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It is completely selfish for a man to date someone many years younger than himself because one day he will die and leave his younger wife on her own. Why is it ok for people to defend these young vs old relationships but completely dismiss this simple fact? It just proves the total selfishness of men. Sigh.

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I do !!!


Yes I do hate men! Can’t say that I have been hurt a lot by them because I always kept clear of them for most of my life.
Never was raped but I can say that being a chemist of high technical skills, working in the pharmaceutical field, guys hated my knowledge and my automony.
Most guys need to feel superior to any woman not to feel threatened. To our expense! They are a parasidic llife form that prey on girls, womens and the weak.

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Is it offensive to acknowledge and/or want a spouse who fills the "traditional gender roles"?


So if you ask a guy what kind of woman he wants, and he says he wants a 'traditional housewife'; who is the primary caregiver of the family and in charge of running the house…. would you be offend?

Ideally, I want to end up marrying a woman who fills that role. This may include caring for/educating the children, providing meals, cleaning, buying goods the family, looking after household budget/finances, and basically keeping the family an actual/presentable family.

Now delegating these household duties is subject to each couple's understanding, income level, the working spouse's job demands, and the respective talents of each spouse. And men can certainly do this as well. But in my case, I absolutely need someone to fill this role as I am too immature, irresponsible, insensitive, and in many ways incapable myself. I always liked the idea of having a wife would take care of all that and wouldn't have to worry about earning money.

I know feminists want women to be just like men, but I don't want to marry a girl who is just like me… I want someone who's basically a polar opposite of me but is also caring and gentle.

So I ask again, is the idea of a 'traditional housewife' role looked down upon in the feminist world? Do you find this degrading or think that this job is any less important than a money-earning career? (I would definitely disagree, and I'm not saying that it should only be a woman's job) Would most girls, feminist or not, find this offensive if I tell them that's what I prefer in a spouse? If so, what's a good way or a less offensive way to make that point?

Take what I say with an open mind; I'm not a fan of feminism, but I'll admit there are times when I may be ignorant to how a woman perceives certain things and that's why I'm asking this.

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Why are men such evil creatures?!


I was with my ex for almost 10 years, we lived together and have a child. I really struggled to put up with his immature ways but the final straw was when I found out that he had been cheating with anyone he could get his dirty hands on. Endless girls were coming out of the wood works and telling me that they had been seeing him for years in hotels which he paid for with my money as his scrounging butt was too lazy to work. I threw him out and he had the cheek to tell me that its all my fault because I made him cheat because I have a male friend who he hates. That was just the most bullshit excuse i’ve ever heard. He refused to see the wrong in his behaviour and carried on telling me that I am the cause of it all. I couldnt believe his attitude and he didnt seem to care. Eventually I moved on and met somebody new. We clicked so well and he always spoke about us being together in years to come. He made me believe that I was the perfect girl for him and he appeared to be everything that I wanted in a man. We spoke on the phone for hours everday for a month before our first date then this continued until we slept together. Not ling after that he showed me a whole different side to him and he started to ignore my calls then he popped up a whole month later. I fell for it and everything seemed to be going well again then after we slept together for the second time he ignored me again for a whole other month. I was really confused because he would act so into me when we were together but then he would throw me down like an unwanted toy afterwards and pick me up every now and again. I feel like such an idiot now because he did this to me 5 times now I havent heard from him for 2 months. I thought that he was finally taking me seriously then one morning he texted me and we were having a normal conversation and he offered to meet me after work that day. I agreed then he just didnt respond to my last message and now its been 2 months and i havent heard from him. I found that very strange and assummed something had happened to him but he was updating his status on his social media accounts that same afternoon and commenting lustful comments on other girls pictures. He knew about how hurt i had been from my ex and he said that ge knew i was fragile when i met him so he would make sure hes going to look after me but he did the complete opposite and crushed me even more. When i met him he restored my faith in men but then his actions contradicted every word he said to me and now im just a broken mess. I cant understand how anyone could be evil enough to do that to somebody who they knew was vulnerable.

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You’re all horrible people, horrible, angry, misguided people. Please seek therapy. Your issues aren’t with men, your issues are with bad PEOPLE. PEOPLE are assholes. Men can be assholes and so can women (As we see via this website).

Your hatred towards men is no different than racism, I view each and every single one of you posting on here as no better than the Nazis. If you are a victim of abuse then you need to get help. Getting angry and filling your soul full of hate is only making everything worse.

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Men’s FEAR of women’s higher intelligence and mental strength is the key to patriarchy.


