Do you agree traditional forms of masculinity sold to boys are harmful?

I wrote a piece on "The Mask You Live In," Jennifer Siebel Newsom's (The Representation Project) new documentary. It's about how society and culture traditionally sells masculinity to boys can be harmful.

You can read it here:

A) Do you have any tips on how I could improve this analysis? Any pertinent information I left out?

and B) Has anyone seen it? Do you agree? Is it more complex than the way I am presenting it? I want to make sure it's good.

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Regarding recent "female privilege" list that appeared on /r/MensRights, How accurate do you think it is?


Ill try to make this as descriptive as possible. I am a male, who views both genders as equal regardless of situation, recently i've tried to get a better view on the mens side of things as i grew up in a single parent (mother) household where I learned to be strictly feministic in my view of things. I found the subreddit called /r/MensRights, where ive gotten loads of new viewpoints on the subject. But one thing caught my eye.


There was a post about privileges, while i saw it was a recurring topic here, this one struck a little deeper in my eyes, as a person who's just seen the female side of things, I couldn't help to really over think this one. It was about some privileges women have in regards to their actions against men. Now this isn't me calling anyone out, im just really curious what you guys/gals think about it? Its a list of 25 remarks. And i'd really love some feedback on what you think.

Once again, im not attacking anyone, just really curious as to how you view it, are these just "safeguards" to make you feel safer as a individual? Or is there a slight hint of "reverse-sexism" going on in society?


Here's the link to the list, i cropped it out and put it on Imgur,

Edit: List copy and pasted for easier citation: Thanks Felicia for the idea! :)

  • If you're able to interact with young children without people assuming your a sexual predator.
  • If you have the option of choosing to work full time at your career or staying home full time with your kids.
  • If you can safely assume that you'll be granted custody of your children upon divorce.
  • If you've ever been able to easily get other people to do free manual labor for you, like help you move, change your tires, install a TV, etc.
  • If you've never worried that you could possibly have your life ruined with a false rape charge after having a consensual one night stand with someone.
  • If you're in a natural disaster or other lethal emergency that requires time-sensitive evacuation, and you can expect to be evacuated before anyone else.
  • If people don't expect you to die for your country.
  • If you're able to choose a career that is fulfilling to you without worrying about whether the salary alone could support a family of four.
  • If you've ever thought that you have the option of achieving financial and social success without working, but simply by marrying well.
  • If it is considered socially acceptable for you to have an emotional support network.
  • If you have final authority over whether or not you want to have a child.
  • If you can take your newborn away from the other parent and refuse to let them ever see it again, but still demand they legally pay you a monthly salary for the child.
  • If you've ever gone to a networking event that only people of your gender were invited to or allowed to attend.
  • If you've ever reasonably avoided a physical altercation without being mocked and called a "coward".
  • If you can hit other adults in the face with zero legal repercussions or worry that you might be struck back.
  • If there are free organizations to provide you housing and other support to help you escape an abusive relationship.
  • If you have a longer expected lifespan than the other gender.
  • If the most lethal form of cancer to your gender receives constant national awareness, and even has its own national month for fundraising, [prostate cancer kills more men than women, yet receives significantly less funding and no awareness campaign because men's lives are not considered as important as women's].
  • If you're able to secure dates without having to actively pursue potential mates and risk public shame by putting your feelings out there when you have no idea if they will be reciprocated.
  • If you're allowed to explore your sexuality or identify as bisexual without being automatically labeled by everyone else as "homosexual".
  • If you serve significantly less time in prison for the exact same crime.
  • If you don't have to worry about getting drafted against your will and used an an infantry meatshield.
  • If you've ever been on a date and not paid for anything.
  • If you're able to go out to a bar or club on a weekend without spending an entire day's wages on drinks and entrance fee.
  • If you've ever skipped a line at a club or bar and been let right in.


Would really love to have a discussion with all of you about this. have a great end of the week!

Kindest regards!


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I’ve known of this for a long time.

First off, I’m male.
Second off, I’m a live in slave to a successful and beautiful woman who I obviously worship at the highest levels both physically and mentally.
I do not understand the angst of this website. While no doubt many of you lady’s have been subjected to garbage treatment by men, why do you not let it go and try to press forward to lose the cancer called hatred?
Take my Goddess and I as an example. I’m masochistic and in a high stress job that works perfectly with her anger and desire to run everything in our lifes.
Without getting into details, you get the idea.
Why have you not taken the steps to to find your happiness?
Perhaps what I do is extreme, but surely you could find some middle ground that would make you happier.


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Don’t Waste Your Time

Men are just a bunch of losers, you think they will be different from the rest, but really they are just the same. I’ve lost my faith completly in men, they make you want to hurt yourself, everything is just fake with them, When you think they are on your side, and they are really not, so now you men can go fcuk yourself’s because now there’s only you to fcuk with!

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Proving my point

I’ve always said that all men are assholes, and people always tell me I’m wrong. My very first post was called “false rape accusations and other male BS + why I hate men”. Go read it, and then read the first comment. And you mean to tell me men aren’t assholes? Puh-lease.

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‘Woman on top’ is most dangerous sex position, scientists conclude

It might have emancipated women from the drudgery of the ‘Missionary Position’, but it seems that men are paying a painful price for revolution in the bedroom.

“Woman on top” is the most dangerous sex position, according to a new scientific study.

Scientists have found that the position, dubbed “cowgirl”, is responsible for half of all penile fractures in the bedroom.

The research also revealed that the “doggy-style” position, with women on all fours, is behind 29 per cent of afflictions.

In contrast, the traditional “man on top” is responsible for just 21 per cent.

