Female privileges and the matriarchy

Any that have read my recent posts have seen the word Matriarchy.

This video outlines the privileges that women as a gender have, I could type it out but many feminists that visit this site would just ignore what I’ve said and try to make the issue about male privileges by the non-existent “patriarchy”

These female privileges have been brought up before in numerous arguments, but as is the norm for the matriarchy, those men have been told to “man up and deal with it” in other words to be silent and never address the 800 pound gorilla in the corner.

so….here it is in video format *I don’t own this video nor did I make this video,I give full credit to the maker of this as well as other videos that I have used to stress the point*

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I’ve always hated men. As a little girl, I had a question in my mind I couldn’t utter: why would smart creatures as women trust idiot creatures as men. Now, I’ve developed a problem I don’t know how to deal with. I literally throw up a couple of times after seeing men anywhere. I lock myself up at my home and don’t leave unless absolutely necessary. I keep my eyes away from them. I don’t know what to do. I wish I would find a small women-only island to live. Please help.

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What happens when a man tries to speak up ….

About the issues other men face while among the feminist matriarchy in mainstream media….

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A perfect example of a Mangina…..

Manginas for those who don’t know are male feminists.

They act to bolster feminism and act as white knights when feminists ideology is questioned with rational questions.

These folks belittle other males that try and speak up about their experiences. Manginas act as the strong arm enforcers of the matriarchy.

They help silence other males by any means deemed necessary including physical violence.

This video shows the ridiculous rant of one Mangina in particular,as well as a person that shows why said mangina is ignorant of any male related issue.

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Is Feminism Even Fair?


The above link provides some true, unfortunate examples of double standards promoted against men/boys in favor of feminism.

So, I think the answer to that is, “no.” Feminism is not fair.

I don’t think it was intended to be fair. Its only purpose is to be a double standard against men.

Feminism is so bad that it makes a male feel bad to be male.

Then you wonder why so many boys and men wanna be girls and women.

It is becoming less and less good to be a male.

Men have to live up to incredibly unequal standards.

For example, when a woman says she wants to be independent and single, that is so cool.

When a guy says the same thing he is a loser, a homosexual even though he may be heterosexual, and he is scared of commitment.

Feminism is full of bias bs.

Its far from being fair…..

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Psychiatrist says men are bad for self esteem

This is my reply to user – smarty pants

To smarty pants. Instead of blaming women, the question you need to ask yourself is why a male figure was absent in your life especially during your formative years. You should be thanking the females in your life that nurtured you the best way they knew how and without the support of a male. Where was daddy? Raising well adjusted kids is a job for mom and dad. Not mom alone. Yet you will find numerous children being raised by a struggling single mom because the father is largely absent – either chasing another younger skirt, alcoholic, dead, in jail or just plainly a bum. You ought to go give your mother and granny and sis a huge hug for being PRESENT in your life. They were there when you father wasn’t. If I was in your shoes, I’d blame daddy for abandoning his responsibility. Get real.

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All Men Are NOT Bad

I guess you guys may be wondering what’s with the sudden change of heart. I think it has alot to do with a talk I had with someone today at dialysis. She helped me somehow realize that I do not hate men…..I am scared of people.

I am scared of socializing with people…period.

I also realize it was wrong of me to say I hate all men simply because of what a few bad guys have done in my life and to other women.

No, I am not excusing those guys from what they did. But there are bad women out there as well, so wouldn’t that mean I should hate all women too?

I may not have had much of a relationship with a man before, but I am not giving up hope.

I believe men just aren’t around for us women for romance. We can have very platonic relationships too.

For the most part, men are actually really cool. They do alot of the things I am interested in (like pro wrestling….football). They make up the majority of the singers I listen to. See, if I really hated men, then I wouldn support them or use the things they invented either.

Something to think about, ladies. :)

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Planning Boyfriend’s Revenge – your thoughts?

Two weeks ago I found out (from a good friend) that my boyfriend cheated while away on a business trip. I was originally in denial but finally woke up to the realization of what happened, and now I’m mad. We met in college and continued dating after we both graduated and got jobs. So we’ve been together for 3 and a half years. Now that I know what I know I was thinking about dumping him and moving on but I can’t afford to leave and get my own place. So the next best thing is getting even!

An idea came to me after watching “The Other Woman” which I rented last week. I’ve already cleaned out the toilet with his toothbrush so many times I’m starting to wear out the bristles. However, I am thinking about slipping my mom’s Estratab pills in his food. I’m wondering if anyone has done that and whether Estratab (estrogen) will work? Also, is it dangerous? I don’t want to hurt him. I just want him to grow breasts and get bigger nipples. I heard it will reverse itself after I stop. He just acts and thinks he’s so macho I think a little chemical castration would be a good thing!

I probably won’t do it but its enticing and just thinking about it makes me feel good!

He doesn’t suspect I know that he’s been fooling around. Please let me know what you think and whether you have any other ideas.

