What you see if what you get

It does what it says on the tin, your on a website called I hate men, that’s what is. Now you don’t like a women to insult you in anyway on here but yet you seem to think that you can insult her and end the argument. See that sounds hypocritical to me, if you say that men are not what they are usually portrayed as, why are you giving me the reason to think so in your comments. Sometimes I’m sick of hating, and sometimes I can’t help but hate from the deep rooted resentment that I have, and sometimes it makes me ill, because I’m so concerned with my hatred for men instead of looking after myself, I need to stop letting things get to me on here. Maybe I should just let them get on with it and enjoy the rest of my life and the time that I have before it’s to late. I know it’s easy said than done, but I really need to try and save myself from the misery of my past. I hope I can feel better one day and all this resentment would disappear for good, because it’s ruining my life.

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Enforcement’s of Society

Hello there, I have seen some of the submissions on this site and only one word in mind: wow. Most of the problems you face are either psychological or emotional. Men, you shouldn’t have to hate women, you’re not being forced to stay with your woman you can leave. Women, you may say that you hate men but is that really how you feel? Not all men are heart breaking assholes, there are a good amount of genuinely amazing men who will treat you like you’re meant to be treated but you’ll never find them if you continue behaving with such a scornful attitude towards men. Instead of filling the world with your hate why not show love to all people? We are all part of the same race and knowing that some people (Men and Women) have this much scorn and hate on their heart is alarming. Please show kindness and treat people the way you wish to be treated.

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my man

I met my man online and we have been together for almost 11 years. he kept saying he wants to get married. so after almost 10 years he decides to become muslim and wanted to get married that way. without knowing what I was getting in to, I went along with it. to make it short, I didn’t enjoy it at all. it didn’t feel special. in fact I was pissed off after it was over with. it’s not a real marriage. not recognized by the state. and what pisses me off even more is that his ex wife still has his last name and I don’t. I told him that’s real messed up. I only did it so I could keep him. I guess muslims can’t be with anyone unless they’re “married” but now I don’t even want him. it has been a very stressful year. this has really put a damper on the relationship. and we don’t even have sex much any more. I guess muslims can’t use “toys” and the men shave their balls. I know….some funny messed up crap huh? I just want him to leave. I want to be alone. I don’t even want another man. they’re all stupid as far as I’m concerned.

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Why are men to ignorant?

Why is it that men don’t realize that they are equally in the wrong as the girl? I have been with/living with a guy for three years, not demanding the title of “boyfriend-girlfriend,” in hopes that one day he will choose me. We do everything like a couple would, but he doesn’t want to “have the responsibility of being a boyfriend.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, and I know he loves me too. But, he loves me as a friend, and he thinks that my acts of kindness and love are because we are just “best friends.” He knows how I feel about him, and he says he plans his future with me. But, he doesn’t know if it’s as just a friend, or in a relationship. He has also said, “in a perfect world,” I will find a guy, he will find a girl, and he and I can be best friends forever. Well, sorry, but that can never happen.

Anyway, after three years (of him talking to other girls, but saying how he loves me “too much to let them get in the way of our friendship”), I am running thin. I told him today, if he wants a relationship, he can have a relationship, but if he doesn’t, I have to stop acting like his girlfriend. He got mad and said that he doesn’t “need me for shit anymore.” I’m so scared to move out on my own after years of being with him. But, I’m also tired of waiting for him to want to be with me

As a result of this decision, he blames me for creating negative energy, but I told him that I am just reacting to his choice of whether he wants to be with me or not. And, his response was “well, if saying that makes you feel better, then okay.”

I don’t know if I’m crazy, or if I should just stick to my choice to respect and stand up for myself. It’s like he doesn’t realize that he has anything to do with the situation.

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I hate women

Women. They don’t make any sense. Can someone explain to me why a lot of the straight women like lesbian porn and why a lot of the butch gay women like gay porn? Also, what’s the deal with women fighting over men who are already taken? It’s like you find a guy more attractive because he’s your best friend’s boyfriend, not in-spite of it. Guys have to go as far as flirting with a girl’s friends just to get her to notice them and find them attractive. Not because they want to, but because that is apparently how girls are wired. And why do your sex drives have to be so freaking low? Seriously, is there not one women who would pay good money for some cock? And what’s with straight women who hate dicks? If I made as many disparaging remarks about the way vaginas looked as women make about the way penises looked, you would probably all hate the way your vaginas look. Oh wait, most of you don’t like the way your vagina looks regardless. And what the fuck is with all the female self-consciousness? When I told a guy that his breath stinks and suggested that he get checked for acid reflux, he thanked me and made an appointment. Can you imagine a woman’s reaction if I told her that her breath stinks? Ugh.

