female rapists


hi all,
this seems like a really interesting site and full of diverse views. just a quick question /poll about how many IHMers believe in the legitimacy of a female raping another person. I have seen plenty of evidence of this, have experienced some…lets say less than enjoyable experiences with very inconsiderate, angry and selfish females that could maybe put into this category. My later feelings about these experiences are another story and I do not wish to judge but would appreciate any views on this sometimes controversial topic.

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So here I am…now, worthy to be drooled over by men


And I gotta admit, it feels good to be healthier and stronger, but what I did not expect my new change of mind and body to do was attract attention my way from men. I was never overweight, but I suppose without being toned and ‘glowy’, I was just as invisible as my overweight sisters. I am no longer a foolish girl in her nonage, so of course I pay attention to the reasons and the rhyme. I have been the same Varrah all this time, and I have trodden many of the same paths to get where I need to be in my area of operation. Maybe I’d get a fleeting glance of approval once every blue moon when I really applied the warpaint for an evening out and wore a sassy outfit, but that’s not me most days. Back then, I would do the same routine and sport my shorts and tees and I’d be just another face to be ignored. Now, in the same scruffy workout clothes, I get men in trouble by their GFs/wives when they catch them staring at me as I go about. Salty looks from the chicks, too. Sorry, but I like being fit. It’s nothing personal. I’m doing this for me because I love myself and I want the best for me.

It’s just really funny to me that now all of a sudden, all these dudes want to holler at me and stare and what have we, when I was the same chick before and the same dudes passed me by like I was a tree or something. Cue Mike Jones song…So superficial. Like I want to get to know any of you. Like any of you are worthy of what I have painstakingly cultivated. Just an item we are as women, to be stared at and ogled if we past muster, and overlooked if we have the dastardly effrontery to not do so. This has taught me to be more than men.

Men claim we women want to be like them, how laughable. I wouldn’t want to be like the average male I lament anymore than I would want to be like a komodo dragon or a dung beetle, taking nothing from either because each are creatures far more noble than the average male human being. I realize there are exceptions, and there are many male humans that see women as humans and not objects.

I hope I always see a person for who they are in their heart and value their mind and kindness above all else. I hope I remain able to appreciate the beauty of the dear people in my life who do not look like the CGI bitch on the cover of a male jack off magazine…yet, they have virtues that I find worth their weight in platinum, and I hope to one day have those traits myself. These are the beautiful people. I feel so sorry for most men. You can’t see anything past the physical, so you are truly blind. I wouldn’t want to be like any of you sorts for anything. What an insult to humanity when half the population exists on the mental level of simple beasts. What separates these men in question from a lower male animal in a rut after smelling a she-beast in heat? Not much.

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Used and Abused


It is always difficult to go from trust to bust…it’s like going from 100 to 0 – real slow, real slow. I have attempted in the last few years to grasp the image of men of long ago in a few men and they just didn’t have the same flava. Cowards, no knights in shining armor – no gallant warriors… only facades of decades gone by…nothing to hold onto. Nothing real – but myself. So I hold onto myself…I don’t know whether to hate men or hate myself for believing that there is such a thing as the descriptive perfect or the definition for men… Merriam Webster defines man as: “1a (1) : an individual human; especially : an adult male human (2) : a man belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation)” Human by definition for man, is mentioned more times than I have ever experienced in my lifetime! Human…does not belong in the same sentence with the ‘word’ man…maybe it should be “hubeing.” I can respect a gay man more than I can a man that professes to be so and acts counter to that profession… I can love a gay man…I have learned to hate the man’s man…he taught me to…

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Eve’s Rib: A Tale of Hope


In 1990 a friend of mine was working as guest editor of his city magazine’s Special Earth Day issue, and, feeling increasingly hopeless about the prospects for Mother Earth at the hands of Men, implored his sister, “When are you women going to take back this planet?”, to which she replied, “I don’t know. Why don’t you write a novel about it?”

So he did. The story first took the form of a screenplay and was later “novelized”. But before the first word hit the page, a question had to be answered: Just how, believably, could women wrest control from the men? They certainly wouldn’t give it up without a fight.

The answer took a while in coming but finally arrived in the middle of a massage. The image struck him like a lightning bolt. He shot upright, startling his massage therapist and exclaiming, “It’s a defective X!”

