Some women on here confuse me


Maybe it’s just me but I find it extremely weird that these women on here who hate men are openly looking for relationships. I mean, have you learned nothing? Men want sex and nothing more. It doesn’t take much to realize that. And after my experiences with men and observing other womens’ experiences with men, trust me. You do not want someone to police how you look 24/7 as if your body belongs to them. Now that I think about it, that’s pretty much what 99.9% of them believe. That your body is theirs and only good for sex. Relationships and sex alike are petty wastes of time. Women need to break out of their pink, sugary, glitter-sprinkled, Disney bubbles and realize that.

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Regarding the Draft


There is a fellow on here who consistently holds up the draft as some sort of proof that we do not live in a male dominated society. I hate this man most of all.

The draft was made by men, is upheld by men and defended by men at every turn. War is a male invention and a male hobby and has very little to do with women unless we’re being raped as a part of the male “right” of raping and pillaging.

More young (usually) women die as a result of war than young men. Combat deaths are actually very low compared to deaths caused by intentional male on female violence (rape, beatings, kidnappings all used as amazingly common war tactics), disease and starvation. These phenomena are responsible for throwing gendered life expectancy statistics in developing nations for decades at a time.

Most women who die in war are are between the ages 0-14. A lot of them die of injuries sustained while being raped by soldiers; often in the streets or even in front of their families. If not of those injuries, then of easily curable infections that are left to fester because of the shame her family now has for her. Then, consider that wars are generally not fought on American soil.

Of course, war is rather sanitized for Americans now and I get especially pissed at American males when they complain about “the draft”. Screw you. As if you’re actually going to be one of the INCREDIBLY FEW soldiers who actually dies. You’re more likely to kill a civilian child with rotten food or rape a woman screaming in another language while her husband watches; after which he will be fairly likely (depending on the particular group of people the U.S. government has decided to obliterate this week) to deny her proper medical attention because the sanctity of ‘his vagina’ has been violated.

You think war doesn’t effect women? To hell with you then. If you’re a male, American soldier, you are more likely to rape a fellow soldier (female or male, oddly enough) than you are to even see active combat.

Not all men are dangerous, but enough of you in one place with leadership… well, I won’t take the chance.

Has anyone else ever read, Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning? It is a rather chilling book about how easy it is to turn a normal, decent man into a raping, murdering Nazi, literally. He details the processes through which men were taught to kill and rape without conscience and to even find joy in sounds of torture and anguish. The scary part is that it is so amazingly, staggeringly, insanely easy to turn a man, any man, into a monster. The Nazis banked on it and look how much they accomplished with their makeshift monsters.

So, it seems that men are actually more efficient at killing women and children (next highest rate of war deaths next to that of women) than each other. They’re just not around to see most of the dying in their wake, so it doesn’t count.

So go and make sure some more babies die of starvation because their mothers’ were raped to death by soldiers. Pollute the water with diseases and watch as children’s bellies bloat with giardia and e. coli. Go see the women, covered from head to foot, trailing through the desert, surrounded by men with guns who will rape them by night and force them to serve by day. Go gawk at the girl covered in acid burns because she was violated by soldiers and her husband hates her (not them!) so much that he disfigured her to keep foreign cocks out of his wife/slave that he rightfully bought from her father.

Men, I sincerely want the draft to end, more than any of you could possible understand. My grandmother escaped the squadrons of men TRAINED and ENCOURAGED by their government to rape her and leave her for dead afterward if she should dare leave the house. She was beaten (and raped, though she doesn’t admit it out loud, but with her eyes) by border guards as she fled and lost a child from disease who could have been my uncle.

Thank goodness women don’t ask for reparations like African, Chinese and Indian ex-slaves have (and won, I might add :D). Men would never be able to afford to pay for all the evil they’ve perpetrated against us. A few hundred bucks and an apology, though nice, just won’t cut it. There is no physical object in the known universe that would be enough reparation for the thousands of years of insanity women have had to endure at the hands of these mediocre apes.

