Women and the AR Platform…..my two loves

As a firearms owner and life long enthusiast…

It makes me feel pretty damn good that more and more women are getting into the shooting sports.

No matter if their interests are for self defense, hunting, plinking away at tin cans,or all of the above. I’m glad to see them out enjoying themselves in a sport that I love.

The most popular rifles for both genders seems to be the AR-15 for a number of very good reasons.

The rifle can fill a number of roles, it has low recoil,very good options for magazine capacity, and if a person knows what they are doing can customize the little black rifle to suit their needs.

Over the last few years more rifles of the AR type have been bought than most other traditional makes/models.

The AR has been called many things over the years but I think of it as “Anyone’s Rifle”

What most will find these days are of the M-4 carbine style with collapsible stocks that allow the shooter to adjust the fit of the rifle.

There are still a few full size rifle length A2 models on the market for folks like myself that are rather large framed and like a fixed stock.

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Too good not to repost. ‘Good’ because of how disappointingly true they are

Friend-zoning guys is horrible. it is disgusting. funzone them instead. send them to a small childs park so they can cry with the other babies when they don’t get what they want.

Why are men so afraid of women having leg hair???????? women have to put up with your chest hair and back hair, armpit hair, gross pubic hair and scratchy facial hair all the time and you don’t shave that because ‘it takes too much time’ …????? ok thanks for your hypocrisy you dried up sink sponge

just girly things: pretending to be on the phone when you walk by a large group of men because there’s a chance they’ll harass you ♡♡♡

Straight men think women can’t take compliments. That’s ridiculous because I’ve seen so many conversations and friendships blossom from women complimenting each other. The problem is straight men think sexual harassment is a compliment.

We were looking at pictures of surgeries in class and all the guys were hooting at the sliced breast ones.

’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no. And ‘bitch’ is attacking women for their right to call you on it.

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Look this page says no discrimination

First of all this is discrimination I need hit that nail on the head. Alright all of this stupid feminist chatter is annoying. I see it everywhere. Here let me shine a light on your problems. First of all shitty for you guys that the “discrimination” from back in the day is still found in today’s society. is it wrong for a man to want to cater to the women they love? No It isn’t. Second of all in a strange turn of events women have now recently become th true bread winners. Thirdly I’m sorry but women get hired more so then men now a days just a little FYI. They do less work as well. If this offends you fuck off because daily women will use their looks to get out of doing labor and there are the rare few who do not and they bust their asses. It is stupid for you to even be using this argument. We are not superior to each other and why? Men are stronger and easily manipulated. Women have the ridiculous mind for multi-tasking, child care, and body image but are easily manipulated. Everything is a mind game no matter how you look at it. Also everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Stop being hateful for fuck sakes not everyone is after you.

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My Quandary… and perhaps some insight

First things first to any that might read this I would like to say hello and thank you for your time. I only hope it is well spent reading what I have to say.

I am a single white heterosexual male.
Of the very few relationships I have had with females, I have always been on the losing end.
I poured my heart out and did what I thought was right in order to further aid my significant other, only to be betrayed by the same person I formed my entire world around at that point.

Many on this site hate males for one or a dozen different reasons. Many females both on here and in real life want to destroy any symbol of masculinity and instill female supremacy.

Point being should I hate all females for what happened to me?

Should I hate females for trying to destroy any semblance of manhood ?

Would I be correct in wishing that all females be subservient to males?

The answer is No.

Why should we hate each other?

Why do we not treat each other as human beings?

