Do men even feel, or love?

I’m just curious as to others opinions. It seems to me that men play a game with women in the beginning of a relationship where they lure the woman in with a fake persona. This persona is often attentive, caring and romantic. Over the years they change. Every woman I’ve spoken to about this tells me the same thing more or less. I understand women change too, everyone changes. But love for men usually equals sex, right? I mean, that’s all they equate love to usually. I also wonder how men can hurt women and just not care. That’s why I don’t think men feel. How can a man go into an alley and rape a woman? It’s just despicable. It literally pains my head to try to think of being in the perps shoes. What goes through their minds. But these are the things men do. And, what do women have to be for men to keep them happy? How much of our true selves to we have to slough off to be good enough? Why do we have to be compared to over-made up tarts and CGI illusions? Why do they always stare at whores? I don’t think men feel much besides “what can I get” and “BONER” …sorry

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Alucard said it, apparently reading my mind

It is 1:30 Am here, i cannot sleep, so naturally i had to come back to the site that made me hit my head against a wall to forget the stupid.

Still, i might as well share something funny and slightly relevant.

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Don’t want to hate men, but I do

Never been abused, never been raped, never even been in a relationship in the past where I didn’t at least get 75% satisfaction even if it ended poorly. There was at least some good sex and a few really great times, so all and all, I feel fortunate there. The thing is, I married who I believed to be the love of my life and now he has changed. Like…changed to the point that I don’t know who this man is anymore.

He acts weak now and he constantly pities himself due to an accident he suffered. No amount of me trying to boost him up has changed this for years. I’m sick of resigning myself to cope with this and now I’m making plans to leave. I feel I stay attractive for him, but he makes no reciprocal effort. He has gone from trim and fitness conscious to a pile of blubber since the accident. He went from 175 lbs. to nearly 100 lbs. more in just 4 years time.

Needless to say, I’m not attracted to him anymore, at all. The doctor told him to abstain from drink, as he has been dx with a liver condition. He still drinks (heavily) even though I urge him to take his doctor’s advice or at least stop at 1-2 drinks. He polished off an entire 4 pk. of wet hop growlers last night and acted like a slam idiot, saying off putting things to me just because he feels like shit. It used to get to me, but now I just don’t care because he’s cut himself out of my life and if he can’t even care for and love himself, why the hell should I? I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m learning new things on many levels and I’m very happy despite him and his shit. I think he just wants to try to bring me down and he finds that he can not. I’m too strong, and too gone.

Now, Here’s where the man hating comes in. I WANT the man I married back. I WANT a real man. I WANT to have some delicious, highly physical intimacy with a real man, and I realize that I don’t have one anymore. It makes me dislike men…I suppose, it’s a coping mechanism to keep me faithful to this lump while I figure this all out? I don’t know. I’m really going through and trying to get through and become a better (not worse) human being. I’m shy and very introverted, so I don’t go out of my way to draw attention to myself, but I catch men looking at me. They rarely come to talk to me though. I feel torn as to whether I’d actually cheat or not…probably not, because I’m also very meticulous with myself and I’d be terrified to catch a disease or have my feelings toyed with. That’s why I’m planning my exit very strategically and with much care.

Also, I’ve really been into guns and self defense lately. I feel that since my husband is so pitiful, I must care for myself and my home because he is inept and incapable. I go to the range 3x a month and beyond getting me out of the house, it also keeps my skills sharp. I walk and exercise a lot in the evenings and naturally men prey on women at these times and I don’t plan to be anyone’s prey. Part of me dreams of hurting a man, but I’d never act on it unless he challenges my well-being by attacking me. I think I have these thoughts because of how my husband has wounded me by letting me down. I guess I just wish I still had a good man by my side. Sad? Maybe. At least I still treat men the way I want to be treated, that is, with dignity and respect. Even the one I live with and can’t stand.

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lame and funny pick-up lines.

i’ll start.
are your parents ground hogs? cause when i saw your shadow it was spring in my pants…

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Women dyeing their armpit hair is now a thing

The latest trend in hair care has nothing to do with your head.

Instagram accounts devoted to female body hair are popping up across the social media site, with one very hair-raising trend — women dying their armpit fuzz all colors of the rainbow for dramatic effect.

The photos have the Internet in a tizzy, as women and men alike continue to divide themselves into pro- and anti-body hair camps.

Well this is … different


Trying to find a lesson in here somewhere

I finally found a nice man who listens and does the dishes and is super supportive. He treats me as an equal. I have hated men since I was raped at 13. It didn’t get any better after that. Before I met my fiance I tried out being a lesbian for a while, which taught me what it was like to be in love with somebody who values you as a human being. Now I am smarter about relationships. Well anyway, I was starting to get old, so we decided to go ahead and try to have a baby, (hoping, obviously, that it would be female). Guess what- it’s a BOY. what do I do now? Is my son going to grow up to be an asshole like 99.9% of men?Can I prevent it? I am totally freaking out.

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Hating men

Why do the people here hate men? Have you ever tried to change the way you feel about it?
Personally, I have had a majority of bad experiences and interactions. The proof of my experience far outweighed the proof that there is a majority of decent men.

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Bill Cosby… yes or no?

Given all the furore currently around this man, what are your thoughts? Guilty or not?


Men are users

When young – men try to get sex from a girl
When middle aged- men try to get money from a woman.
When old – men try to use a women as a free nursemaid.

