:

    Why do you assume that men should buy you things?

    Do you buy things for your man? Shouldn’t it be equal?

    Are you expecting to be paid for sex or rewarded with money just because you’re a woman? Get over yourself.

    Women are supposed to be independent. When it comes to money suddenly you have traditional values and expect “chivalry.” Chivalry is dead; women killed it.

    Pay your own way.

  38. confusionrules says:

    Wow, this really is intriguing. Well, ladies, women are not the only people who hate cheap people. A lot of guys do as well. I think most guys have a “Cheap” friend who drives them as nuts as said guys do you gals.
    Ok, that said, not all of us are cheap. Heck, I paid for an airline ticket for my then girlfriend to fly down from the Windy City to New Orleans so we could be together for the weekend. Money was tight for her and I wasn’t doing all that bad at the time. I ALWAYS paid when we went out to dinner. It wasn’t a thing of being cheap or her ‘gold digging’. She did many nice things for me as well. It was a give and take thing on both ends. You women, who think a guy should do everything for you are living a lie. But, you cheap guys who think a woman should ‘put out’ just because you are the man will end up like a lot of my cheap friends,.. middle aged and still hanging out in bars growing beer guts and actually thinking they are not invisible to attractive, intelligent women. Bottom line is no one likes cheap people. Be they men or women. It is just that in my experience, cheap men FAR outnumber cheap women or gold diggers.
    If you have a cheap boyfriend. Dump him! He won’t change. Guys, if you have a gold digging girlfriend, you will never be able to keep her happy. Neither type of person is attractive in my book.

  39. Last Night says:

    so I went for a lil date last night.

    The guy didn’t even offer to pay for coffee ( not even a dinner, coffee), and at the end of the night tried to kiss me anyways. Then made fun of me that I didn’t kiss him back….It’s like.. buddy I just met you, and you’re cheap.. why would I kiss you????? wtf is wrong with people.


  40. Fly_away2023 says:

    lol… I’m kind of agree wth you. If my BF makes more money than me, I would hope he can pay for the most of part.
    Sigh. Just hope guys can be thoughtful, but they don’t.
    Lots of them are being selfish, and want to have a gf/a relationship without paying for anything

  41. Cynthialeewatkins says:


  42. Fatbabees says:

    They are assholes. I just had a guy I’ve been seeing get me excieted to go out to eat somewhere with him. He said he’s been craving that food, then at the end of the meal, tells me it’s my turn to pay! WTF! Killed the mood and night. I hate cheap guys. We don’t need them! No one does! They are users and leeches! Losers!

  43. fuzzy w says:

    When is the last time one of you women bought something to treat your boyfriend or husband? What? Is he too high a maintenance bastard?

    Well, welcome to equality and what’s that there just to the right? Oh, it’s Double Standard!

    I mean, you women do have a job, right? Heck, nearly ever man does, unless they’re a totally useless bum. It’s just not socially acceptable for a man not to be employed, unless he’s independently wealthy, and then only if he’s actually earned the money himself.

    If you don’t like the guy not giving you free money – leave him. You’re a big girl, supposedly, buy it yourself. You are employed, right?

  44. menarecrap says:

    omg…im SO GLAD people are talking about this fuking bullsh*t…seriously it’s getting worse and worse. Males tehse days or call them dumbas** retards are SO CHEAP its sickening. I have been on several dates in the past two months and I have NEVER encountered such cheap horrible people in my life. These males…their cheapness is a sign of EXTREME disrespect for YOU the female…they have no morals no pride NOTHING. it makes me sick the tactics they use. I feel bad for the women out there who take this crap and actualyl GET with tehse horrible idiots. Im a pretty girl intelligent educated cool down to earth i am NOT high maintenance but witnessing these idiotic worthless males CRINGE at me eating dinner, is really making me not want to have ANYTHING to do with these losers again. most males today are TAKERS USERS they want the WOMEN to pay or support them…they are pus*ies creeps…not all but MANY out there can be. And many of them HAVE MONEY but they will REFUSE to even take you to dinner on a date…it makes them cringe at the thought. Here are some highlights of hell ive been through the past month or so…of cousre TONS more but the past two months have been pretty bad in dealing with cheap crap losers…will i ever date any of these worthless selfish losers…HELL NO…. they’ve already proven they aer sick people who have NO respect for me and are lying to me and hoping to get ‘free dates’ for whatever lame reason. american males have NO PRIDE NOTHING…they are the worst seriously…

