Men and woman hate each other lol


it’s fascinating how men hurts woman and how woman hurts men i have been in mens forums and womans forums and its like woman and men just cant been together lol

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Accept how men see sex and your life will improve


Men are NOT truly happy, especially sexually, with one woman. Sorry, it’s a fact. Women that don’t accept this are delusional. Once one accepts this, one has to ask herself WHY in gods name you’d commit to a man if you know that one of the thing you’re good for is something he’s always going to want/need from other women. Do you think a loving relationship is one in which you don’t have sex with another person because you’re afraid of getting yelled at or one in which you don’t do that because you don’t want to? Men always want to. It’s sad how many women ignore this. 60% of marriages experience infidelity. To a man your purpose is mostly sex. Your other purpose is to take care of his house and his kids that will destroy your body, (aka the most important thing about you).

Ladies, you must remember that men do not love in the way women do. When a man loves a woman and “commits” to her it’s because he loves her like his mom. He likes that you take care of him and deal with his shit. You are the girl friend/wife because you are the one that tolerates him going to the strip club.

Just look at all the poor girls put on the internet with their legs spread by angry disgusting men. They all thought men saw them as more than objects. Read internet forums like reddit and see what men really have to say when their is no woman they want to have sex with around.

MEN VIEW YOU AS OBJECTS. Their is no emotion in sex for men. Watch porn if you can’t believe me. Your life will get better once you learn to live the vast majority of life without them.

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So this is my first post here. Glad I found this site. I hate men. Nothing positive in my life has ever come from a man.
I am 22 and have never been in a relationship. I am good looking and of course like all of you have had men trying to get with me. I am still a virgin although once a guy almost tried to take advantage of me when I was drunk despite me not wanting to. Thank God I am strong minded and had the courage to walk away. A friend put me in this situation of almost rape and I am not friends with her anymore. :)
My parents divorced a few days after I was born. My father who lived so close remarried, visited me once or twice a year. Despite my mother and him remaining on good terms. I used to hate him. Now I don’t know but I don’t want anything to do with him. I believe God punished him for not being a father towards me thinking he would have other children. Turns out his new wife can’t have children. Karma. But they’re still together 20 years later.
My experience with males since childhood has been traumatising. It’s like I can’t get the memories out of my head. Bullied, sexually harassed for no reason just for the sake of their sadistic pleasure of hurting, insulting and showing superiority over another human being. Sometimes I cry at night. Not a week passes by without remembering. I wish there was a way to erase memories. Give a clean start.
I feel like I can’t be in a relationship with a man. I am fucked up. I am broken sad and traumatised. If I started something so strange as a relationship with one of them, my anger will come out. My fuckedupness. How am I supposed to be carrying and loving when all I am is fucked up mentally, emotionally. A stranger that wasn’t an asshole to women doesn’t deserve it. And then there is my ex stepfather that put our family in debt and was an ass to me and my mother. There were a few sweet men. I’ve met some that were kind. And even angel like. I could fall in love. But would I fuck it up for them?
I could never trust one of them. I’ve thought of sperm banks. I want a big family, a big happy family. Then I see that being a possibility only if I am married. Children need a father and the thought of having a boy scares me.

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BF keeps calling me fat and making me feel useless


So me and my boyfriend have been dating each other for over a year. He is good looking, fit with a great body, and when I was with him I was the same too.

Over the past year I have started to put on some cheeky weight, what can I say, I love to cook hehe šŸ˜‰ Now I am at my biggest and my boyfriend is acting weird. He doesn’t look at me the same, calls me fat, tells me to loose weight cause of “health” issues (even though im diabetic, he just wants me to look hot and thin again). Im just over his bullshit!!!!

Men a pigs and I hate them, when you are skinny they love you when you become fat they get repulsed by you! I love him but I cant take this emotional abuse anymore!!

He is also keeping secrets from me and I know he is, he keeps calling “mum” on his phone like all the time but I don’t think its his mum, im pretty sure is another women he has down as mum so he is more discrete. FUCK MEN!

Ladies what should I do! Please help!! How can I get him to love me again!!!

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The freedom of women and their choices


I recently came across a group of women that choose their own path. They choose to have nothing to do with men because of what men have done to them in the past and they also think that any source of social wellbeing is controlled by men.

I find them to be truthful. Don’t call me a man hater simply because i agree that they should be rightfully able to live by themselves.