Men are the makers of their own and everyone else’s misery. Why do we continue to allow this? We should be knee deep in protests and arming ourselves against the foe man. Women! We have been under attack for thousands of years! The question should not be why women are getting more militant about feminism but why have we not taken our rights at the tip of a spear or muzzle of a gun by now.

That is how every other group has had to win its rights. Men, you should really think about that. How long before the chattel of the world throws off their pretty beads and gowns, gets off their pedestals or out from under the feet of the ruling class and kills their oppressors? It has happened in almost every other power dynamic, macro or microcosm, in recorded history in every part of the world. I’d be afraid to be an asshole to an underclass human, especially when that same underclass is starting to rumble as loudly as women have started to as of late.

I’m certain that deep, deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeeeeep down men know these things. There’s no way anyone could actually be as thick as men are pretending to be about everything human rights related… right? Right? Fuck.

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Lost faith in men


Women are extremely sensitive, loving creatures. When she doesn’t feel the empathy and love from a man she has devoted herself to it can be so painful it makes her act insanely!

I was with a man for 10 years we had two children. We never legally married but I had my little wedding. For years I felt insecure that he wouldn’t legally marry me (make an honest woman out of me) but now I’m so so so so happy that we never legally married. It would have been mess to divorce.

I met someone new and thought he was so sweet and nice. We dated for almost a month and as soon as things started getting physical, he suddenly started being distant and saying he’s used to being alone and not talking to someone so frequently.

I am an excellent lover, I know this, I’ve been reassured over and over by the men I’ve been with.

This in addition to my failed 10 year relationship (which I left by the way) has made me lose all faith in men.

I wish I was a lesbian.

All I like about men is their bodies and when they do things to help you sove yor problems. But they are not nice, empathetic, understanding, selfless, nurturing. Supportive.

They are egotistical, selfish, overgrown children with entitlement issues!

As of now, men are only good for sex and fixing things (for me). That’s it!

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Whatta Catch!


Here is a quick summary of who I am before venting like an exploding volcano. I was born with birth defects. My hands, feet and face are deformed. I was a virgin, never had a boy like me, never dated, until I was 30 and damn near suicidal from being alone and isolated for so long (my parents sheltered me, told me I could not handle the way this world would treat me and my mom said guys would only want “someone like me” for sex). Then, as I stood at the brink of suicide, I decided to have sex with the town male whore. I met him on MySpace. He was compassionate enough to hook up with me (awww).

I went through a few more friends with benefits for two years; only, they weren’t friends. Never took me out in public, never invited me into the group of friends. Just came to my home, my bedroom, got what they wanted and I thought “my Mom was right, this is all men think I am good for”.

It began killing me that they treated me like a shameful secret. I am a wonderful, sweet, funny person. I deserve more respect than this.

Then he entered my life. Let’s call him “Scott”, shall we? The very first night I met Scott in person after having befriended him through MySpace at the time (circa 2007) he had the nerve to tell me, and I quote word for word “I need to be honest, most men would never date you because of how you look”. Because, you know, when I am out meeting a guy for the first time and actually feeling happy that this man doesn’t mind being seen in public with me, having a jolt of good ole soul crushing honesty will definitely make me feel even happier!

I was crushed in the moment. Why would a guy want to cut me down like this? Who says something like this to anyone? I have never even thought this way about anyone. And I do mean anyone.

But, being the sad depressed female that I was, just being relieved that I found a guy who wouldn’t hide me away in my bedroom, I gave him a chance.

I dated him for 2 1/2 years before moving in with him. During this time, what he told me that night lingered in my head and I confronted him a few times over it, trying to foolishly hear some kind of explanation that would ease the sting that, to this day, lingers. He told me that’s just the way guys are, they would not want someone deformed on their arm as a serious partner. Oh, but he was different. “I’m not like most men”.

Yea buddy.