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I need advise – please!

Hi all,
I’m a seventeen year old girl who has never been in a relationship. My problem is this- I don’t trust men. I know rationally that all men are not bad, and it’s wrong to think that way, but I just can’t help it.
All around me, I’ve heard men cheating on their wives/ girlfriends who have stayed honest to them, loved them and made families with them. I’ve seen families destroyed when the father’s adultery came out. I’ve sensed my own parents falling out of love after 25 years of marriage, and now I’m scared- is marriage a useless institution? Can you love someone and spend the rest of your life with them, only to find yourself being horribly cheated on?
I hate liars an cheats….and in most cases it is the man who always cheats on his partner. This has made me afraid of relationships. I don’t think I will ever get married, for I can’t live in the fear of being cheated on everyday. But I really love kids, so I’m confused.
Please give me your views as to how to deal with this problem. I appreciate you reading my post, and thank you in advance:)

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Evolution wants you to what?

I just keep getting more frustrated with men since the last time I posted here. To quote someone else in ethis site ‘Who said it was a good idea for men and women to live together?” I just found out that my grandfather had a secret second family with two children that he kept hidden all this time. He has 5 children in total and my dad doesn’t want to contact them because it’s too late for that and he feels let down. The incredible thing is 3 other men in my family (uncles and cousins) also had secret families with secret children, cheating all this time on their unsuspecting wives. I feel disgusted men have to do this crap and what for ? What is the point?

I don’t believe in the theory (because that’s all it is) that men just want to spread their seed around as much as they can. If evolution goal is survival wouldn’t you think it wouldn’t let so many kids fatherless on their own? Research has shown children brought up with both parents are more successful and happy, why would evolution stunt their growth which will make them unstable adults less likely to reproduce and thus be counterproductive to what evolution is supposed to do?

A guy who has 15 kids with different women but takes care of just two it’s sending a message to women around that men are unreliable and would not want to mate with them (I know I wouldn’t). Also most men don’t want children with every sex they have. They make damn sure to use protection to stop “accidents” so to me this theory it’s very fishy, outdated and full of holes and honestly it just sounds like a big excuse written by males in the scientific community ..does anyone has a link disapproving this theory?

It seems men don’t respect life at all, why even create it then?. Two guys in different occasions last month almost run me over with their cars and instead of saying sorry, they laugh it off that they almost killed me without any shame.
Later on when he parked I busted one of his wheels out of air and yes I know it’s wrong but isn’t time to let these psychos know that they are being dicks? I had never done this before but I have reached my limits.. I would have done the same if it was a female, it is not about gender but being a dick what really gets me.

Also men are so disagreeable just for the sake of it. I can’t express my opinion on anything without any of them quickly bringing me down, who wants a relationship with someone like that? They need to be right all the time and you can’t enjoy a damn thing around them because the negativity quickly comes around. I feel so much peace just being alone and doing things for others on my own time, rules and space, I don’t see myself in a relationship any time soon or ever…

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Can men love at all?

I’ve always had issues with men. To the point that there came a stage of questioning my sexuality, but I know I like men. I just hate them at the same time.

I came across this site today and comments tend to be constructive so I’ve decided to enquire for some feedback on my issues.

For a brief history, I grew up without a dad (typical daddy issues) and my mum made it worse by drilling into me that no man will ever love me, that my dad never wanted us and that they’re all after one thing yada yada yada… So I had this preconceived notion of ‘men can’t love’ and I tell you what, they do a hella good job of proving that.

Either way, I overcame all those horrid ideas and started dating as a teenager. My history of dating is up and down but to be honest with you I’ve never truly loved a man because I’ve never felt love from one. There have been times where I got close, but love has to be a more permanent state than a moment of ecstasy or that rush of butterflies, right?

I gave up on dating convinced that I would never find a man who connects with a woman on more than just a physical level. After my Dad died my mum came out with all this info on how he really tried to be a part of our lives when I was young and she kept rejecting him etc.

