The Colombian women’s cycling team unveil their new uniform in Italy.

Flesh-coloured kit that makes a Colombian women’s cycling team look naked below the waist has been described as unacceptable by the sport’s governing body.

Photographs of the Bogota Humana team were taken at the Tour of Tuscany, showing six women wearing red and yellow kit with flesh-coloured material immediately above and below the waist.

After the pictures went viral on social media, Brian Cookson, the English president of the International Cycling Union, wrote on Twitter: “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case.

“It is unacceptable by any standards of decency”.

Among leading riders criticising the outfits was the Welsh former Commonwealth, Olympic and world road race champion Nicole Cooke.

“This has turned the sport into a joke,” she said. “Girls stand up for yourselves – say no.”

Dear lord… this is probably the worst uniform I have ever seen on a sports team. Where were their brains when they designed this atrocity!


Are males less likely to empathize with rape victims in the same way white people are less likely to empathize with people of colour? (key word: likely. By all means, not everyone in these populations)

It confuses me when I see men care more about hypothetical false rape accusation victims than actual rape victims in the thousands. At the mere mention of sexual violence or the presentation of statistics that clearly show that women are the primary victims of sexual violence and that men who suffer from sexual violence were primarily at the hands of other men; the likelihood of seeing a comment like “and then you find out years later that the guy was innocent…” “false rape accusations ruin mens lives” is extremely high and annoying. Yes, so does rape, in far higher frequencies, and yet no one seems to care about those actual victims nearly as much as they worry about hypothetical victims.

A study produced by the UK Government Crown Prosecution Service revealed that between 2011 and 2012, there were 5,651 prosecutions for rape, but only 35 for making false allegations of rape.

Kelly et al’s 2005 study into rape case attrition concluded that the figure of 8% (of 2264 cases studied over two years) designated ‘false allegations’ was not in fact accurate. Instead, when the cases deemed to be ’false allegations’ were analysed in detail, and when the UK Government Home Office guidelines on classifying them as such correctly applied, 3% emerged as the correct figure.

The conviction rate for rapists going to prison is already extremely low (most of them never even go to court). False rape accusations are statistically FAR less likely than actual rapes that are happening and not being reported for fear of not being taken seriously (because way too many real instances have been completely disregarded to the point where victims are blamed for the fact that a rapist raped them). The numbers are already skewed because people are afraid to report these crimes.

Also, alarmingly, in a study that involved asking men whether they had raped anyone, most said no. When the same men were asked if they had forced sex upon someone who did not want to have sex with them, the number that answered yes rose significantly (??!). This begs the question, how many false-rape allegations are made by people who don’t even understand what rape is? Also, why does nearly every women know how to protect themselves from rape, in deliberate/extravagant and minuscule/overlooked ways, but a large number of men don’t even understand rape ITSELF?!

Also, a quote from Stephen House, a Chief Constable of the Police Service of Scotland:
“From a police perspective there is nothing to suggest either anecdotally or evidentially, that false reporting of rape is prevalent, in fact such cases are very rare. We recognise that there are many reasons why a victim would subsequently withdraw from the criminal justice process and we are trying to get a better understanding of why that is and what we can do to improve confidence in the system. What we do know however is that of those rape cases that we later reclassify as no crime, only a very small proportion of those are as a result of a false report, so few in fact that ordinarily the statistics would merit no further debate”.

I have seen an article about a man getting raped by a woman, who was then victim blamed over and over again by other men who told him he should have enjoyed it because ‘my wife isn’t giving me any’ etc. Women stood up against those men in defence of the victim, a man. So if you feel defensive as if somehow someone is personally blaming you for something you no control over, your chromosomes, then maybe you should actually look at the situation instead of ruminating on hurt feelings when nothing was even addressed to you.

People who merely react to the points brought up in rape discussions by appealing to unlikely, hypothetical situations (relative to actual, real life rapes that occur several times every single day), are really just the stagnation points of society.

This post was submitted by chrome95.

In response to the recent onslaught of victim blaming and the encouragement of such attitudes

Oh, everyone says, but it is not victim blaming! Oh, none of us have actually been a victim of sexual violence and we have no empathy and don’t know how to appropriately react when others have experienced such things! Oh, but you must stop labelling us! Oh, but each of us contributes to our situations, you see!

In before your first response to a loved one distraught over losing their valuable belongings, having their house trashed, losing their work and important files, photos, music, contacts etc. because their laptop and phone is gone, cash is gone, furniture ruined is to say “well, each of us contributes to our own situations. You are an enabler of house ransacking because you didn’t follow these precautions” while proceeding to pull out a written list of things that could have prevented such a crisis from occurring, despite it already occurring and damage already done. Perhaps you are socially inept? Perhaps you have lost the basic appeal of being human in favour of ‘logical’ robotism?