As time went by, however, I began noticing that he would shut down on me every time we ran into his friends. He acted like I wasn’t by his side. He wouldn’t introduce me or even acknowledge my presence. It was then that I realized he might be alright holding my hand in public but when he comes across his buddies, he was too embarrassed to acknowledge that I was his woman.

It only got worse (much worse) when he decided to go back to college to learn welding (he was and is in his 30s). He began keeping me completely separated from anyone he knew from campus. He became a big shot there, mastering all of his studies and becoming the one everyone else turned to. He would not include me in on events where other people brought their partners and spouses. I noticed and it tore me slap to pieces. I gained 100 pounds from feeling his shame towards me.

Even though I told him I needed him to act proud to be with me, or at the very least act normal when we come across people he knows but he blamed me. He said my shyness and the way his friends would stare at my birth defects made him shut down. Some of these people have known him for many years, eaten lunches with him, gone on business trips and here he was still unable to simply say “by the way, this is my girlfriend?”I began to see him as a coward, crippled by good old fashioned peer pressure.

After having been with him for 7 years, he recently told me that it was all my fault. “I see how bad these people treat you, they can barely even look at you. If you had never pointed it out that people treat you differently I would have never become so insecure about being seen with you. I’m just trying to shield you from harm by keeping you away from them”

Let’s just say I woke up last year and realized I am not in a relationship with a man, I am involved with a high school jock who thinks his poop doesn’t stink and he refuses to show all his hot shot buddies that he is dating the loser girl in the school.

We just broke up yesterday. He blames me for everything that went wrong in this relationship (oh and I didn’t even mention that time when he told me in bed one night “sometimes when I look at you I wonder what you would have looked like had you been born normal”).

He said something to me yesterday that, if I had not figured his immaturity out by now, this sealed the deal. He said that he gave his “man card” away to me long ago and he is demanding it back. When I asked him wtf a man card is, he said “it’s when you choose to spend time with your girlfriend instead of being around your buddies”. I set him straight very quickly. I have never one single time told him he could not spend time with others. In fact, I am the one who always tells him to go do things with them when he says he isn’t sure he wants to. Ever since his buddies told him two weeks ago to reclaim his “man card” and spend more time with them, I have barely seen him. The time he was spending with me in the afternoons before his evening shift begins is completely gone. He even beat his fists on his chest yesterday and said he can feel his manhood coming back now.

He is very easily influenced by his male friends. he won’t bring me around them because he is embarrassed for them to see me. He now sacrifices what little quality time we share during the weekdays because they guilted him into “reclaiming his manhood”.I gave my heart to a coward and I am relieved that we are over now. I have to remain in his home until I can find a place of my own but once I am gone, I will reclaim my spirit that I lost along the way while being with him.

Oh, and I began losing the weight last July. Only 25 pounds to go. I realized in July that I deserve so much better than this person. I never should have been treated like a shameful secret by the very person who once upon a time told me he would never be ashamed of me the way my former encounters did. He turned out to be the worst of them all because he earned my trust, pulled me in and then proved to be no different than them. it’s going to take a long time to heal from these past 7 years. The way he treated me, the way his buddies (the ones we would accidentally run into) treated me has taught me a lot about men. And what I learned makes me sick deep down inside. I am a human being no matter what i look like. And for the record, I told him I never wanted to get surgeries to try and repair anything about me but he says he had been hoping that along the way his support would have encouraged me to make changes.

Isn’t love wonderful?! I see all men as my enemy right now. For my sake, and for the sake of not living the rest of my life alone, I hope someone comes along to restore my faith. I deserve a better man.

