Hitting on TEENS


So I am 15 years old, FIFTEEN, and today I was at Costco with my mom. Of course I was wearing shorts, it was a blazing 93F! Anyways, after we walked in my mom said “Ew that old guy was totally checking you out.” Now of course most people would laugh about it and say “gross” and move on. Not me. Throughout the whole store I just felt like I was being stared at. Finally at the checkout I caught a man who must’ve been at LEAST 65(!!) STARING at my BUTT. It took a lot not to slap the bastard in public. I am so utterly disgusted by men and them always being sexual. You are 50 years older than me, 50 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS TYPE OF SHIT ANYMORE. MY MOM EXCLAIMED I SHOULDN’T HAVE WORN “THOSE SHORTS.” NO MOM. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY SHORT SIZE. MEN SHOULD BE MEN AND MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND PRIVACY. LET ME KNOW WHEN BEYONCE CREATES HER ALL FEMALE NATION BECAUSE I’VE PACKED MY BAGS AND I’M READY TO MOVE.

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Hello. I’ve been searching for a site such as this one to express my disdain for the sex that I have been cursed with comprising. I in means intend to express my understanding of the oppression and injustice and women face in our society, which embraces patriarchy and treats its female members as objects, not fellow beings. I’m here to share what a man like myself sees in the barbarous antics that my fellows partake in, and admittedly, myself at times, although I wish that I wasn’t as weak to limit myself to those standards that most men today apply for themselves.

I was raised in a family where women, who fed, soothed, and loved those around them, were subjected to systematic abuse, be it verbal or physical. As a boy, I was befuddled when my mother would be silenced in mid-sentence whenever she decided to speak up in a debate that the rest of the family -mostly men- were engaging in. She cared for them, yet they treated her as if she was a servant, and perhaps to them she was. I myself was too simple to understand that my mother was hated by the men in my family, hated for her ambitions to educate herself and provide better lives for her children. I, unfortunately, embraced the misogynistic values imposed upon me when I reached junior high school, and I called women the most cruel of names and blamed my inability to lose my virginity on women being too slutty or too attracted to bad boys, not realizing that I was indeed simply a pimply, immature slimebag.

Men are monsters, and I’m too sorry that I’ve been born as one, although a small part of me is thankful that I’ve been privileged enough not to face the persecution that women face. I’m Jem, a male student, and men suck.

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I Fucking Despise Men


I hate men.

I’d like to be able to walk outside without men present. I usually wear jeans and a modest top, sometimes I dress up because I like fashion and streetwear. When I would walk around Manhattan I used to love looking at and admiring the awesome outfits other women put together, their hair, etc.

But even when I’m wearing plain jeans and a god damn t-shirt, I can’t go outside without feeling like a slab of meat.

Who told men they’re entitled to women? Who told them there’s nothing wrong with gawking at women? Their shitty dads? Their stupid dads?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with glancing at someone. Hell, even staring for a little bit if you think they’re really attractive.

But men are so solipsistic; they don’t consider for one moment in their useless testosterone-riddled brains that they could be making women uncomfortable.

Do they realize how obvious they are? Do they think if they’re being quiet, we won’t notice that they’re ogling us?

Every god damn day I walk down the street and I see men staring as if I don’t notice. I’m not a decoration. I’m not here to amuse you, your tiny brain, or your tinier dick. Fuck you.

The other day, I was walking and a man was approaching me to go the opposite way. He was doing that stupid “openly stare at a woman and have your head on a swivel as you get closer to her” like, say, a curious and dumb monkey. It’s SO obvious and SO annoying. So as I got up to him and his head was at about a 90° angle looking at me, making eye contact and maybe even expecting me to smile (HAH!) I said in my best bitch voice, “Can I help you?” He replied with a shameful “no” and kept stumbling along.

From now on, if I catch a dude tracking me like a deer I’ll call him out. I hate that it’s potentially dangerous, but I’m fed up.

Male entitlement. They think this world exists for them. They think women are here to entertain them. They get offended when we refuse to. They call us stuck up bitches when we don’t do tricks like a dog for them. From birth, it’s ingrained into us to cater to men, make them feel comfortable, be passive, be pleasant, smile, look pretty for them, dress for them, don’t make them feel emasculated, don’t harm their fragile, fragile little fucking egos!

Why aren’t we taught important things? Why are we taught to be their mommies? I mean, I know they’re utterly incompetent. But it shouldn’t be our jobs to make THEM better at OUR expense. And it isn’t.

I’m still unlearning the years of damage I was inflicted, unlearning the lessons to hate myself. When I was a kid–A KID!– I never thought women could be funny, or leaders, or anything. when I was 8 and made comic book characters I made them all male because I believed female characters could never be interesting and no one would want to read a comic with female characters. EIGHT. I was 8 years old.

