Help me get revenge on my ex bf

My ex is a total jerk. He beat me for nearly three years. He cheated multiple times. He even posted my nude pics on multiple sites WITH my name! But I found some secret crossdressing pics in his email…I’m looking for someone to help me choose which ones to post! Email me if you wanna help :)

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I am so sick of coming across page after page, forum after forum of what men want to see in a woman. How they desire the long haired, caramel complexioned, almond green eyed, pouty lipped, big breasted, fat assed, thin waist bomb shell! Give me a F****** BREAK!

It kills me to see yahoo questions being posted by young girls, at the age of 15 questioning their no hip, no butt, no breast figure, wondering if the boys will like them because all boys want big knockers and a huge beach ball ass! It pisses me off even more when I see moron boys and guys saying : it’s true! we do love and want big butts and tits, but love your body the way it is”, wtf kind of backwards ass response is that??? Even though we do want that, and you obviously dont have it! just like you for you! how the f*** can a young girl feel confidant after a comment like that??

and the sad shit is, i see this type of drivel all the time! not just with young impressionable teenagers but with grown folks well into their 20’s and even 30’s posting pictures of women that are hott, and then comparing them side to side to see which one is better, obviously the one with the fattest ass wins, because now women with tits are non marketable, and useless to men…

I am sick and tired of being told by the media, or by dumb ass men what they find attractive. Women are superficial too but not to this level or degree. I have yet to see thousands of pages dedicated to the superficial comparability of mens dick size, their body build or their facial features as much as I see the opposite occur with men towards women. I am sick and tired of social media being the outlet for butt ass ugly jerk offs to feel as though they have a chance with an attractive woman because supposedly women don’t care too much about looks when THAT IS FAR FROM THE TRUTH… but we as women have to constantly feel inferior because we don’t meet the mold of what is considered to be attractive…

im sick of men looking at women as mere objects for their visually impaired pleasure… i am sick of FUGLY men thinking they have a chance and not realizing they need to sit the f*** down with their ugly selves… im sick of this generation of f****** degenerates that perpetuate the hype and continue to push young women into fighting with themselves day in and day out because of the way they were born… and then seeking ways to compensate by getting surgical enhancements to please the mass population of simpletons called men who will still find ways to make a woman feel less than….

to all those men that are U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi, but have the nerve to have standards… you have absolutely no chance with the women you really want… stick with what you can get and dream on losers!

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Passive resistance…..

Passive resistance in and of its self should not even be a term nor should it be taught as a means of defense.

Avoidance is key to surviving trouble yes, but that involves proactive steps.

Avoidance involves being vigilant of ones surroundings and the body language as well as actions of other individuals.

Key steps include knowing different ways into and out of a given location in the case of danger,switching up ones routine when leaving and coming back home,”Keeping your head on a swivel” so to speak as a way to help you mind process any sort of threat that might be around, try to deescalate a verbal confrontation (which does involve the swallowing of pride,and the biting of ones own tongue at times) to avoid a physical confrontation.

If such a confrontation can not be avoided and verbal deescalation does not work….

Fight to kill and you might just live to tell about it.

Use any means to survive, be it fingernails,teeth,fists and feet. Do SOMETHING to resist,if you have any type of manufactured weapon USE IT.

Have no pity,have no remorse,do what you have to do to survive,and try your damnedest to kill the other bastard that is no doubt trying to do the same to you

The only rule and the only goal is to survive.

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How one lady dealt with a stalker….

The link below is to an article containing her first hand account of what happened and how she survived what would without question be a violent attack at the hands of the perp….

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New to I Hate Men (site)

I just moved back to a small town. I went to a function Friday night at an art gallery and almost instantly a guy there was flirting and trying to get to know me. He reminded me a friendly Lab retriever. I didn’t feel the spark but checked out his art and was impressed. I went out with him and we fooled around. Found out he’s into porn, and I’m not. Sent me a picture of his penis through Facebook. Now he’s reminding me of those creeps on Craig’s List that are just trying to get laid.

I’m disappointed. I thought I met someone and I’m realizing right away that he’s not the one! It’s such a drag dating! I haven’t been for just this reason, lots of toads.

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The Shotgun Rider….

*Since Halloween is around the corner I figured we might have a group effort for a horror story,feel free to jump in and add what you will*

He was a big man that loved to ride. He stood 6ft 3 and weighed 344 lbs,broad shouldered and with an easy going nature.