What these women remind me of is the tubetan wild ass. This is not an insult. The female tubetan ass is something of a mystery to all and from what i’ve read, this is how some women wish to be.

It’s hard to explain but i feel the same need but in a different way.

Getting into it takes a lot of words and feelings. Things i prefer not to suppress. I’m just a man, I’m competitive and if you ask me whether or not i can do something, i will most likely reply “yes”. It’s just who i am…

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Aint No Booty Call No Mo


I kissed a boy last weekend and then immediately after we were done he said it was a huge mistake.

Dis BOoty Aint URs No MO

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Break up


My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly two years. The things have been not going well lately. I feel neglected and invisible, and I am also questioning if he is he right person to spend the rest of my life with. He is religious so he wants to get married and settle down with the right girl. Whenever we have a big argument, he says he is not sure if he can still see me as his future wife.
I know I might be judging him too harshly, but I canĀ“t get over some facts. I think I am too moralistic, and I donĀ“t share the values of my generation, maybe itĀ“s ok to be like him, and I am too sensitive.
He had sex with girls he had met at the clubs without even knowing their surnameā€¦ it was on the second date with all of themā€¦ he said why to wait few weeks until being physical when it might be over anywaysā€¦ I donĀ“t understand why he had to jump into bed with them without knowing them a little bit moreā€¦ it was 4 timesā€¦ itĀ“s nice to be passionate and all but those relationships ended after 3 get togethers if I can call it that wayā€¦ the women were not interested in him anymoreā€¦ so he saidā€¦ still, I am mainly mad at him because he pretends to be someone else, none of his friends knew about this, and his family thinks he is a good catholic guy.. by good I mean not the type of a guy who jumps into bed just like that.. I am also thinking if someone does it once, get so wild and passionate about different women and sleep with them straight away, what would stop him repeating the same pattern?.. he comes from a very religious family, he goes to church every weekend, his family thinks he had 3 long term relationships, but he had 6 other women besides that, so every time I think about him in the church praying, I think how he used to have sex with some random girls he had no chance of knowing well enoughā€¦ and he told me they had a nice character.. as if you know someoneĀ“s character when you are drunk at the party with loud music.. yeahā€¦he says I am too demanding when it comes to the physical contact between usā€¦ it is enough to hug me once he doesnĀ“t need to hug me twenty times he saysā€¦ and he also points out other couples are less physical than we are.. and that I am too demandingā€¦ and that I get upset when he doesnĀ“t want to hug me.. I feel he only wants to be physical when he wants sexā€¦ which he does like a robot, but when you like a guy you forgive him even that, I know itĀ“s bad but itĀ“s trueā€¦ which bring me to another point.. he only cares about his own sexual satisfactionā€¦ when heĀ“s happy, heĀ“s happyā€¦ no need to take care of meā€¦ to make me excited, lovedā€¦ I think itĀ“s because he has no idea how female body works, and believe me I have tried telling him so many timesā€¦ he thinks my centre is where his centre liesā€¦ what about my brain? He only sees one thingā€¦ I literally feel like that one thing when he makes love to me, which makes it terrible.. ThereĀ“s no creativity, no fun, just mechanically the same thing over and overā€¦ no seductionā€¦ he also watches porn.. surprise suprise.. but he also did it when I was in another room sleeping in my bed… he said it was because I was not interested, which is not true… he then confessed it is a way to relieve stress, and it is also easier and faster than the real thing.. how practicle… he spends every second weekend with his family (used to be every weekend)ā€¦ from Friday to Sundayā€¦ if it was one day, I would happily go with him, or maybe once a month for the whole weekendā€¦ they always eat 4 times per day, breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinnerā€¦ We had a big fight about his visits, that he prefers to spend time with them, and not with me, that we donĀ“t do anything togetherā€¦ this was happening even before we started having big fights, when things seemed okā€¦ heĀ“s argumentation these days is that he is afraid we would fight so he rather goes home.. It seemed nice to be dating a family guy and I know heĀ“s going to be a great dad one day, but I think a couple needs their own time as well, from time to time, to do something fun, to have common interest, to create memoriesā€¦ we are probably too different.. I am more of a free spirited person who likes reading, talking, questioning life and is mysteries, blablaā€¦ I am not good at planning, I like to be surprised, he like stability, predictabilityā€¦ he works a lot, and he loves his job, I have a very flexible schedule so I can work when I want.. he hates it and always tell me to work more.. he also expects me to clean the flat and all that because I am home and he works in another cityā€¦ he pays the rent and I pay food.. which is nearly the sameā€¦ but when I asks if I should start paying the rent he says I am traveling to the office in another city once a month so it would be too much for me to pay bothā€¦ also, he always goes on his phone, I swear, first thing he sees when he goes to bed and wakes up is his damn phoneā€¦
He came home the other day after a weekend with his family, and he went to his computer straight away. I kept thinking I am such a stupid, stupid person, how can I not see he doesnĀ“t care about me. I mean, I know it, I feel it, I see it. He still cares, on some level; he doesnĀ“t want bad things happen to me, I know that. But he is not interested in me anymore. I could understand that. He havenĀ“t had a normal relationship since he was 18, so I am his first ā€œadultā€ relationship or how to call it. I totally understand you might get bored of each other, or the spark disappears because you realize you just needed that person back then and it was no true love and you are somewhere else now. What I donĀ“t understand is why someone can say it. Why he keeps telling me he needs time to think about, he doesnĀ“t want to break up yet, what is it? I have felt unloved for so many months, I kept telling him to tell me what he really thinks, he always said let it be, why would I be with you if I didnĀ“t love you? Maybe we are too afraid to be alone, I donĀ“t know. Now after writing this down I see we are fundamentally different people, and it looks stupid to write it all down, but it is so damn hard to leave someone. Also, I think there is my ego playing with me too, because I donĀ“t want to be the one who will be told itĀ“s over. Am I too demanding and judgmental when I want him to spend some time talking to me and hugging, and not just being on his phone and computer or with his family? I have only had one long term relationship so I am not sure if I am only socially unskilled and weird, or if there are other women who would find his behaviour and previous life upsetting? I donĀ“t know if I have a right to ask for those things, or if I am just being spoilt and I cannot change myself. Who is right and who is wrong? Should I stop demanding those things from him and be happy whenever he gives me his attention and be more tolerant, or am I right when I think I should be with someone who will want to hug me twenty times and spend time with me, wanting to know me and letting me see the real him? I want him to be happy. I want to be happy. Maybe I live in dreams and the real world is not as nice, and people just cohabite and donĀ“t inspire each other. But then itĀ“s probably better to be alone. I want to stop craving loveā€¦