Believe it or not but I am a MAN, yes that’s right. And I don’t blame you women at all for hating us men! You have all rights in the world to hate us. Of course we men have brains, but our sexual drive overpowers our thoughts. Men are more guided by their genitals than their brain, yes we really are primitive. The Swedish male journalist Fredrik Virtanen writes in Sweden’s biggest newspaper “Aftonbladet” that he thinks that we men should NOT have vote rights! And that we should be declared incapacitated if we don’t promote Feminism. I can only agree with him. And I also agree with Bruce Willis: Bruce Willis has claimed women should rule ”every country in the world” because they are more intelligent than men – and he admitted he feels ”safer” with female company. Another Swedish male journalist, Andres Lokko is a manhater, guilty by association.
After working for almost 30 years in many different places I’ve learned that you women have better qualities of leadership than men, you make smarter decisions than men, even under stress. When a man faces a problem he often gets scared and escapes while a women who faces a problem deals with it instead of running away. Women are mentally stronger than men, and they get more things done in shorter time than men. The companies where I worked that was owned and led by men often very went bed and even went bankrupt sometimes, while companies owned and led entirely by women made more money, and were much more successful.
STILL women often get the worse employment and get treated unfair, because men FEAR women coming into their workplaces, men make sure to don’t let women in, because if we did there’s a big risk that you women with your superior skills will outclass us men and become our leaders. Yes our FEAR of your higher intelligence and mental strength is the key to patriarchy.
Yes, you women ARE smarter than us men!
A society ruled entirely led by women would develop much faster and effectively, it would diminish war and starvation, and much more. Women should rule the world!
To stop sex crimes all boys and men from the day they are 10 years old should be under supervision by electronic tagging/GPS.
Since women do better job they should have higher pay. We men all should pay “male tax”, that is money that goes to women as a symbolic compensation for millions of years of an tyrannizing patriarchy. We can NEVER compensate you women enough for what we have done to you, and society.
It’s just simple and fair.
When we men are alone with each other we talk VERY MUCH about how very intelligent women are, how women can deal easy with hard problems without panicking, how women can accomplish things that seem impossible, the women’s courage and incredible endurance. We talk about our great admiration for women, and our envy of women. BUT…
When we men are in a group with women, we NEVER mention women’s power. Again: Our FEAR of your higher intelligence and mental strength is the key to patriarchy. Men convince themselves that through controlling and oppressing women and nature, they would become independent.
I will do anything to destroy the patriarchy and promote Female leadership. I am ashamed of being a man, and even if I am a nice guy I am guilty by association. KEEP HATING ME, I DESERVE IT!
Let your hate against men grow stronger and stronger and USE the power you get from the hate to defeat men!
I hope you will enjoy and be encouraged by this clip with a woman unleashing her HATE to a man who sexually harassed her when she was jogging. Once a woman unleashes her Female power this pathetic PIG surrender to her!

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So Young, But I DESPISE Them


I’m only 22 years old, but I hate men. I’m not ugly nor am I overweight or anything like that. I’m actually approached by men whenever I’m out and about. The reason I have men is because they are full of shit. They lie, are selfish, and only think with one head (the one down there). They say they want a decent woman, but go chasing after whores.

I feel sorry for all the women that have been used and abused by those nasty beings. My mother always did the cooking, the cleaning, worked 12 hour shift only to be insulted by my dad. My dad is a piece of mysoginistic shit. I look at the whore of my ex who cheated on me 4 times during our relationSHIT. Every day he stalks me and texts me with insults calling me a whore, yet he was the one who cheated on me with escorts on Backpage. He’s 23 and currently dating a 17 year old! Men are just repugnant!

Men are so disgusting. Whenever they approach me, I shut them down real quick. I secretly laugh at their looks of confusion whenever I tell them to fukc off. I will never be in a relationship or marry because I’m far too good to be cheated on, taken advantage of, taken for granted and being controlled by men.

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I’m so glad I’ll never have to waste my time with a male again. I’m so glad my life will not be spent catering to a husband. FREEDOM IS GLORIOUS

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New Member


Hi Y’all!!

It’s nice to a be part of a community that shares the same interests and view points… I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you!

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Love this!!


Absolutely loving this place!
I’ve learned the hard way, as we all do, that MOST men are not worth the time or effort!
Long story short, 1st marriage lasted 10 yrs..3 kids. Became an alcoholic and went psychotic, went to prison for 5 yrs. I divorced him.
2nd rs lasted 10 yrs, ended it 4 mo ago…2 kids with him. Verbally abusive, didn’t pay bills, spent my money, lazy, blah blah.
Met up with an ex-we ended on good terms with no hard feelings- about the time my rs ended, hit it off right away. Started asking me to spend weekends with him, texting everyday, even little kissing smiley faces, met his kids, we make plans for the future…then suddenly nothing. Asked him what was up, told me he was busy with work, ok, I left it at that. Finally got tired of it, sent him a text basically saying take care, good luck, he calls me immediately and he says it’s not what I think. Again, I leave it at that. I keep trying, then suddenly I get a text saying we just need to be friends…etc, maybe now isn’t the time for us. I agree with him because I’m not looking for that either, I just don’t want to be played. He then tells me “I like you more than I should.” WTH does that even MEAN! We haven’t even slept together! But of course, he’s in the middle of a separation, so I understand hes got issues right now.
So now I’ve given up. I’m no longer texting/calling/facebooking him. I’m tired of the games. I’m just going to love my kids and be happy, live the single life, and do whatever the hell I want! :)
I won’t lie tho, there’s a part of me that would love to have him call or text, however I am not holding my breath! I know my worth and I do not need anyone to feel good about myself! Thanks for listening!