It was clear. Women would have to find a way to replace some of the genes missing from the men’s so-called “Y” chromosome. Not all of them, but just the ones whose absence is responsible for the peculiar neuronal wiring of the male brain that leads to their out-of-control destructive behavior.

The novel, Eve’s Rib: A Tale of Hope, is the story of how a small group of feminist genetic engineers, working in secret right under men’s noses, manages to correct what the heroine calls “a genetic experiment gone badly awry”.

I invite you to read it at http://earthlightly.com/print/evesrib.pdf.

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Most men are incompetent!


I hate men!
Its always about them and their lil dumbass egos!

But when they deal with a strong woman or a woman who’s the no bs type (like me) like they want it, they run away like pussy ass losers and lil ass boys!!!!

And the ones that control women cuz they have psychological issues, don’t get me started!

Even the so-called ones that are well of or rich are fuckin greedy, the only nice thing theyll buy is lingerie to rip it off afterwards like wtf? Do i look like a ho to you, when im actually tryna get to know you? Df and buying a MK purse and committing to me is a problem, but buying yourself booze and sleazy ugly shirts aren’t.

Thank God im goin to therapy cuz men (im even tryna tongue myself into not saying the slang n word to call them that!!!) these days make me want to murder them 😤 i have Bipolar & Aspergers co-morbid too and thats bad cuz i could become a raging bitch 😤😤😤😤😤😤!!!!

I’m a Leo-Aquarius influence type of woman(i believe in astrology, birth charts and all) that is strong but gentle, and deserves to be treated like a princess and shown off, and have an MK (Michael Kors) or a Gucci purse with me bought by MY man but thats never gonna happen cuz most of the men i attract are cheap air moon with earth/water venuses! (Sorry for the astrology references again)

Ugh i hate men they are confusing af 😤

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Fed Up.


Im new to this site. And contrary to the belief I would like some male input as well as females.
So I don’t want to say that I just hate men. Because that’s untrue. I have a boyfriend who I love very much. I love my dad and I have an abundance of male friends. What I hate more than anything and really struggle to understand is the general male attitude towards women. I hate so much and find it so hurtful to hear men talk about women as if we’re all a piece of meat. Judging us so harshly on the way we look. Even though I say I have many good males in my life they are not exempt from this. I hear my friends judging every girl that walks past with either the nudge to each other and “look at the ass on that” or the opposite when it’s an unattractive girl and feeling that they need to point out her jelly belly or whatever. I feel like I’m screaming out WHAT DID THAT GIRL DO TO YOU?!?! SHE’S JUST TRYING TO WALK DOWN THE STREET!! It in turn makes me paranoid and think jeez…what do men say about me behind my back on unknowingly. I find this kinda behaviour makes me over analyse my whole physique which shouldn’t be important. The idiolising of celebrity women just because they think “she’s hot” and not on there talent or merits. I could easily name like 100 probably more famous women that are not good actresses or good singers or good at what makes them famous but there still famous because they look good. I hate the ideal that I’ve heard from way to many guys that they would take looks over personality. I’m not saying women don’t cheat. But if you look at statistics men are way more likely. The reasoning seems to be very different as well. The most common reason for women cheating is feeling neglected by there husband/boyfriend. While the main reason for men is being bored in an essence. Bored of mundane life and want to feel the excitement from a new women. It feels like we’re garbage which an expiry date.
People tell me that men just simply think differently from how we do, I agree with this but just can’t get my head around it. It feels like such a difference of thought I just can’t get my head around it. I worry as the more society sexualises….well everything. I get increasingly angry with men’s attitudes. I feel myself filling with hate. I don’t want to hate anything. I trust less and less men as time goes on.

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War Between the Sexes and My Battle with Misandry


Human beings have a basic tendency to deem those who think, look and behave differently from us as “the other”; this term is often synonymous with inferior. This is the root of the war of the sexes and all discrimination. Even acknowledging this I become quite indignant with men if I think about the audacity of men all around the world (I am an anthropology geek). I really like this site. I am a female and I have stumbled across several sites for men who hate women. When I comment the owners of the site strip it away, as though stripping away my (or any other woman’s) voice. It’s absolutely infuriating. I like that this site doesn’t strip away men’s voices.