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[27m] my fiancƩe [23F] just flipped out on me because I suggested that she read.


We've been together for 5 years, engaged for 2. Everything about us works great; the sex, our day to day routines, overall compability. However, usually when we are just being playful with each other she will act like a child (fake tantrums, puffing up her cheeks, talk in baby voice, etc) and this is something we've always done and just always been a part of our relationship which is fine, until it spills over into our actual life.

Yesterday after dinner I was trying to talk to her about the Nepal incident, and she kept making faces at me like a 5yr old, so I kept stopping and finally was like whatever and cleared the table, while shes like "no babe its okay you can tell me now" but obviously she didnt care so I was done. Soon after I suggested that she should read more news, about history, novels, hell kardishian blogs I dont care, just try to get out of this bubble you live in and be ready to have more in depth conversations with people that arent just gossip. Like the other night we were at my parents house for dinner and talking about Baltimore and she had no idea about what was happening there.

She comes from a different place, I grew up in a relatively wealthy suburb where reading and learning and eating healthy, etc were always enforced growing up, whereas she is from a small village 300 miles away that is relatively poor, where ignorance was fine so long as you were happy. Her whole family is undereducated, and maybe these are red flags I should have seen before, but it is really just starting to effect me now, 5 years in.

I realized yesterday that I am worried for our future kids (will she tell them reading is stupid, etc) and us in the future. We are to get married in a year, and I have never really realized our differences so much as last night. She is still upset at me, she left to work and is texting me right now, I dont know what I should do at this point. I cant just saw "oh its okay babe you never have to read and educate yourself" just to end the fight.

Tldr; she was raised that 'ignorance is okay so long as you are happy and love'. I was raised that 'ignorance should be educated away, love and happiness are completely seperate things that have nothing to do with learning'

Has anybody gone thru something similar? I am starting to doubt my engagement and relationship over her refusal to read, being fine with ignorance and refusal to grow up.

Edit: some more backstory

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female rapists


hi all,
this seems like a really interesting site and full of diverse views. just a quick question /poll about how many IHMers believe in the legitimacy of a female raping another person. I have seen plenty of evidence of this, have experienced some…lets say less than enjoyable experiences with very inconsiderate, angry and selfish females that could maybe put into this category. My later feelings about these experiences are another story and I do not wish to judge but would appreciate any views on this sometimes controversial topic.