“each of us contributes to our situations.”

I get where this is coming from but there are times where this notion is pushed too far. Especially when we live in a culture where this is the norm. When we live in a culture where people who were not at fault, are blamed for their own shortcomings in cases where the fault lies entirely on the perpetrator. When this attitude is extremely damaging to victims, when this attitude is wide-spread and reinforces hostile sexism. When victims not only deal with what happened to them, but also have to deal with internalized guilt on top of that, when they should not feel guilty at all.

“You are a rape enabler.”

Why haven’t people realized that rapists themselves are rape enablers? Societies that doesn’t take rape seriously are rape enablers. People who rape and are not prosecuted or even taken to court (extremely common) are rape enablers. People who make rape jokes and don’t perceive rape as a crime are rape enablers. NOT people who are taken advantage of by rapists.

What if I left a sandwich on my desk, put a note next to it saying it was mine, yet someone took it and ate it, but then instead of everyone blaming the fucking person who went to MY desk and ate MY sandwich that CLEARLY stated it was MINE, they said:
why did you leave it on your desk? why didn’t you put it in your drawer? if it was in your drawer, why didn’t you buy a padlock for your drawer? why didn’t you install CCTV to see who took it so you can get it back? why didn’t you have a spare one to eat just in-case someone took it? why did you go to a meeting instead of staying hyper-vigilant at your desk?? this is your fault and not the fault of the person who took your sandwich off of your own desk and ate it knowing it was yours. You could have taken precautions to ensure that your sandwich was not stolen. But because you didn’t, this is your fault. You are an enabler of stealing. What a shameful attitude. The sandwich is already stolen. The damage is already done. What is your fucking point. What do you expect to come out your ‘enlightened’ contributions other than internalized guilt.


Women can never be careful enough, can they? Why did you drink? why did you pick up a call? Why didn’t you feel weird about it? Why didn’t you wear anti-rape nail polish? Why didn’t you realize? Why didn’t you say something? Why did you let him inside? Why didn’t you call a friend? Why were you alone? Why didn’t you take a self-defence class?

Why don’t you ask the people who are doing this, why they are doing it? Why don’t you ask men why they rape and commit acts of sexual violence/assault in far higher numbers than women? Why don’t you *ever* ask them *anything*? Why don’t you question the culture and society and socialization that enables and normalizes such behaviour in large numbers? Why are you directing all of your questions towards victims?

Ohhhhh here’s my shitty opinion as a shitty person of society with no basic understanding of basic situations and my existence literally prevents society from not being shitty and moving forward yeahhhh “WHY WERE YOU NOT HYPER-VIGILANT OF EVERY SECOND OF YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE AND EVEN IF YOU WERE HYPER-VIGILANT WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ALL THESE OTHER THINGS???”

I can assure you if a drunk, topless man on the beach was raped by a gay man, he would not be questioned in the slightest why he was not wearing a top or why he was drinking. Obviously the rapist should not have raped him. What will telling the victim that he should have been wearing a top and should not have been drinking achieve? He is now traumatized, and has a high likelihood of experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, trust issues, guilt, hopelessness, unworthiness. What is your point? Do you not mind enhancing the misery and living hell of others by engaging in logical masturbation to fulfil your own ego?

Sometimes I see my shower as a society. And the scum between the tiles are people who hold certain attitudes, who group together to achieve nothing but the perpetuation of a damaging and negative atmosphere. They ruin and contaminate the shower with their presence.

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Questioning my sexual orientation after years of poor treatment from men

Are men really all the same? I keep trying to convince myself that there must be some decent ones out there who actually believe in treating women as something more than a personal chef, janitor, and punching bag, but I have not had any luck. The only experiences I have had with men have been negative and hurtful, physically and emotionally.

I will start with the boy who bullied me from 6th grade to 10th grade…was that REALLY necessary? I mean come on, I was a bit different, but just stop!! I remember one occasion where we were on a show choir trip, and he intentionally snagged a seat behind me and my best friend. He complimented my best friend on her watch, while spitting and blowing in my hair and screaming out loud what songs I chose to play on my ipod as he hovered from the seat behind me and I tried to block him out.

Then there was my dad, who emotionally abused me a good portion of my childhood, and even now throughout my adulthood. From the age of about 2 or 3, I remember my dad screaming at me and my mother begging him to stop. I recently spent four months living alone with him as my mother visited our home in another state, and I developed frequent panic attacks as a result of the constant pressure I received from my “dad”.