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How to train a man

My names Alex and I’m only 15 years old. I’m homeschooled with all the resources I need to do what I desire. I am Biromantic Asexual female. That means I like females and males romantically but I don’t like anyone sexually. I’ve always been a dominate girl but girly and I’m a hard core feminist. At age 14 I came across a site on how to whip your boyfriend I really loved the idea because I will be with any gender but I will not have sex. My boyfriends name is Jarrod kisser and he is 15 too and when I met him he was a dominate football player. I was testing on him seeing what I could do to make him the perfect spouse He wanted sex and he was completely straight and dominate. Now I trained him to be a submissive asexual open earthy feminist boyfriend. He does anything I ask I want money he gets it, I want to hang out he will sneak out he do say everything I want or need. I prefer to date girls because I really am a man hater. He said at fifteen he will start taking estrogen and get bottom and top surgery to become a female. He does it only for me he been brainwashed in my ways of thinking he now is asexual because the thoughts I made him feel and believe made him think sex is not needed because its not love. Because it really isn’t and I got him to believe it. I got him to be feminist and supporter of all gay rights he will cook and clean for me like a good boy. If he is a bad boy he will be spanked and fucked in the ass with my pink strap on dildo. He will be my sex slave if I wanted to he will be my servant if I desire he will be at my beck and call for anything I need. He begs to marry me every second of the day This is how you whip your boyfriend and I can teach you how to get all this from way he was before to now in 3 months be the way he is now .he admits he is whipped and does anything I need. Men are dogs and shall be trained to worship there goddesses.

1. When you first meet the one you want he can be most dominate of dominate and you can change him don’t worry.
2. Don’t hang out with him a lot keep it rare. Only text, call or FaceTime.
3. Convince him you are perfect girlfriend tell him everything he wants, never fight.
4. Then once he falls in love with you really good. You become the boss.
5. If you act dominate and controlling at the begging he will leave so be perfect until you got him trapped in your love spell.
6. Once he loves start speaking your desires you have to be very seductive in way makes him want you.
7. Start out by telling him your dominatrik start with that makes it only sexual.
8.After week or two if you don’t want sex or your asexual start crying threaten to leave if he does be okay with it say if you loved me you expect me for who I am play the sobbing role till he melts in your heart.
9. If you want sex then make him wait till marriage and say your my sex slave we do what I want and where and whenever I want.
10. Slowly bring it into the relationship and out of sexual only.
11.Start acting like you don’t feel loved and want to die because he’s not caring about you. make up sad stories of your past and make him feel bad for you.
12.tear him down emotionally and build him back up the way you want him to be.
13. Blame the fights on him find reasons to make himself believe he’s all wrong and your right.
14. Brainwash into worshiping you make him into thinking men are to be trained that he needs to know his place.
15. Make him think he bipolar and he’s mental and needs help from you to make him a good person.
16 keep him from other men for a while until you whip him good.
17. convince him to take estrogen if you want or convine him anything if you have the ablilty you can do it.
18.if you are lesbian and want to make him a girl you can do it, if your straight you can just make him whipped if your bi you can do both.
It time to take control lady’s I may seem young but I’m smarter then you think show men who is there queen.

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God forbid, a female played a game! My quality of life as a man is now ruined!!

You literally cannot do anything in the male dominated gaming community if you have a vagina.

I just finished watching a demo play-through of a new game that had both male and female IGN (a game company) employees playing the game. OF COURSE all of the females were constantly reduced down to their looks, being told that they cannot play games and should make sandwiches instead. Comments about how fuckable they are and how the females are actually just, I quote, ‘mere prostitutes’ used in the video for male gamers to jerk of to as a marketing tactic (???), told that they were fake actors and not actually employees of IGN even though they have published articles on the IGN webite that they wrote dating back to 2011 (oh, I must have forgot that it is physically impossible for attractive females to play games according to the male brain). What is really so hard about accepting that yes, attractive females can and do play games, and they can and do enjoy them because they’re fun. I mean it cannot possibly get any simpler than that, and yet here we are in 2014 where apparently it’s a blasphemous concept for attractive, young females to enjoy games even though games are *literally* created to be universally enjoyable?!

Blatant women hating, provoked by nothing but their own insecurity. The females were behaving in the exact same manner as the males in the video, but of course we all know what gender was under complete scrutiny. It’s getting *really* hard not to resent males that I don’t know personally. Really fucking hard. I’m trying my best, but god, it’s hard. At least my climbing hatred for men, while flawed and generalized, is still provoked and somewhat justified by legitimate reasons – not out of a delusional power trip due to the genitals I was born with. Funny how such a privileged group seems so angry and dissatisfied with “issues” such as attractive females playing games. I’m also expecting Muzolf to come on here in denial to enlighten me that white, heterosexual males living in North America actually have no privilege at all, that in fact, they are the oppressed ones. Hi, Muzolf!