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So here I am…now, worthy to be drooled over by men


And I gotta admit, it feels good to be healthier and stronger, but what I did not expect my new change of mind and body to do was attract attention my way from men. I was never overweight, but I suppose without being toned and ‘glowy’, I was just as invisible as my overweight sisters. I am no longer a foolish girl in her nonage, so of course I pay attention to the reasons and the rhyme. I have been the same Varrah all this time, and I have trodden many of the same paths to get where I need to be in my area of operation. Maybe I’d get a fleeting glance of approval once every blue moon when I really applied the warpaint for an evening out and wore a sassy outfit, but that’s not me most days. Back then, I would do the same routine and sport my shorts and tees and I’d be just another face to be ignored. Now, in the same scruffy workout clothes, I get men in trouble by their GFs/wives when they catch them staring at me as I go about. Salty looks from the chicks, too. Sorry, but I like being fit. It’s nothing personal. I’m doing this for me because I love myself and I want the best for me.

It’s just really funny to me that now all of a sudden, all these dudes want to holler at me and stare and what have we, when I was the same chick before and the same dudes passed me by like I was a tree or something. Cue Mike Jones song…So superficial. Like I want to get to know any of you. Like any of you are worthy of what I have painstakingly cultivated. Just an item we are as women, to be stared at and ogled if we past muster, and overlooked if we have the dastardly effrontery to not do so. This has taught me to be more than men.

Men claim we women want to be like them, how laughable. I wouldn’t want to be like the average male I lament anymore than I would want to be like a komodo dragon or a dung beetle, taking nothing from either because each are creatures far more noble than the average male human being. I realize there are exceptions, and there are many male humans that see women as humans and not objects.

I hope I always see a person for who they are in their heart and value their mind and kindness above all else. I hope I remain able to appreciate the beauty of the dear people in my life who do not look like the CGI bitch on the cover of a male jack off magazine…yet, they have virtues that I find worth their weight in platinum, and I hope to one day have those traits myself. These are the beautiful people. I feel so sorry for most men. You can’t see anything past the physical, so you are truly blind. I wouldn’t want to be like any of you sorts for anything. What an insult to humanity when half the population exists on the mental level of simple beasts. What separates these men in question from a lower male animal in a rut after smelling a she-beast in heat? Not much.

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Used and Abused


It is always difficult to go from trust to bust…it’s like going from 100 to 0 – real slow, real slow. I have attempted in the last few years to grasp the image of men of long ago in a few men and they just didn’t have the same flava. Cowards, no knights in shining armor – no gallant warriors… only facades of decades gone by…nothing to hold onto. Nothing real – but myself. So I hold onto myself…I don’t know whether to hate men or hate myself for believing that there is such a thing as the descriptive perfect or the definition for men… Merriam Webster defines man as: “1a (1) : an individual human; especially : an adult male human (2) : a man belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation)” Human by definition for man, is mentioned more times than I have ever experienced in my lifetime! Human…does not belong in the same sentence with the ‘word’ man…maybe it should be “hubeing.” I can respect a gay man more than I can a man that professes to be so and acts counter to that profession… I can love a gay man…I have learned to hate the man’s man…he taught me to…

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Eve’s Rib: A Tale of Hope


In 1990 a friend of mine was working as guest editor of his city magazine’s Special Earth Day issue, and, feeling increasingly hopeless about the prospects for Mother Earth at the hands of Men, implored his sister, “When are you women going to take back this planet?”, to which she replied, “I don’t know. Why don’t you write a novel about it?”

So he did. The story first took the form of a screenplay and was later “novelized”. But before the first word hit the page, a question had to be answered: Just how, believably, could women wrest control from the men? They certainly wouldn’t give it up without a fight.

The answer took a while in coming but finally arrived in the middle of a massage. The image struck him like a lightning bolt. He shot upright, startling his massage therapist and exclaiming, “It’s a defective X!”

It was clear. Women would have to find a way to replace some of the genes missing from the men’s so-called “Y” chromosome. Not all of them, but just the ones whose absence is responsible for the peculiar neuronal wiring of the male brain that leads to their out-of-control destructive behavior.

The novel, Eve’s Rib: A Tale of Hope, is the story of how a small group of feminist genetic engineers, working in secret right under men’s noses, manages to correct what the heroine calls “a genetic experiment gone badly awry”.

I invite you to read it at

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