Next there is my brother, who my parents have ALLOWED to physically abuse me at times. He has broken plastic hangers and scraped my skin up, punched me, kicked me, came at me with inanimate objects, thrown wet dirt in my face and on my clothes, you name it! If I scream when he does it, my mom goes to him and says “what did she do to you? Are you ok?” Unfortunately I have had to live with them due to my college plans being screwed (I somehow managed to develop severe digestive problems months before starting my freshman year of college).

When you put my dad and my brother together, it’s a recipe for disaster. They don’t clean up after themselves and expect my mom to do it for them. I would go into detail, but that would be a disservice. My dad NEVER cooks and always EXPECTS my mom to cook for him all the time. I guess it would be different if he actually tried to cook and it turned out really bad, but he doesn’t try. He just expects. My brother doesn’t eat unless my mom brings food to his room, and he usually insults the food anyway, instead of being grateful considering he doesn’t even get out of bed to make it himself.

Whenever I try to be “outgoing” with men, or introduce myself, I feel rejected. I feel like they are expecting Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears to merge into a single person. I mean, sorry….not sorry.

I’m starting to question my sexuality, wondering if I am still attracted to men. Am I wasting my time looking for a type of man that will never exist? All the women in my life have always treated me with respect, if not with compassion as well. I feel like men will always try to choose the dominant, aggressive role.

I have never met a man who made me feel empowered as a woman, much less a person, other than a boy I dated for a year in 3rd grade and thought I would end up marrying.

The only people I’ve came across in my life who I feel have changed me for the better are women. I’ve had a few girl crushes here and there, but was taught to ignore it early on due to my conservative background. Now am I beginning to wonder to myself, are men really worth it?

Why should I have to wear makeup or heels when I’m not comfortable just to land a guy? “Just be yourself.” I can’t be myself when I’m expected by my family and potential boyfriends to “act like a girl.” How exactly does a girl act? I wasn’t aware I had to act or dress a certain way!

I’m happy in my t-shirt and baggy shorts with my hair pulled out of my face, I’m happy in my running shoes, and I’m happy eating as much as I want to without feeling insecure! All I want is someone who I don’t have to wear a mask for every day.

The more men I pursue, the more disappointed I feel. So here I am asking myself……are men really all the same?

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What Your Enemy is Saying About You

The woman’s monologue is over 7 minutes long. It’s hilarious!

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Great Video That Turns Lesbophobia On Its Head

Next time you dudes think about saying any of things, turn it around and think about how you’d feel if the situation were reversed, most of all the part about accusing all lesbians of just hating men.

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Don’t give them what they want

If you find yourself in a never ending debate with some idiot online, don’t give him the satisfaction, because that’s what he wants, he wants to win and prove himself and show that he is better, why bother making his ego bigger, I’m sure his ego is already big and bigger than the package between his legs…..

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Any Other Gold Stars Here?

So, I was just wondering. Are there any other Gold Star Lesbians here? If you don’t know what that means, it means a lesbian who has never been with a man. I feel like I might be the only one. I am honestly just curious. I feel like many women here have been hurt by men in romantic relationships. I’ve been hurt by men in other ways, but never in that romantic context. If you’re sick of men, I suggest political lesbianism. Just a thought, ladies. There is more than just either being with a man or being alone. Come to the Isle of Lesbos, where you can finally be free.

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A case for armed self defense…..

The following contains audio from a 9-1-1 call where a home invader assaults a widowed home owner and is shot.

The case should serve as more than ample reason to own a set of defensive arms.

The top three categories will be covered here.

Handguns: Be it a semi-auto pistol or a traditional double action revolver. both styles meet a fundamental requirement as a defensive arm. A handgun can be used while another hand is busy with another task (such as opening a door,carrying a flashlight, or in the above case holding a phone with a 9-1-1 operator on the other end sending the cavalry) any caliber handgun can be used from the tiny and inexpensive .22lr on through to the stalwart .38 special/.357 magnum.

Keep in mind though handguns are good they are by no means the best (to be honest “the best” is a subjective term in and of its self).

Long guns: This is where a huge split is seen in the gun owning community, some will say carbine (pistol caliber in example 9mm,.40s&w,or other and rifle caliber like the .223 Remington or other) others folks will champion the 12 gauge,20 gauge, or (like me) .410 pump shotgun.

The long and the short of it is everyone is correct, meaning that they agree one tool does not a well rounded tool box make.