Many that crossed his path usually had a favorable impression of the baritone voiced Kentucky Hillbilly . If he rode up and found someone that had lost their way in the confusing hollows and dirt roads, he would guide them to safety. If a vehicle had broken down or became stuck he would roll up his sleeves and do the needed grunt work.

But….As easy going as the gentle giant liked to be, there were a few that found themselves on his bad side, and that is not where a prudent person would want to be.

He tried to avoid trouble but was prepared to defend himself as well as anyone around him if needed.

He rode an old beat up four wheel drive Honda ATV, he and that 300 seemed like a mismatch. But the large framed rider known to the locals as Ridge could make full use of every advantage the vehicle offered in the rough terrain and steep narrow paths that served as his own backyard. Ridge knew every tree,rock,and stick of the area like the back of his hand.

For protection against folks and animals that meant harm he carried a well used but very well taken care of Smith&Wesson model 10 revolver ,it rode in a black nylon holster on his right hip,along with a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun in .410 gauge. While he hated trouble and tried to avoid harming another living being,he knew very well that some folks that visited his sanctuary,had more than just sight seeing and camping on their mind.

On more than one occasion Ridge had to draw down on a ne’er-do-well that meant send him to an early grave for what he had,due to his steely eyed demeanor and iron clad resolve he never had to fire. Because as the would be bad guys were on the muzzle end of a .410 pump loaded with a mix of slugs and buckshot or a well aimed .38 held by a steady unwavering hand.They seemed to lose their nerve for the violence they bolstered about only seconds before.

Ridge had no fear of anything of this world. But unbeknownst to Ridge he would soon be on a collision course with the realm of the supernatural………

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Anti- gun media recommends the following….

Bullshit, instead of arming ones self with dependable means of self protection tools.

I could see the insecticide working in a very limited context, but it would be very dicey to rely on that alone, the door and window alarm is a good idea as far as alerting you to a break in, but guess what, those “cheap and easy” items while useful as a means of alerting you to possible danger can cause complacency much like “security” cameras and high dollar alarm systems,Due to false alarms (Sure the camera and the alarms do serve a purpose, one records evidence of a wrong doing the other draws attention that something isn’t right).

Firearms ownership was never brought up as a viable option even though such has proven to be the best option for survival of a home owner if confronted with a violent intruder.

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Only you need to know….

Only you need to know….. that you are courageous, a fighter, a leader, a winner.

Only you need to know….. that you have strength, inner strength, intelligence, the courage to be courageous.

As long as you know who you are and what you have, that’s all that matters, if other people want to think bad of you, let them, because only you need to know…..

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Men don’t know s*** about rape

Notice how, when a woman posts about her experience of rape/sexual abuse at the hands of men, a bunch of dudebros comment like “but the matriarchy and female privilege and misandry and dear God what about the men!!!” And then when you ask them:

“Have you ever been raped by a woman? Have you ever been /raped/?”

They answer you like “no but I’ve been abused!”

This is because men don’t know s*** about rape. Men don’t know about oppression or privilege or abuse either, but they’re particularly ignorant when it comes to sexualized violence and domination.

You want to tell me you’re being oppressed when you’re responding to my lived experiences of rape and abuse at the hands of men? pathetic.

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“The Wall” but not Pink Floyd (humor)

The comment from 31 about the door and the window is too witty! Funny stuff.

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men are wussy-pricks-losers

So sick of the garbage. Just ended it with this one idiot who seemed like he was actually chill and normal to a certain extent–but nope, he’s just another brainwashed pathetic piece of s*** like the rest of them. All men think that they can look like crap and women are supposed to look like heavenly angels–and for FREE! Like, sorry I eat organic food and have a gym membership you fat asshole. I hate dating men who make more money than me too–they constantly rub it in my face, and say “well I wouldn’t be in that position because I have a good job”–oh ok so you are better than me because I asked you to help me pay for something AFTER you promised to help me pay for things and said all this bullshit about how you wanted to help support me while I’m having a difficult time. And don’t give me s*** because I had faith in someone either. After 10 years and 15 men all treating me like s*** JUST BECAUSE all I ever did was have hope that they would want to marry and have a family—so I believed a different guy again and oh gee the same thing happened AGAIN. I suppose that I shouldn’t ever try ever again. People are like “don’t lose hope” and “it’s the men that you are choosing”. But no, it’s that ALL MEN ARE S***. Don’t tell me otherwise and don’t stick up for any of them. Garbage.

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The reason some women stay single (humor)

Time for a chuckle.

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