    men SHOULD pay…that doesnt mean al the time
    after dating but initially yes…those who don’t are cheapskates and i have been on so many dates and basically…lately have been meeting the WORST CHEAPSKATES POSSIBLE…most of these cheapskates HAVE money but just do NOT want to spend it on dates..they are sick idiotic people..control freaks weirdos
    or messed up. Many men after date 1, will play the “broke game”..oh im BROKE i just switched jobs..dont get a paycheck for two weeks, but they STILL want to try to “get to knwo you”..this is all BULLSH*T..they are being disrespectful pricks who are trying to really get in your pants “for free” essentially making you some kind of a ‘really cheap hooker” because that’s how theyre treating you.

    I think its normal/natural when dating to go out, do things and yes the man should pay…i know these same guys will pay for women for EXPENSIVE dates but not for nice women like me on normal cheap dates…and be rude and lie… So In the past several weeks ive had a few guys play teh “broke game” and try to hang out in “parks” and one jerk kept texting me saying what kind of
    “veggie snacks” i wanted–wow that was insulting..VEGGIE snacks?? i said hey (idiot) im not 12…that is just pathetic and rude…he put a price cap on the 2nd date at 40.00…after that it was all ‘parks and trees” which he lied about…now we’re going “kayaking” which will cost him 19.00 and he’s
    making a HUGE deal about that…though he wants to ‘date me’ and trust me with someone so pathetic..this will go NOWHERE…if this person was not this way i would consider dating him but who wants to date a liar, a cheapskate and someone who has shown how pathetic he can be?? and its also insulting and lame. Also some of these guys just want a “woman to go out with” they’re lonely…and just want someone to hang out and STILL make a deal out of paying…even if it’s just 19.00 for nothing big…this same CREEP after playing broke (after date 1 this moron claimed he wouldnt get paid for two weeks) and i said to will you drive to work etc..he said he had ‘just enough” to get by (all lies)…the weird thing is…you’d think tehse idiots had some PRIDE…but instead they play the BROKE game…i cant tell you HOW MANY MALES will play the “i wont get paid for two weeks BULLSH*T game) and almost all of the time it is a big LIE…imo how dare they?? if you can’t afford to take a girl out anywhere…or have to LIE about it don’t ask..they aer cheap pathetic losers…
    this jerk who took me to TWO parks now, free parks hoping to bring VEGGIE SNACKS liek a lame retard, told me he bought his son a blackberry two weeks ago…and took his last GF on a trip to the keys…however…after date 1 he’s suddenly BROKE and of course all a lie…why do these low lifes do this??? how dare they?? and he’s expecting ME to date him …im thinking…yeah great impression there??? he has shown me he has NO respect for me and enjoys lying to me for fun and taking me to free parks and nagging me on what snacks he should bring like a retard. At the kayaking trip tomorrow he says hes going to bring blankets, towels and chairs..then kept hounding me on what food to bring…then he asked me to bring food…i have no problem contributing but the manner in which this creep is doing this is obvious in a very taking way…he has lied to me, has decided hes not going to spend ANYMORE money on me…has hung out with me numerous times texts me every day and talks, and now he’s nagging me to bring snacks…very disrespectful and pathetic…

    two weeks ago I had a date with a psychopath who insulted me during dinner was rude the entire time disrespecting me, being weird, while I tried being nice to him, and when i finally told him he was being rude…he said “ok you can pay for YOUR portion of the meal”…i walked out.. really?? he did all that intentionally..all of it..then he left an open tab and texted me saying I left a NICE tab (it was I think a whopping 17.00)…i called the restaurant
    and told him he was my date and said he was paying for everything which he did say…and they took care of it..but this person was a total scumbag..horrible person, and he worked as a manager for dollar thrifty in the orlando airport… his name was henry or something flores, but what a HORRIBLE person…he was really just evil and decided to meet me just to literally put me down the whole time, then try to make me pay for the tab…after taking all of his abuse…im not sure what the reasoning for the abuse was, but there aer some really bad people out there…this person wasn’t cheap though just a psychopath of some sorts and a sick person…