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Laff of the Day

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Psychiatrist says men are bad for your selfsteem

Psychiatrist and writer “Adam Jukes” wrote a book called Why Men Hate Women, suggesting that, beneath protestations of love and caring, just about every man is festering with hostility. And that includes the chaps with whom so many of us have shared our lives. If a male psychiatrist is saying such things about his own gender then we know what exactly inspired this site to become a reality for many women.

He argues that the feminist analysis of a male-orchestrated culture serving up endless demeaning and damaging images of women, and allowing boys to believe from a very young age that they are entitled to have power over the opposite sex.

Over and over he has heard how men’s feelings about their mothers colour the way they relate to other women. He concluded that they punish women for not providing the perfect love experienced in infancy before they had to make the psychological separation necessary to ‘learn’ to become men.

The child begins to feel that dependency and vulnerability at the hands of a woman are dangerous, and the conflict he experiences evokes fear and sadistic feelings. Mr Jukes says: ‘He has to repress those feelings, but at some level the the boy decides never again to allow a woman such power over him. I believe (that decision) is made by all men, whatever the particular form or intensity it adopts in adulthood.’

And that is the crux of it. A child whose separation is wrapped around with adequate loving and succour, and whose subsequent experiences with women are positive, will probably be able to sustain relationships.

Why is this behavior an epidemic in America? In my homecountry women are liberated and men are far from angry about it. American Men seem to be intimated, angry about the feminist movement and publish books, articles about how wrong it is and how to manipulate us with emotional/psychological techniques to put us down to our places. Read this excerpt from a male oriented website for example about “fighting feminism ”

“Reducing her to something below you is your strongest weapon, and every girl will feel inferior to a man who has emotional mastery over himself and women. Partaking in an argument with a feminist only gives her what she wants, attention and thus validation. If only I could have told men this 30 years ago, we probably wouldn’t be in as much of a mess we are in.”

What mess exactly? Not being our slave masters anymore? Having competition at work? Women being able to have her own mind, money, property and influence in society?

Why all of a sudden men who never liked compromise and being tied down to marriages, are getting pissed that women are also opting out of marriage and being mothers? This has nothing to do with society…is all about control and enforcing “The archetype” of womanhood, their inability to see us as human beings with quirks and flaws and free will is what creates so much friction among the sexes and not feminism by itself.

Feminism happens + men accept women as individuals with rights and opinions as themselves= good relationships

Feminism happens +men react with frustration, angriness and hate= broken homes, perpetual singleness, divorces, abandoned children.

(im not blaming just men for all those things, but you get the point)

Men also love to contradict themselves, they want women to pursue them and have admirers,instead of them doing all the work.. yet when I did that they get paranoid and I have one guy almost called the police on me because I sent him love poems to his email. The guy (my ex)was angry I was a little infatuated with him and sent him about 4 poems a year for two years, that equals only 8 poems for this coward to feel “harassed” instead of actually confronting me.
Latin men would never do such a thing and they would laugh at these pussies and even punch them in the face. This is why from now on, I will keep to my race and ignore most American males.

Men hate it when women go after their money, yet they were the ones to create a money obsessed society where not even water is free. They made sure that “accumulating riches” is an important aspect of a man life, patting each other on the back when it happened and spitting on the ground if it didn’t, and women are not supposed to notice of course…of course not!

They complain that women are not sweet to them anymore but they do not inspire such behavior to be a constant.Once Modern men have made it a custom to ask a lot of you for nothing in return. They want sex in the first week of a relationships but is unable to give me a reason to stay around other than sex. Most men give nothing and it feels like a go nowhere job to form relationships with theme,only to be cheated or despised two months later so why even try?

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why dont women exhibit this behaviour anywhere NEAR the amount that men do? why is this behaviour justified through ‘they are flawed individuals’ – yes. But this does not negate the fact that this is a gender issue.

“I’m 21, have had five or six relationships and was excited to discover that my new boyfriend actually asks permission for things in bed and gracefully accepts “no” for an answer. It’s awful to think that this is genuinely the first relationship in which my consent really mattered.”

“When I turned 18 I started working at a bar, on my first shift I asked a man what he wanted and he replied ‘you in a taxi’. Later, I had to go clear up a spillage and was groped by the same man. When I tried to explain to my supervisor, I was told that if I couldn’t get used to it, then this wasn’t the job for me.”

“Waiting outside the cinema in town for my friend about 7pm. A car slowed down and the driver asked me “how much?”

“My friend’s mum was locked in a taxi in a foreign country as the male taxi driver tried to force himself onto her, she escaped by attacking him. I have been catcalled at the age of 12. I have walked into the bathroom to have a shower while my boyfriend at the time decided to come in too. I specifically said “no you’re not allowed to see me have a shower”. He tried to come inside anyway, so I said NO and began to shut the door on him. He kept pushing the door open as I was trying to close it. This was when we were both 14.”

“cornered at the atm by a man commenting on my ass. Continued to yell remarks as I walked off.”