By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor

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ohhhh facepalm, i did that once :(

Listen to women more, don’t be macho, Pope tells men

MANILA (Reuters) – Pope Francis said on Sunday men should listen to women’s ideas more and not be male chauvinists.

The Argentine pope made impromptu remarks during a youth rally at a co-ed Catholic university in the Philippine capital, Manila, after he noted that four of the five people who addressed him on stage were male.

“There is only a small representation of females here, too little,” he said, bringing laughter from the crowd.

“Women have much to tell us in today’s society. At times we men are too ‘machista’,” he said, using the Spanish term for male chauvinists.

“(We) don’t allow room for women but women are capable of seeing things with a different angle from us, with a different eye. Women are able to pose questions that we men are not able to understand,” he said to more applause.

He noted that it was a 12-year-old girl, not any of the four men, who had posed the toughest question, asking why God allowed children to be abandoned..

He ended that part of his impromptu remarks with a joke: “So, when the next pope comes to Manila, let’s please have more women among you.”

Francis has said that, while the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on women priests is definitive, he wants to appoint more nuns and other women to senior positions in the Vatican.

(Reporting By Philip Pullella and Neil Jerome Morales)

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“False rape accusations” and other male BS + why I hate men!

So when the topic of rape and sexual harassment in court, men love to spout the old BS “but when women cry rape, they always believe her”. Guess what, a**holes? I know from personal experience this BS isn’t true. When I was four, I was raped by my father, and when my mother learned of this she took stopped letting me visit him. Of course, he took it up with the court and they made it into a case. Five years later, this is still going on. They rather believe that I made it up or that my mom put it all in my head. By the way, I was six when I told my mom about everything, so, what the f*ck does a six-year-old have to gain from a false rape accusation? My guardian ad litem is a f*cktard of a man and so is the judge, so I’m sure to be getting raped again very soon, since men are heartless a**holes who see things from only their point of view. Thanks to my “dad” (if you can even call him that), I’ve been living with Depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and PTSD. Years of therapy, court cases, and anti-depressants that don’t work all thanks to him. F*ck men. They are the basis of everything awful in my life. They’ve done nothing but hurt me. They are heartless, disgusting parasites who have ruined my life for their own pleasure. They have turned me into some angry, self-hating, emotionless b*tch. They have driven me to the point where I can see a man die and not cry or even cringe, but smile, And you can’t tell me that isn’t f*cked up.

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If you hate men why all the tarts at the top?

If you really hated men you would let yourselves go. Just wondering why the main image on this site is a bunch of tarts with short dresses and their legs wide open, is that how you would dress if you were on a desert island with no men around? Get real! I bet the main posters on this site are ugly as hell. Simple as that. Sour grapes. I’m 55 years old, and let me tell you, THE BEST THING I NEVER DID WAS GET MARRIED.

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emergency men haters.!

Okay, so I was at a phase when I couldn’t force myself to hate guys. But now I totally do.! I think I am just not made for relationships. I am too independent to be with someone. I just think I have been hurt so badly that now I don’t trust people. I am scared when a guy says I like you or anything. I have lost the will to live.! Now, I hate guys so much that I don’t care if I am hurting anyone. Its like my emotion switch is off.! I don’t want to go backwards and I am happy being like this. I just want to know if this is right?

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My story

I am a man, and if this site truly is about both genders expressing bad relationships, let me tell you about mine. I’m the son of a radical feminist. Her beliefs were-
1)men should be used as servants
2)Shouldn’t be fed much
3)should be aborted
4)should never experience luxury
5)a whole lot of other sexist BS
after seeing all this, you can understand how i was treated. I was made to dust the floors. IF there was a single bit of dirt on the floor, i would be whipped or kept without food for 2 days. Whatever little food i got was little, from horse poop to fungated mushroom. I wasn’t allowed to go to school because according to her, ‘men shouldn’t be educated’. Whenever i questioned this, i was punished in such severe ways one could not imagine.
some of my mothers punishments were-
1) Stripping and whipping, often followed by staying naked in the cold for the whole night.
2) putting boiling hot water on my back
3)dressing me up as a girl when her ‘friends’ came over
4)cutting me and forcing me to drink my own blood. She also forced me to drink my urine on two instances.
There are many such punishments which she inflicted on me. And by friends, they were as bad as her. They used to whip me as well.

NOw, you may be wondering, how could this guy even be alive today? he must be lying! But calm down. Let me tell you the story. My neighour, paul felt for me. He used to know what happened to me. He secretly educated me all my life. He provided me with food that was neccesary. It is because of him i am able to sit here and write this today.
And as for what happened, i ran away after 17 years of this torture. I managed to get into this very dicy boarding school which i quickly graduated from. Now i sit here, in this house of mine, writing this. I work in IBM and consider myself really lucky to have gotten away from those days of torture.

WEll finally, are you already thinking i must be a woman hating guy who thinks they belong in the kitchen? Surprisingly no, i didn’t take part. Look at valeria solarosis- sexually abused by her grandfather once, wrote a book called the soceity of cutting men up, became a famous ‘feminist’ and said ‘beep’ like men being walking dildos and how everyone of them should be aborted. I’m not that kind of person. I ended up being an asexual egalitarianist. So i’m not a molester of any sort who wants to rape you by pretending to be nice. Its just this that is my whole true story.
(note: don’t think that i think that all women are like my mother. I know most our not but it would be good if as much action were taken against them as rapists)

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OCD and this site


I’ve recommended this site to a few friends, and one of the first things they mention is the 300,00 (vs 300,000) in the title.

“Is it 300,000 or 30,000?”

Is this easy to fix, and if so can we?

Sorry, don’t mean to be OCD – back to reading posts…

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