I think that many men have a hard time just existing in unity with other people. They have to exist in a dichotomy of either having power, or being powerless. If you don’t have power, then you’re powerless. Which might be why so many men feel the constant need to exert their dominance over the less-powerful. Their entire reality is literally a pathetic, delusional power trip. I’m pretty sure that a significantly larger majority of women are far less pre-occupied with power dynamics in comparison to men.

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I hate men to the core!!!!!!

I have a seathing hate for men. They discust me..I cant stand any man on this earth. I have always had a uncomfortable relationship with any man. I cant and will never date another man. I am done. I no longer want to see dick and balls ..I have been friend zoned by a looser ex. I hate him. I hate my current old discusting smelly. Fat ugly.. hairy dumb stupid sneaky ..boyfriend. I hate you men with a passion!!!

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True love? Just a mere trap

I don’t know how to break-off my current boyfriend, he promised me that his love is true love, but after almost a year of being his girlfriend, I began to realize that he was just using me. I slapped him once for his disrespect towards me when he made a lewd joke on me in public, then he hit me back and chased me when I chose to leave the scene due to embarassment while he shouted at me with words that are inappropriate for women, as if I am a prostitute instead of someone whom he promised to marry and cherish, to respect and protect; he assaulted me in public once he managed to grab hold of me.

The next day, he was crying and apologised profusely and tried to make up with me. I thought it was alright to give him a chance but no, he repeated his behavior: hurting me, then crying and asking for forgiveness, then doing the same thing all over again; sometimes he doesn’t apologize but acted passively by saying he knows he doesn’t deserve me so he taunted me to find another man or symphateticly saying that he’s broken and cannot do anything for our happiness…. BULLSHIT! You promised me my hand in marriage, you promised that you are not going to be like the men who treated me wrongly, you promised that you will make me the happiest woman to live if I give you a chance for you so-called “true love”.

But this man, he did not try to be non-violent, he is still a man who is hunger for power and talks all by himself that he will get to be the leader of the pack and if he gets the position he will show everyone his power by violence instead of protecting the weaker ones, in fact he said that women are useless and bad because throughout his past dating experiences he was either turned into a bank by these young girls or become a sex slave AND a bank at the same time before the girl decided to leave him. At times of his reminiscing of the bitter past, he reflected his disappointment and anger for those people TOWARDS ME, since I am the one who’s with him, causing me emotional and physical distress and feeling my dignity and confidence being thrown onto the floor, smashed and stomped with his feet, only to have him apologizing again later. And repeat all these again and again.

As about marriage, I can’t believe he actually puts himself first when it comes to money instead of saving them up for marrying me, said that his outlook is important too, and it has been months he hasn’t saved for our wedding. What shit is this anyway???

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now I’m young, recent college grad and on my way to establishing my career at 24 yrs old. My hobbies include reading, fitness,and among other things. I’m told that I’m smart, pretty and level headed. However, I’m always overlooked by men. I smile and give eye contact and NOTHING! Now I’m old fashion I don’t believe in asking a guy out. Now hear me out!! I have men in my family who are rife hunters and provide for their family. As the woman I want to be chased. Men are the chasers not women. Now I don’t understand why men settle because their SCARE. In life you have to fight for many things you want. A job for example- in which you can be REJECTED if your not the right applicant, a woman and relationships are no different.
NICE GIRLS FINISH DEAD LAST. Men settle and go for women they consider nightmares.

I don’t get it
*Singlehood is looking permanent for me

I got a lot going on for me yet I’m single?????

I give up and accept singlehood

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Contradictions, expectations, reality

There are so many blogs and web pages written for women about how to get a man, keep him and make him stay around. These are generally awful and make it seem like it’s a woman 100% responsibility to make someone else fall for you and the guy it’s just a robot that reacts to enhanced female looks, psychological tricks and “triggers for attraction”.Renee Wade is one of these women who things just being authentic, feminine and open is all you need to get that dream to worship you (not my words but hers)

I’m just tired of these idiot authors not talking about the real problem which is society at large that profits from men and women fighting all the time.It takes two for a real relationship to happen so even if you are the best you can be and the best you can look, you are not going to be successful if the other person is an absolute train wreck. Most women have already a good shoulder on their heads. They are commitment oriented, love intensely and would do whatever for their partners ( I know I have). Men on the other hand apparently need lots of coaching to do the same as us, but the help they get from the internet is about how to seduce us and get away with more stuff.