“Overheard young boy on bus saying – “I’ll rape your mum so bad she can’t walk”.

Got hit on by two men on the street whom got in my face – the only one of his mutters I caught was “your hot pussy.” Shaken, walked to grad school event, where a classmate complained about his unsuccessful complimenting of a woman earlier that day. In trying to engage him on why he was rebuffed, citing my own experience from moments prior, he responds that women just need to be more open to men approaching them.”

“My nextdoor neighbor has a teenage son who has just learnt to drive. He has covered his car in car stickers which say: Be a flirt lift your skirt. Bitches ride behind. Four doors for more whores.”

“Whilst on the Tube a few years ago a man sat down opposite me. He started staring at me then leant forward and massaged my thighs. Got up and got off the train. Told my then boyfirend, who responded ‘Why didn’t you just move’

“Applied for a bar job and was asked to provide a photo. When I was offered a trial shift, I was informed it was because I was pretty enough and my cleavage would look good in the uniform – for guys this was a smart shirt but for us girls it was a tight halter-neck dress. I was also told that customers may try to pinch my bum, and if that bothered me I shouldn’t work here. Because it’s my fault for looking good in a slutty dress, my fault for having a bum, and my fault that guys aren’t aware of personal and sexual boundaries.”

“I work as a retail assistant and yesterday a male customer, to get my attention, whistled at me like you would a dog.”

Every woman I have ever encountered in an executive position from anecdotal experience is automatically labelled a “Bitch.”

I’m sick of being told by random men on the street to smile (why? so I will be prettier for you to look at?), among other things. Throughout school like many girls I had to put up with the boys acting out sexual acts, bum slapping and grabbing, having my bra unclipped as I walked by, them walking up to me and asking for blowjobs straight out without so much as a little small talk (not that that would make it okay to ask after), calling me a bitch, whore, ugly mess, stuck up, frigid, etc., despite being none of those things and being a conservative dresser and petite with not much to flaunt”

I was raped and told one of my close friends. His immediate response was, “I’m disappointed in you.” Given that we share a brother-sister connection, I couldn’t be helped but be saddened by his reaction. To clarify, he meant “I’m disappointed in you because if you didn’t act so loose, your rapist wouldn’t have done it.”

“It means something in this day and age when a 17 year old girl like myself has to walk past a group of grown men miaowing at me as I walk to my bus, I was so disgusted, but acted as if I didn’t hear and kept moving”

“I was being trained for a 3D printing machine for a design group I’m part of. Other participants being trained talked over me, doubted my knowledge (I’m a qualified engineer and designer) interrupted me and made very uncomfortable jokes. It felt like the first year of engineering school all over again. The group leader is constantly asking why there aren’t enough women in the group.”

“Going to look for a new car, male friend with me. Sales man addressed the friend, even though I asked the questions.”

“My mum who escaped Vietnam during the VN war on a boat hid under a pile of boxes and blankets as she listened to every other woman on the boat get raped by men who were also escaping.”

“Was told by female colleagues at new job that they don’t bend over in the staff room, and I shouldn’t either, because the guys would make stupid comments.”

The point is not all men do this (obviously), but nearly all women have experienced something like this – and that it is so NORMALIZED and “inappropriate” to talk about it because it’s ‘normal’ and ‘expected’ and ‘your own fault’. And no, we don’t talk about it openly because it is stigmatized. In before people not willing to admit that this is a social issue primary caused by men. ‘the guys were just assholes’ and that ‘these have nothing to do with sexism’. THIS IS A GENDER ISSUE.

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My rage towards men is justified.

I hate men. More and more everyday. It makes it very hard because I’m not gay. I am not attracted to women in any way. Women are superior. Why? Because we can bring life and feed it. All men do is destroy.
I have been molested by babysitters, bus drivers, and a step father. No one protected me as a child. I have been raped, beaten, and tricked all at the hands of men as an adult.
One man held me in a van in a small garage for 4 hours and beat me, choked me, bit me and broke my nose. Why? Because I broke up with him 2 weeks prior and did the “no contact” rule. He received no charges because he knew people.
I don’t date anymore. I had to learn to fight. I have fought many men. I now keep weapons to defend myself just in case.
After that guy, I fell in love with a man who told me, some months later, he never loved me, even though he said it first, originally. He said he wouldn’t mind to continue having sex with me because I do it like a professional. That broke me. I was told no man would ever want to be in a relationship with me because I’m too beautiful and I could never be loyal. Meanwhile he was “tricking” 8 other women. But I was the only one he told he didn’t love. I adored him and to know I was nothing…
I have lost hope of ever meeting a “good” man. He doesn’t exist. Even if he came along, I’m too mean. I’m vicious.
Men just want to use me because of my looks and body. No one sees me. I’m a social outcast.
I have no friends. My phone never rings. I’m very nice and giving but to no avail. Something is wrong with me. I love being social but I’m never invited anywhere. Never even been to a wedding, prom, nothing.
I’m stood up most of the time. I am lonely. I am worthless. If not for my children…

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