I am tired of being angry with men- not because I am scared of growing old with out ever finding some dumb guy to love me forever, but because the hatred becomes so strong that it’s incapacitating. My boyfriends have placed me on a pedestal (except for the time that one raped me- that was no fun). I still remained distrusting of them, not so much as wavering in my stance of contempt. But, goodness, I need to let go. I need stop scathing over my father who’s never been around. I need to stop scathing over the crimes of men I do not know, for the victims of these crimes who, yet again, I don’t know. Not because I am ashamed of hating men, as I think women often feel. Rather because I will be better for it. If I had the power to prevent evil deeds world-wide, I would utilize these feeling effectively for good… but I can’t, so what good do they do me? None at all.

I am not condemning any of the women on here. I have read some of your posts and your anger is understandable. I simply am putting these thoughts out there to reach out to anyone else who feels as I do…

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The nature of men


I hate men. I understand not every man is the same, however men as a whole are more just more crude, sexually aggressive creatures. I hate that i can never feel safe walking alone, because i likely will get harassed or assaulted by a man who cannot control his sexual urges. It honestly disgusts me the way men are wired. Sex is the number one thing on their mind and men tend to be the more perverse gender. It doesn’t bother me so much for those who can control themselves but unfortunately too many men are conditioned to think it’s okay to do whatever they please to women, regardless of what they want. To clarify, i don’t hate the whole male gender, more so the nature of men and what results from it.

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My Story


About 4 years ago my relationship ended poorly. I was in a relationship for 3 years. I moved for him and was left out of a lot of things because apparently it was easier to keep me a secret. These all should have been red flags but I was young and I trusted him. I couldn’t even see through the bs story about him working until 3am on the weekends. Again something I still blame myself for not realizing. Anyways…one day at work he called me… crying… letting me know he had contracted genital herpes. I immediately left work to get tested and $300 later I find out I havnt contracted anything…thankfully! We were trying to conceive. He broke it off with me that week. Later I found out he was with someone else the last year of our relationship. Soon later they got married and had a child together.

Obviously devastated..I eventually entered the dating pool again. Was with someone, I thought it was going very well, they broke up with me. Tried again and he stopped talking to me. Now I’m with someone I’ve been with for almost 2 years and all the lack of trust, anxiety, and depression Is making me a miserable person to be around. I lash out. I cry… a lot. My self esteem is essentially gone. I can’t amend things. If I’m not sad I’m numb. I’ve been suicidal. And I basically just hate everything.

I’m very interested in hearing a man’s perspective. Have they felt this way for this long after a break up? Why do men do these things? Why does it seem like one women isn’t enough? Anything… any advice or wisdom is much appreciated.

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I am becoming a misandrist


I am a fairly attractive, have a feminine face. Really hot masculine guys have hit on me. But I’ve gone for the more mediocre ones in the past thinking they might be more loyal and I had low self esteem. One boy I was head over heels for(he was a great kisser and good in bed though not attractive) humiliated me via social media. I am not good/inexperienced in bed so he made fun of me and said he hated me and said I was a bad person, I overheard him. Later he tried to get with me again not knowing I d heard him. The next guy I casually dated did not just humiliate me but he lied to everyone to make me seem worse. These two guys have been my experience with me. 100% of males I’ve done right here!

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Radical Feminist (Read Article)


Just when I thought feminazis could not get any worse, I read this article.


I don’t even think QueenFemiNazi could even stoop as low as defending the two girls who assaulted a mentally disabled kid. Yet there’s a feminist out there who is willing to stoop just that low.

I don’t think it was even more than a year ago a girl invited a mentally handicapped boy to her house for a party and her and a lot of her friends abused him only to get away off scot free.

But after reading that article I want to know how many if any of you would actually stoop this low in hating men to the point of excusing this sort of behaviour.

Q.Q Like, the kid is led on to believe that this girl he has a crush on likes him back and then he is nearly killed for amusement. What the hell has the world come to?

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I do not like men checking me out. I only own baggy clothing but even so I have to put up with it. Even my dad, I don’t feel comfortable in my house because hes always looking at me. I have talked to him about it and he just says its just natural. He even talked about me having a nice body with his brothers when I was doing dishes yesterday. I felt so disgusted that I had to do dishes when they were all sitting behind me because they are all pigs.

I wish I was a lesbian because I am fairly certain I hate men, my dad first and foremost.

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