It’s not my fault men are so fragile that a woman showing a semblance of independence would shatter their entire world. That a woman could choose to NOT be passive, NOT be submissive; it is NOT my problem that this would destroy their limp egos.

Not my problem. Not my fucking problem.

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Dear Dudes


Dear Dudes,
Ladies love you. Mom ladies, gf ladies, and friend ladies too. We really just want you to love us back.
We know you’ve been taught a lot of messed up jazz about both of us. We’ve been taught a lot of messed up jazz about you too.
It doesn’t have to be this way. We seriously are not trying to attack you every time we leave our house or open our mouths. It’s really pulling down our life vibes for you to react like we are. We are really just here trying to, you know, be human. Just like you.

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Ughhh….not another day with them


‘Ere day, i walk out of my door with anxiety…waiting for the enevitable 3 or 4 randos to let me know what my bedhead is doing to their genitals. ‘Ere day i enter the office with anxiety, dreading the inevitable 3 or 4 conversations where i have to stop-jerk out every sentence that has to be said amid the endless interuptions of my male colleages…who cannot stand it if i ever possibly introduce an idea they haven’t thought of first. Its like having to fake a stutter in order to save your self from a verbal lashing. I wait for the inevitable “ego preening” that will come from one of my male co-workers looking for my passably believeable fake doting on their novel discovery that one can click a mouse. Goddess forbid i ever express anger or frustration at one of them…’ere day i am reminded how vaginas don’t have a right to be angry. ‘Ere day i cringe as i look at my cell phone…seeing another message from a woman i love being mistreated by one of them. My best friend found an email from her boss to his lawyer…demanding to know why he can’t fire her since she got pregnant. I know that she is unhappily pregnant because her husband refused to respect her wish to use condoms. Three months after her iud ripped through her uterus. He blames her for not getting an abortion. ‘Ere day i leave my daughters preschool fighting to clutch her hand, knowing that if she should “dare” take one wrong step into the street in front of a male driver, he will bevel through her little body and drive off with impunity. Not like the cops would ever give two craps about a dead kid when there are drunken hotties to be “escorted” into a squad car somewhere. ‘Ere day i dread having to go home to find out whether my husband is in subtle “water torturer” mode or in “terminator” mode…ready to punish me with a shiner before my big client meeting the next day because i forbade him to drive our brand new car home after taking “only a couple” shots at a bar. Goddess please please make him come back as a woman in his next life. ‘Ere day i stave off having to go to sleep as long as possible, but stumble upon the endless reminders of how much horrifically worse it could be….i cry silently over an image of a woman whose nose has been amputated by a jilted dude, check to see if maybe possibly even one of the chibok girls has been found. ‘Ere day, defeated, i turn to the only voices that sooth my ears. I read bell hooks. I read guy dubord. Speakoutloud.net. Lundy bancroft. I pick apart the strategy. I see the system of domination pulling us all apart. The system is like a monster with many faces, Patricarchy, Racism, Classism, Ageism, Discrimination, Rape, Torture, Degradation. But there is only one true monster…and it has only two names….fear and greed. The monster has no new tricks, the tactics are all the same. And its motives are so shallow…we all cant believe they are hidden right out in the open.
‘Ere day i wait for the Green Man, and fall asleep with him. And ‘Ere night i see my rapist’s face in my dreams, walking freely, as he does in the conscious world.
‘Ere day it is only women who can sooth me. When we are together, everything is calm, happy, exciting, beautiful. It is only with women i can laugh freely, speak freely…exist freely.
I don’t know how much longer i can keep fighting…life was not made to be like this…

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My views solidified


I’ve always been pretty uncomfortable around men. I had 1 serious boyfriend and it lasted 6 years but love and affection died off after the first 3.

After that I was raped and stranded in a strange city and had a series of one night stands very few and far between but no one who wanted to date. Which was honestly fine! I always felt that I dated because society said I should want to.

I recently got out of a very long term on and off again relationship. I went out with someone else for a few months in our circle of friends and it ended badly. Over a year later he started accusing me of harassment…. Out of the blue.

So I hung out with the ex we were trying to be friends. He said he felt bad about all the problems we had then told me after 1 drink that he went out with A girl who he pined after for over a year he was waiting for me to get at the house to go out with her and she is the one that cleans she didn’t have any feelings for him… Then he proceeds to tell me that The man who is accusing me of harassment told him that He always thought I was a creepy weirdo going down the highway 90 miles an hour in the wrong direction and he had his “reasons” for fucking me. He denies any kind of affection or anything loving he has ever said to me. So I would really like people to try to convince me that guys are great and they do like me and I should give them a chance because I’m not seeing it and is just reiterating that I’m not dating men anymore

Honestly on top of everything going on with our culture with men and this I’m fully on the hating men side…. I have yet to meet any nice and decent male.