Do not let young men get sex off of you.
Unless you want deadly stds and vds, a broken heart/mind, and a broken body from illigitimate childbirth. And if a man does marry you, he will throw you in a garbage can with 3 kids and no money after he uses you up. Just ask the millions and billions of abused used women and kids who were already thrown in garbage cans by men.

Do not give middle aged men your money or let them pimp you out for a working womans paycheck, they want to rob your money.

Many men insure and have their wives killed for the insurance payouts, notice in the mans insurance game, a wife is not told if her husband stands to get a million dollars if he has his ‘buddy’ cohort, doc kill her with a disease that never ran in her family…or kills her in a fake accident. User males are dangerous and the insurance industry protects them by not notifying spouses who are ‘ insurable interest’ insured by their killers.

Do not be any old mans free nursemaid. Nurses are paid $50,000 a year for 7 hour shifts. CNAs get 20 dollars an hour, maids get 50 to 100 dollars for 2 hours work, paid legal non sexual escorts get 100 to 300 dollars an hour, companions are paid 20 dollars an hour, cooks make 20 dollars an hour, diswashers make 10 -15 dollars an hour, talk therapists make 125 dollars an hour, cheerleaders make 100,000 a year to cheer a man on, legal sex sellers in Nevada get 500 to 5000 dollars per 1/2 hour. Professional non sexual ‘cuddlers’ in Oregon charge hundreds of dollars just to hug a man, no sex involved. Stop letting men use you, erase the word dummy from your forehead and help other women be free of men, Many old men batter their old wives mercilessly, in the legal bulliton one 86 year old man batterted his 83 year old wife who was on a lung and heart machine, the man beat the women half dead with the medical equipment then threw her in their snow covered frozen driveway throwing the respirator and other heavy medical equipment on her battered bloody body. Typical user old man.

Let old men change their own depends diapers.
Let middle aged men earn money without pimping exploiting or robbing a females purse, paycheck or energy/labor.
Let young men keep their deadly stds and vds.

If you want a baby, look up sperm banks and get one there,
men use women as unpaid brood mares breeders to steal kids from

Women now charge 125,000 dollars to carry a baby in USA and in India, even poor Indian women charge 20,000 dollars to carry a baby 9 months because they know prgnancy breaks down a womans body and labor can kill a woman

males are degenerated females, many a scientists believes males sex glands fell out from self abusing, mens teats dried up from self abusing, self milking and men who are missing an X hyleig in their chromosomes are missing human intelligence that women have.
That is why degenerate males try so hard to degrade and destroy females, they are jealous of females superiority.
satan the devil is an illigitimate old bastard – the father of lies, liars, robbers and murderers, satan is a man.
hate devils, hate men

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I am 18. I have never kissed a boy. My mother is such a good person and every she has been taken advantage of by men. Even in my brother I can see the arrogance and selfishness most men seem to have in abundance. They are so insincere. I will never be in a romantic relationship because it is not worth it. I don’t need a man. Thank God I have learnt from my mother’s suffering. I will never have to put my dreams on hold to raise children.

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A conversation between man and himself. You’re just a bystander afterall.

Now listen here little woman, you know nothing about your own womanhood. Let me explain it to you in mans terms. You see, men don’t understand why harrassing or sexually abusing a woman is wrong. They need it explained to them in clear terms before they are held accountable for their abuse. They need a little wiggle room, you see there little woman, because if they dont understand WHY IT HURTS SOMEONE to abuse them, then they will just continue doing it anyway. You should accept this reality miss, as all of your female ancestors have, that men will need a damn good reason to stop hurting women. And it all starts with that explanation that you can’t seem to muster up. See, you don’t know anything about yourself do you? Let me explain it to you, Sit there and look pretty as I tell you everything I have learned about women over the years. Wait…you want to speak for yourself? You can’t do that. It threatens my masculinity and apparent fountain of knowledge about everything. In fact there little woman, it makes me feel powerless. Now I asked you a question you can’t seem to answer, but thats okay because I wasnt listening to you anyway. Im too busy trying to dissect the deep seeded reasons as to why men abuse women sexually. Why do we think its okay? Maybe we should ask ourselves more questions, because our answers are more important than yours.. Hey wait, bitch, shut the fuck up for a second. And let me talk about everything you have ever had to suffer with. Allow me to educate you as to why you don’t know any better. I’m not expecting you to agree with me, in fact I don’t care what you think. I just want you to know that, we haven’t gotten around to womens concerns quite yet. We need a little more explaining before we can put a stop to the abuse. Why don’t you just let us handle It????

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Cool website!

I’m going to give some background about myself so everyone can understand why I dislike most men.

1) I was sexually abused by boy in my family when I was very young.

2) I witnessed my aunt being verbally and physically abused by my uncle.

3) I was verbally assaulted on several occasions by teen boys in grade school.

4) I witness other girls getting verbally and physically assaulted in grade school.

The main reason I hate men.

1) They have no self-control.
And when I say no self-control I’m talking about sexually. It seems like our society kind of shrugs their shoulders and say” boys will be boys” . Or even condone their behavior on the radio I heard a two men talking about getting caught cheating on their spouses and laughing about it. How is that supposed to make me feel as a woman? I am very aware that men have very strong sexual urges. But what are we doing as a society to help them control it? Women like me are suffering emotionally because it seems like all they want is our bodies and having sex with as much women as possible.

The media is terrible when it comes to this, men are so bombarded with sexual images and sexual innuendo all around them. So should I really be surprise that I was abused?

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