    I had a date with a business owner, who i chatted with for a bit..he just did NOT want to take me out to dinner…im not sure was odd.. i finally had to convince him to take me out…we had dinner and it was fine…and wanted to hang out more… prior to meeting he had talked about taking me on a cruise one day and i said sure..possibly…he said he would pay for it all and passport renewals and write it off as a business expense… again not sure if that would happen but he talked about it. After we met, there was a comedy show in town and I really wanted to go..i was going to go with a friend who had cancelled, and told him about it before and he said he would have wanted to go. Finally when he could go I asked him if he wanted to go…he asked ME if the tickets were paid for…i said um no? so HE was expecting to get free tickets or what not…i told him the total for both tickets was 80.00…then he began to throw in the “oh i havet o check my expense play acct to see if i have any money in there.” Right away then I knew it would be a huge no…so he made it about MONEY for no reason…i asked him…or told him that it was BS because he owned a business…he wasn’t broke or poor…most people have 80.00 esp business owners…he asked me “do you have 80.00″ i said yes of course?? then he said “oh well im just too busy to go” so i said…well why didnt u say THAT…why did u LIE and make it about money?? then he said he had 7,000 in his expense account but he was too busy–then he acted as if i had ‘other motives”…i mean the NERVE of this person??? yes i was expecting him to pay…he didnt haev to but why lie about money…why do these pathetic male losers pretend to be BROKE…they take pride in acting as if they dont have money…to other women which to me is surprising…don’t american males have pride or are they just these cheap a** losers who are wanting to TAKE FROM WOMEN….sick people…this person i didnt talk to him again as he was rude in his insinuations about me since HE lied and was caught…but why would they do this??? after taking about a cruise cringing at 80.00…and lying about it?? stupid people…messed up people….

    I had a date with a guy who told me i was so beautiful
    and he felt a connection between us..again after a 15.00 entree, he invited me to his house the next day…i felt uncomfortable about it and he said something like “well getting to know you might be kind of expensive”…really?? after ONE date?? really?? i told him that was insulting and made him look cheap– to which he LASHED out at me claiming he was anything but cheap…these are the symbols of cheap stupidity out there…i am anything but a gold digger and do not care about money…this is all about respect and these sickos have ‘none’ at all. Yes after we aer ‘dating’
    then i dont mind sharing the expenses if it’s needed but these males are showing that they have a huge lack of respect for women or good women and theyre showing they really dont care about you at all or have any pride…its really sickening to be honest…

    and women are NOT gold diggers..who expect the norm of men paying for dinner on dates….that isn’t gold digging…men not paying are the MALES being cheapskates and losers and gold diggers themselves…expecting WOMEN to pay is disgusting…esp on initial dating…

  45. evie1975 says:

    What is strange here is when the argument don’t you have any self respect for yourself which is why you want the guy to pay? Ummmmm..I am sorry but it is the fact that I have PLENTY of self respect! Which IS why I expect the guy to pay!

    What self respecting woman who knows her own self worth let a guy get away with being less than a man? Not have any manners and expect her to pick up the tab? GROSS!

    Only woman with low self esteem who think they are NOT even worth a meal are the one’s who would let this happen, especially on a first date! After some sort of long term serious relationship has been established if the woman wants to be sweet and pick up something to eat for her guy or buy him a gift or whatever after he has PROVEN he is worthy and treats her with the up most respect..than by all means.


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