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This is what the MRM looks like


For those of you who don’t know, “MRM” stands for “Men’s Rights Movement” which is the worst movement in the history of movements. Don’t believe me? Exhibit Exhibit Exhibit C: I’d rather just talk about this than give a link. You know that guy in the above article? Yes, Paul Elam. He openly admitted that donations for “A Voice For Men” went into his own pocket. He lied. Yet he didn’t receive a single rape or death threat from a feminist. Not a single one. And that brings me to my next point. Chanty Binx and Anita Sarkeesian are two feminists who’s lives have been damned near ruined with the help of MRAs. I’m not entirely sure, but from what I’ve heard Chanty Binx showed up at a Men’s Rights Rally, trying to convince the MRAs that feminism is for men too. And when she tried to speak, the idiot behind the camera kept interrupting her and she got frustrated and yelled. Yep. That’s it. But somehow that is bad enough to convince MRAs she is deserving of rape and death threats. As for Anita Sarkeesian, she has a youtube channel where she talks about tropes in video games that are harmful towards woman and girls. Yep. That’s it. But somehow that is bad enough to convince MRAs she is deserving of rape and death threats. Are you f*cking kidding me right now? A bunch of grown ass men can’t even handle women having opinions so they start sending rape and death threats? How f*cking pathetic…..

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What if mid-life crisis is a guy?


It all began with house hunting. I have bought and sold a couple homes so I am aware of how the game is played. My husband on the other hand treats me like he’s a Realtor and I should just nod and say “yes” to his every suggestion. He’s one of those men that has is all figured out…in his head. He’s already decided what I am going to say. So guess what happens when I open my mouth and MY opinion accidentally spills out? Oh, dear. I get the look of death, exasperated sighs and a 5-10 minute monologue explaining why I am wrong. Did I say this started with house hunting? Oh, forgive my error, this fiasco I call life started with a young girl and her selfish, alcoholic, distant father. “Stop blaming your parents…” I hear all the time. But how else can I rationalize my choices for men? My current husband (cause a gal like me has tried this thing called marriage before) is selfish, needy and distant. I love self help books like most middle aged women who find themselves living the life they thought they always wanted but somehow feel trapped and alone; and my most recent discovery reveals that I chose my mate for healing. It says that when we work together, help each other grow and heal childhood wounds we will enjoy an amazing level of intimacy. Yeah, with the help of a trained therapist, that lasted about 2 weeks. The hardest part of reaching paradise with your spouse (yeah, even the sex was amazing!) Is when you can’t seem to get there again. Oh, house hunting changed from fun and exciting to stressful and frustrating. So we put a bid on a house. I keep praying that things will turn out the way they are supposed to. I hope I still believe in fate on Monday!

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MRA logic


Dear god, men’s right activists are laughable. Have you ever been to one of their websites? I’ve never seen so much stupidity in my entire life. They complain about false rape accusations and say that women shouldn’t just be automatically believed, but then they turn around and b*tch about men not being taken seriously when coming forth with being raped by a female. Why should they be? False rape accusations aren’t something that exclusively happen to men, you know. But why does that matter? Because according to them, rape doesn’t even happen. It’s all some lie. I even remember seeing an interview with an empty-headed MRA who claimed that “rape is a scam in which women have used to hold men down” or something of that nature. LOL, wtf? Seriously. I can’t wait for a horde of MRAtards to crowd in the comments and prove their stupidity.

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Women can be horrible too


This is not meant to be malicious, just making a point.

it’s an hour long video of a woman who considers herself an “anti-feminist”, and she counters all of the arguments that feminists make. women rape men all the time as well, but men are just expected to walk it off, and take it in stride.

As for me, when I was growing up, there were a lot of women in and around the family that often said cruel things to me, based on my gender, especially when I was a teenager, that I was a typical male pig who would just use women for sex, and probably rape them. Now I am already quite sensitive, and felt terrible. I am now 27, still a virgin, and have yet to have a girlfriend, because of the fear that she will think those same things about me. Which are very much NOT true. Now all this feminist stuff being on the news, and all over youtube lately, is kinda compounding my trust issues. I do not hate women, in fact, quite the opposite. I just won’t allow myself to feel attracted to women, or want to become more than friends with them, and certainly not flirt with them. It also didn’t help when my parents divorced, and my dad ended up with a woman who practically held him prisoner for over 15 years, and had complete control over him. that made my trust issues so much worse.

so yes, I think the feminist movement is more of a “womens revenge movement”.