Suddenly all my perceptions changed, even though I never felt that love, knowing it could have been real changed the world for me. I started thinking about dating again. But again, since starting the first guy turns out was two-timing me and didn’t break it off even after getting the other girl pregnant and the second was very unclear on his ‘status’ when we started hanging out, and as it turns out he’s been in a year long relationship with a sixteen year old! (We’re both 23). You could say I’m picking them wrong but believe me they both seemed like normal and decent guys at the start.

Now I’m questioning whether men can even love at all… Not just me but any woman.

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Teacher has sex with special needs students

A male teacher was arrested for having sex with two special needs students, both 17-year-old girls.

Both girls admitted the sex was consensual.

He could have served 180 days on both counts, but instead will serve just three days in the local jail.

How do you feel about that? Was there a violation of trust? Did he exploit these special needs girls? Would these girls know how to say ‘no’? What message is three days in jail sending out? Does he deserve more jail time? Does this penalty fit?

Actually, the teacher was female and the students were male.

Do you feel any differently?

Does society go easier on women than on men?


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Ghostbusters reboot…..

I’ve been a long time fans of the Ghostbusters franchise…hell as a kid I wanted to be a Ghostbuster when I grew up.

I’m not going to hate on the idea of an all Female team as it relates to the new film that is being written. In fact I would welcome such openly.

The only issue I would have with the remake/reboot/possible murder of a highly popular franchise that was in effect my childhood.

It would be fine if the folks responsible for the “reboot” didn’t go through the motions just to turn a quick buck (which I have a feeling,given the Hollyweird track record as of late,is the case).

The first two films,and the first 2 seasons of the cartoon series it spawned should be taken into consideration and respected.

An expansion of said cannon would be great in my view, as there are a host of Poltergeists,specters,spooks,and demons to work with.

Possible spirits that could/should be considered for the big screen are wide ranging, from spectral doppelgangers of the original team (Which served as the antagonists from a fan favorite Real Ghostbusters episode titled “Citizen Ghost”) to the Boogieman, or even Samhain.

*Baddies mentioned can be seen in the episode links below*

RGB Citizen Ghost episode…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE8yArpPLy0

RGB Episode “The Boogieman Cometh”……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uYceSf1Jgk

RGB Episode “When Halloween Was Forever” …….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsYXNTX7vBA

Instead of a rehash of the first movie, I think it would be best for the fans (As well as the franchise) to benefit from use of the entirety of Ghostbusters cannon/lore.

We have already seen the first movie. Why “reboot” it when there is really no need to do so?

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Woman marries herself

Let’s hope for the best that this is a publicity stunt.


Her parents kept their distance, which makes sense.

At the conclusion, she kissed a mirror.

And then she has no problem telling the world all about it.

It’s always uneasy reading for me, when a woman goes on at length, unabashedly talking herself into a troubled place.

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My coping mechanisms

Ever since I was little I felt like my dad hated me. He hated my personality, the way I looked, and my lack of athletic interest. Being the depressed, lonely teen that I was, it really did not help. Being yelled at by my dad probably hurt my self esteem in some way. He however, did not make men less appealing, my self confidence and attitude makes men less appealing, consequently, it makes them much less attracted to me when I do admit my problems.

I think having a well-endowed (you know what I’m saying), beautiful, kind best friend in my life made him sad. It made him want HER as a daughter instead of me. Unenthused, boring, and anxiety filled me… He had an ideal daughter and that was not me. I wanted a dad who loved me as much as my brother or some random girl at school, obviously it was asking too much…

Now with all these disappointments in my life I’ve come to establish that I can’t date right now. Mentally it fucks with me, screws me over. I feel worse in a shitty relationship than I do alone…I sometimes want to date a girl, but again, push that out because of my overwhelming aura of negativity. I’m basically like a cloud, in fact…I’m like the weather. Changing…and merciless

Anyone who knows would say I’m an alcoholic, and you know what? Fine, it’s true…my coping mechanism is alcohol and thrill. I will do anything to either be numb and emotionless, or better, put myself into dangerous situations, often even life threatening (lets not go in to detail about those). I hide my substance abuse from friends I know…no one suspects that I drink so much…

I often feel as though I have mental break downs and aggression. It forces it’s way out. My anger tantrums and low self esteem pushes men away. Not just the horrible ones either…whenever I am within the relationship boundaries I often change my thoughts on who I’m dating, become overly paranoid of them leaving me, or worse feel I need to do everything to keep them there.

Truly and honestly…I have borderline personality disorder

I don’t know how to love myself anymore, if I can’t even do that, how could I love someone else?

Are men resistant of someone as sad and crazy as me?

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