And after he has seduced her, what the hell is next? Didn’t you know the actual feat would be keeping a woman around when all your flaws and imperfections are exposed? Why do men celebrate that his friend got some but celebrate less when the woman has accepted his ugly side as well for the long run? WTF! Anybody can get laid, it takes balls to be with someone and compromise. Now that should get a round of applause!

I had no idea how to feel while reading these webpages because it’s painting us a pretty picture but my reality is rather dark.All I know is of the constant bullying during childhood by boys and later as an adult a complete strangeness that made me never have a relationship of any kind with them.I was never good enough no matter what I did, no matter what I looked like. When I was thin man would tell me to eat a hamburger and other derogatory things, now that I weight 140 I’m just plain invisible. If im quiet, I’m criticized, If I talk it’s not good enough either. If I express sexual desire the guy walks away, If I’m a virgin nobody wants you, if you become pregnant you are an idiot and if you choose abortion you are satan. Well,well, well the male brain is contradictory and dangerous to your self esteem after all.

In fact women with disabilities or diseases should stay away altogether. I have been to different hospitals lately for my failing health and noticed ( overhearing their conversations )that all the women there are alone, their husbands/boyfriends decided that whatever is more important to being with their significant other at a difficult time and to just adds more fire to my view of men.

I felt alone as well and my male doctors were not supporting, one even kicked me out of his clinic because I requested an ultrasound in another clinic to check my thyroid and he got mad the money didn’t go to him and just dropped me. My own father called me names and my mom recently told me he hit her while she was pregnant and was cold toward us, FUCK THEM ALL!

I want to be reasonable, I want to be open minded and hope there’s one at least that is different but then I realized women in relationships have to keep a circus show at home to keep them from drifting away. That is not what I would call a good or desirable life as the results are less than the actions to get there.Men ask so much of women but have so little to give themselves it’s almost pathetic..

And then we have the so called exemptions which most women have never experienced. If all men that have crossed my path were bad to me….ALL MEN AND NOT SOME MEN WERE BAD TO ME.I don’t care if some guys in Colorado, Russia or Venezuela are absolute gentleman to all women because I don’t live there, therefore I will never encounter him, I did not experience the exemption yesterday or today or ever..

And it’s really a shame because as a latina in the latin/hispanic community I am the only one in my group of friends that never had a boyfriend at 26, in fact quite strange. All of my friends have latino boyfriends and now I understand why. I had a short term thing with an american that was also a virgin and I thought it was going to work out.After his first kiss, hugging and touching a little it quickly got to his ego and he started ignoring me, that’s it.

Men sometimes look at me but don’t invite me anywhere, it just hurts after all this time. I am 5’7, hourglass figure, brunette and love to read about everything and do sports, that didn’t get me anywhere, nothing does because men there’s always something better around the corner… good luck with that. She is also thinking anybody is better than you and she will dump you as well, with such mentality we will continue to have more broken homes, divorces and broken hearts. I tried my best and it just feels I’m going to be single forever as I just figured out how this whole dating thing works and it just very disheartening from beginning to end…

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The truth

I have come to the conclusion that all men are inherently bad. I have not met a single one who is not obsessed with sex and if any one of those lecherous pricks tries to tell you otherwise he is lying due to embarrassment of his biological urges. I understand that it is natural for them to have entitlement due to this fundamentally flawed society and to be too immature to suppress their urges but that won’t stop me stating the fact that the male species is horrible. It’s honestly ridiculous how they’ve perpetuated the myth that women are ‘crazy’ and ‘inferior’ and highlights their own insecurity at being guided by their crotches and not having any stable female relationships. Women are kind, they are not guided by their sexuality and their brains are capable of so much more. This is obviously eliminating all of the evil women from the equation as they are such an anomaly and minority. There are however no good men. Every single woman in her lifetime will experience harassment from a man and the same cannot be said for a man and his experiences with women. How long will it take for the truth to become popularised and for people to realise that men hold no superiority over women? We are not equal. Women are infinitely better.

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Why are men so repulsive

Why is it that men think that we’re only worthy enough to have sex with us. However were not good enough to be with? Then when your in a relationship they treat us like crap half the time. I swear I hate men so much. Men just disgust me.

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