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My Thoughts


Well now that I know this is not just a place for only women to post (nice to be inclusive in discussions :D), I will post my thoughts.

I believe there’s a lot of sexism on this board. You might not see it but it’s just like ageism, racism, or any other ism. To judge people on a stereotype. The second you take one experience and apply it to everyone of that feature (in this case, mostly males) then you have effectively given into stereotyping others.

I get that there have been men that wronged some of you, but is it worth putting that stereotype in place to all men?

I have a friend here who went back to Ireland to visit his mother while she was dying.. While he was away for 2 weeks, his girlfriend goes and cheats on him with her ex and two other guys in that 14 day time span. Should he put that stereotype to all women and just treat the like every single woman sleeps around with multiple guys any chance they get?

No, because that wouldn’t be fair to others. We are all human beings and we are all unique with our own unique set of needs and wants in life. Some men and some women just aren’t the right match for each of us. But perhaps to someone else they are the right match. So we should not judge everyone because one person does not meet our needs and wants.

This whole misogyny and misandry thing forms from a cycle. A woman/man gets a bad impression on the opposite gender due to their experiences and begins to believe they must be like them to fix it. So they act like that toward someone who didn’t have any part of the sexist cycle and now they believe all people of that gender are like that, so they will continue it and it never ends for anybody.

What I am trying to get at, in layman’s terms here, is that there are both good and bad women and men. We have many bad experiences with a few, then we begin to change ourselves and become what we despised towards someone that is still alright until they have dealt with us.

I could keep going on and on. But let me end this with one of my own personal experiences with a woman.

Her and I were having a long distance online relationship, I usually don’t do that, but she only lived one province away. So 14 months into this, I buy a $120 bus ticket to travel over 500km’s for over 5 hours to see her on Valentine’s Day. When I got to the bus stop however, she was no where to be seen. So thinking she slept in/a little late, I wait there for two hours. Now feeling a bit nervous, I get catch a ride with a stranger to the local army base there to see if anyone knew her or could contact her to let her know I’m here. No luck, so I get a ride with another stranger to a local hotel and luckily I had just $10 more than what I needed to rent a room there for the night. Because the bus to go home was not coming again for at least another day and there was still a little hope left.. She decided to spur my hope one more time by saying she was coming to the hotel to take me back to her place so I wouldn’t be stuck there for the storm the next day. She kept that hope running for another hour before she crushed it completely saying the whole thing was a joke to her. $250 in costs between bus and hotel, me running down 32 stories of stairs because elevators were broke in my apartment while lugging 100lbs of luggage down them + another 3 hours of lugging them out there when I got there, the fact that if I did not have cash in my pocket for a hotel I’d be stuck out in the cold snow, or the fact that my parents could have easily gotten into a car accident due to coming out to get me before the storm hit (and before the next night that I WOULD have been stuck out in the cold due to not enough money for a second night), none of that meant a thing to her. Everything was a joke and if anything happened to me or my parents it’d be my fault supposedly.

I could take that plus other bad experiences with women and just apply them to women in general. But the thing is, I can separate the fact that everyone is different and the actions of a few do not reflect what everyone is.

So yes, some of you have had bad experiences with men, but just remember there are men out there who have had equally bad experiences with women. It does not make an excuse for us to be sexist towards each other.

Take my experience, my friend’s experience, even your own experience and think about it. The thing they have in common is good people getting caught up with a jackass that has plainly screwed us over for their own enjoyment. Don’t become them. Don’t treat people poorly because of our experiences as people. Because you might then unknowingly create another jerk due to just adding one more notch in their list of bad experiences with people.

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Why Women Hating Men “Misandry” is not the same as Misogyny


Recently I left a comment on a YouTube video. I said it as it is “I hate all men”. Someone – most probably an MRA replied back “Misandrist”.

Yes, if you go by the definition I am a misandrist. I hate men – all men but there is a big difference between women hating all men and men hating all women. The later arises from deep hatred of women for no reason other than because she’s a woman. The reason women hate men is because men have given women a reason to hate them: rape, domestic violence and so on.

The other difference is that men can stop misandry by changing. Misogyny however can only be changed again by men changing. Women can’t change what they are.

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