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Men and woman hate each other lol


it’s fascinating how men hurts woman and how woman hurts men i have been in mens forums and womans forums and its like woman and men just cant been together lol

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Accept how men see sex and your life will improve


Men are NOT truly happy, especially sexually, with one woman. Sorry, it’s a fact. Women that don’t accept this are delusional. Once one accepts this, one has to ask herself WHY in gods name you’d commit to a man if you know that one of the thing you’re good for is something he’s always going to want/need from other women. Do you think a loving relationship is one in which you don’t have sex with another person because you’re afraid of getting yelled at or one in which you don’t do that because you don’t want to? Men always want to. It’s sad how many women ignore this. 60% of marriages experience infidelity. To a man your purpose is mostly sex. Your other purpose is to take care of his house and his kids that will destroy your body, (aka the most important thing about you).

Ladies, you must remember that men do not love in the way women do. When a man loves a woman and “commits” to her it’s because he loves her like his mom. He likes that you take care of him and deal with his shit. You are the girl friend/wife because you are the one that tolerates him going to the strip club.

Just look at all the poor girls put on the internet with their legs spread by angry disgusting men. They all thought men saw them as more than objects. Read internet forums like reddit and see what men really have to say when their is no woman they want to have sex with around.

MEN VIEW YOU AS OBJECTS. Their is no emotion in sex for men. Watch porn if you can’t believe me. Your life will get better once you learn to live the vast majority of life without them.

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So this is my first post here. Glad I found this site. I hate men. Nothing positive in my life has ever come from a man.
I am 22 and have never been in a relationship. I am good looking and of course like all of you have had men trying to get with me. I am still a virgin although once a guy almost tried to take advantage of me when I was drunk despite me not wanting to. Thank God I am strong minded and had the courage to walk away. A friend put me in this situation of almost rape and I am not friends with her anymore. :)
My parents divorced a few days after I was born. My father who lived so close remarried, visited me once or twice a year. Despite my mother and him remaining on good terms. I used to hate him. Now I don’t know but I don’t want anything to do with him. I believe God punished him for not being a father towards me thinking he would have other children. Turns out his new wife can’t have children. Karma. But they’re still together 20 years later.
My experience with males since childhood has been traumatising. It’s like I can’t get the memories out of my head. Bullied, sexually harassed for no reason just for the sake of their sadistic pleasure of hurting, insulting and showing superiority over another human being. Sometimes I cry at night. Not a week passes by without remembering. I wish there was a way to erase memories. Give a clean start.
I feel like I can’t be in a relationship with a man. I am fucked up. I am broken sad and traumatised. If I started something so strange as a relationship with one of them, my anger will come out. My fuckedupness. How am I supposed to be carrying and loving when all I am is fucked up mentally, emotionally. A stranger that wasn’t an asshole to women doesn’t deserve it. And then there is my ex stepfather that put our family in debt and was an ass to me and my mother. There were a few sweet men. I’ve met some that were kind. And even angel like. I could fall in love. But would I fuck it up for them?
I could never trust one of them. I’ve thought of sperm banks. I want a big family, a big happy family. Then I see that being a possibility only if I am married. Children need a father and the thought of having a boy scares me.

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BF keeps calling me fat and making me feel useless


So me and my boyfriend have been dating each other for over a year. He is good looking, fit with a great body, and when I was with him I was the same too.

Over the past year I have started to put on some cheeky weight, what can I say, I love to cook hehe 😉 Now I am at my biggest and my boyfriend is acting weird. He doesn’t look at me the same, calls me fat, tells me to loose weight cause of “health” issues (even though im diabetic, he just wants me to look hot and thin again). Im just over his bullshit!!!!

Men a pigs and I hate them, when you are skinny they love you when you become fat they get repulsed by you! I love him but I cant take this emotional abuse anymore!!

He is also keeping secrets from me and I know he is, he keeps calling “mum” on his phone like all the time but I don’t think its his mum, im pretty sure is another women he has down as mum so he is more discrete. FUCK MEN!

Ladies what should I do! Please help!! How can I get him to love me again!!!

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The freedom of women and their choices


I recently came across a group of women that choose their own path. They choose to have nothing to do with men because of what men have done to them in the past and they also think that any source of social wellbeing is controlled by men.

I find them to be truthful. Don’t call me a man hater simply because i agree that they should be rightfully able to live by themselves.

What these women remind me of is the tubetan wild ass. This is not an insult. The female tubetan ass is something of a mystery to all and from what i’ve read, this is how some women wish to be.

It’s hard to explain but i feel the same need but in a different way.

Getting into it takes a lot of words and feelings. Things i prefer not to suppress. I’m just a man, I’m competitive and if you ask me whether or not i can do something, i will most likely reply “yes”. It’s just who i am…

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Aint No Booty Call No Mo


I kissed a boy last weekend and then immediately after we were done he said it was a huge mistake.

Dis BOoty Aint URs No MO

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