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Some of you might like this.


Alice Francis – Shoot Him Down (Official Video) – YouTube.

I have been away from the site for some time, as i tried to minimise my contact with anyone on the internet, believing the GIFT singrome of others being responsible for my attitude issues.

Didn’t work, neither did swiching jobs, or any number of changes. Turns out i am just naturally grumpy. So i said to my self “If i have to live myself, the least i can do is share the misery.” and here i am to grace you all again with my shining personality.

Just so its not all bad for those of you who hate everything with an Y chromosome, i brought a present.

(Ok, so the embed function is still not working, neither does the tool that supposed to put in Youtube videos, so i guess i just leave this here.)

emotionally detached after sex


I am a woman in my 30s, and once I have sex with someone I become emotionally distant and unavailable. I sometimes think of myself as a black widow, I lure men with charm and my true self but once the deed is done I purposely try to tear the man down. I almost enjoy it too much in the moment and a little bit after. I make him feel like he was not good enough, am the one who leaves in the middle of the night while they sleepand won’t reply when they ask me what happened? I won’t let them touch me, kiss me I just shut down, sometimes I even get up and leave without saying a word. Its like in that moment I am disgusted with them. Most of the time these men want to be with me more then a one night stand and how much they want to be the one to make me happy. Yet, I am so emotionally unavailable, I leave these guys hurt and wondering what just happened. I only feel bad till later when I start to think about it, I replay the night in my head. I can hear the pleading and the “what did I go wrong” , “just talk to me, we can work this out” and “please dont go” speeches. It starts to weigh heavy on my heart, because in the end they really didn’t do anything wrong to be treated like that but like me and want me in their life. I have issues, this I am aware of and I fore warn these men. I tell them am crazy, I have issues I don’t want to have sex, it will ruin it. However, these men still want to try. I have a bad past of molestation (3x and 1 of them I had to stand trial and a news interview while in middle school) and rape (2x and one at knife point), and feel like most (if not all men) ever want from me is sex. I thought I have come to terms with the past, BUT its obvious I have not and it is hindering me from ever becoming close to a man where I could have a real relationship. Some of these men know about my past and I feel like it is a slap in my face when they go for it anyway, regardless of how much fun we just had or if they find me “irresistible” they should have not put me in that position. They asked for it so they got it, and I become a cold hearted bitch. I just dont know why I do, or how to stop it. I want a relationship and marriage, but I won’t get one if I am always so unattached and cold after sex. I can’t even allow myself to let a man to make me cum (its all mental for me). Its frustrating and heartbreaking, because I am a lover with lots of love BUT after I have sex I HATE MEN. Has anyone been in the same boat or been with someone who just seemed like a complete bitch after sex? How did you get over it and/or how does it feel to be on the receiving end? Please help and be brutally honest because it is much appreciated ty

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Confessions of an MRA: Rape is okay!


god i am so sick of dis stupid feminazzi propaganda bullsh*t. why dont deeze stupid hos know that rape isnt that big of a deal? rape iz totally okay except for when it happens to a man. den it is awful! false rape akkuzations are way worse den rape itself! and why dont da stupid feminazzis know that rape jokes are funny? it don matta if some dumb rape victim gets flashbacks from it because FREE SPEECHH! and why do these bishes keep trying to share der experiences? dont dey know dat it is automatically invalid because men get raped 2? besidzes, she iz probaly lieing becuz all woman who iz “rape victims” iz lieing. but not men, cuz we iz da pretty perfect angels who don’t do anythinz wrongz and we ain’t never lied about rape orz anything ever! and dont even get me started on “cat calling” and “street harassment”. iiiit iz a fuk*in complieament! it des nawt matter if it make you feel uncomfortable cuz if you dont shup up and deal with it den you would hurt our mail egos. and dat is way more importat dan your saftey!

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