Which I will continue by saying that because someone owns a number of tools, that does not make them a master mechanic or carpenter,because one needs to gain the needed skills for the use of those tools in order to be effective with them.

The lady in the audio clip did what she needed to do with the tool she had on hand, she stopped the bad person from doing something she didn’t want him to do.

Not to sound like a Monday morning quarterback, but there are a few mistakes she did make.

#1: She hid in a place with limited space, she went into the bathroom,which limited her ability to move away from danger.

#2: She allowed the threat to get too close and strike her before she fired.

#3: She didn’t continue to fire,if you’re that close and the attacker isn’t down, don’t give them time to ask “what was that?” keep shooting until the bg is done like last years Thanksgiving turkey.

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We totally live in a matriarchy you guys!

Men may have the VAST majority of political, economic, social, and military power…. but women hurt their feelings all the time!

Men may be the VAST majority of sexual abusers/rapists, serial killers, murderers, totalitarian dictators, terrorists, and violent offenders… but women can have abortions and men can’t. That’s unfair.

Men may be VASTLY over-represented (at the expense of women of course) in almost all forms of media, for as long as media has existed, and historically done all they could to suppress women’s media… but women can use their bodies to get stuff. At least, conventionally attractive ones can.

Men may have been (and continue to be) the VAST majority of people selling and buying human slaves throughout recorded history… but women are annoying sometimes!

Men may have historically denied women’s basic rights, suppressed women’s experience, and oppressed women at every turn… but they’re totally willing to stop talking about it now. Talking about women’s oppression is misandry and proof of matriarchy!

:/ And people ask me why I hate men.

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A Date with a Handsome Guy

I have dated approximately 20 men in my life. Another 30 or so have just been first (and last) dates. Here is the story of one of those dates: About 17 years ago I was in a laundry mat. I was sitting there minding my own business reading a book when this tall, dark, and handsome guy comes up to me and asks if I have seen his sock while holding up the other one. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was a lame pick-up line. I said no and went back to reading. He then says “My name is Dick”. (Not his real name but then again all men are Dicks). We got to talking and he was so handsome I could hardly believe he was talking to me. Then to my delight and dismay he asked me out on a date! I was thrilled beyond belief. He picked me up the following Saturday night and he was an hour late. He took me to this cheap pizza joint and we sat there for two hours. I tried to talk with him but he seemed agitated and all he did was smoke and made small talk. He then said he will take me home. As we got close to my place he asked if I had a bed. I told him of course I have a bed. He then asked if my roommate was home. I said yes and if he is thinking of coming in and getting lucky then he had better think again. What happened next was something I wasn’t expecting but he slowed down in front of my place, reached over and opened the door, and literally pushed me out of his truck. I fell on the curb as he sped away. He called again a few months later and asked if my roommate was home. I said no and he hangs up. The next thing I know is he is at the door with a 6 pack of Budweiser expecting to get some. I shouldn’t of let him in but I did and he immediately leads me back to my bedroom. He takes off his pants and I started crying when I saw him like that knowing he just wanted to use me. He left without getting anything (taking his full 6-pack with him) and I never saw or heard from him again.

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F*** Men

Men are responsible for 90% of my issues. I had a fiance who cheated for three months and even fucked her in the bed we shared. Ex’s who behave like teenage girls, talking about me behind my back and I even have some very vivid memories of being sexually assaulted and date raped as a teenager.

But my most recent experience of the male species would be a mixture of my own stupidity and the absolute lack of respect from the latest of my ‘hopeful encounters’. I met a guy a few weeks back, who my friends told me was ‘not my type’. He was a good few years older than me and not ‘typically good looking’. To begin with we were just having fun but then he told me that he was beginning to develop feelings for me.

A week went by and I went to the doctors with a painful rash, it was herpes – he’d had a cold-sore. He then tells me that he had been “seeing someone” and that he was going to Mexico with her, but he still wanted to see where things with us were going. He told me that it “wasn’t serious” (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… are you an idiot and yes sometimes I am). Today I went on facebook to find a heartfelt story that he was tagged in. It was the woman he had been seeing, announcing their relationship for their very happy friends to comment on.

I don’t hate all men, I have many men in my life who are brave, loving and caring; who have good values and treat women with the respect they deserve, but this guy wouldn’t even know how to touch on that kind of human behavior.

These cowardly, pathetic creatures who have sheer audacity to call themselves ‘men’ don’t deserve women, as they will only torture and break us down until we have nothing else to give (even to ourselves).

I am done with these rats, but I still have hope that not all men will treat me like this. Am I wasting my time?

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