I hate men and the effort they put into invalidating anything that doesn’t directly benefit the male population

I hate men and I hate male privilege. I hate their superiority complexes and their pathetic quest to achieve pseudo ‘alpha-male’ status. I hate their lack of empathy and their shapeless, hairy bodies.
And most of all, I hate how much they love women, yet refuse to treat them well. If men treasure women, crave women and would be lost in a world with no women, why do women still get treated like nothing?

I don’t understand men who comment on newspaper articles that present the issue of sexism, only so they can cry about “misandry” or how “not all men are rapists” or how “this article is sexist because not all men are misogynists”. NOBODY in any of these articles even made such accusations.

They cannot even acknowledge that there is an issue; all they can muster up after reading an article about horrific rape statistics and gender-based violence is how much of a white knight they are for having never raped a women and how feminism is wrong because it exists to degrade and demonize men. Through what though process do they even reach this conclusion?? Oh yeah, it’s called male privilege with a hint of superiority complex and a dash of ‘the world revolves around my penis and my ego’.

I absolutely HATE men and their inability to acknowledge issues that don’t directly benefit them. And I HATE when they go on articles about sexism and women who are victims of injustice who have had horrible things done to them only to say how victimized *they* feel as a man on the internet. How irrational, immature and selfish.

I can’t believe males are considered the ‘better’ gender. Sure, they have more muscle mass, but they severely lack empathy and maturity. They also can’t handle the truth (pathetic, considering they are fully-grown adults). Men want everyone to be nice to them otherwise they will whine about their egos, when there are far more serious issues out there that they refuse to acknowledge merely because it doesn’t benefit them.

And by the way, sexism, rape and gender violence are not women’s issues. They are MALE ISSUES. And yet men still can’t understand. Actually, they can understand yet they choose not to in a pathetic quest to achieve hyper-masculinity. Sad.

I’m 19 years old and my previously held juvenile views of the world and the people in it are crumbling horribly. The older I become the more aware I become of these issues. And quite frankly, it is extremely stressful, heartbreaking and disappointing. I guess the world isn’t as it seems when you were a kid…

From Laura P in South Australia

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Staying single is not a bad thing

Ladies, I haven’t posted in here for quite a while now due to some other projects that occupied all my time. I’m still single by the way and I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not a bad thing at all.

During these months all my anger towards men slowly dissipated and turned into indifference. Yes, I’ve become indifferent towards men, their needs, their excuses, whatever. I can see them desperately looking for love (or whatever they perceive as love), attention, company and so forth. Even with a partner at home. Always looking for something else, something new and exciting, the greener grass.

Some of the dudes I complicated my life with last year and the year before came back one by one. Burst into my life at the most unexpected moments looking for reconciliation, forgiveness, the f*ck knows. :) I kicked them out as soon as they attempted to get back in. They finally understood what I had told them way back: Don’t mess with me. Once you’re out, you’re out. There’s no way back.

Some other dudes approached me in order to date me or “build something with me” of even have an affair with me. I simply replied: My time is precious, you know. This action will involve spending loads of time in the scope I already know. As far as I can tell, this action only benefits YOU. What’s in it for me if I may ask? You’re selling me a “product” without quality assurance.

Some described me as a bitter maid. Trust me, I’ve seen bitter maids out there. Bitter to the bone, separated or divorced with kids in care, no alimony, bills to pay etc. And secretly wishing to find someone better, thus repeating the same old vicious circle. I realized just how blessed I am for being young, single, independent and without other complications in my life. Being in charge of my own life, being able to say NO and having the guts to throw their crap back at them. And laughing at the situation without remorse.

Men come and go and women need to become more and more aware that they can do well without complicating their lives, thank you very much. We can sleep with them, talk to them, work with them but as soon as they try to control our lives they’re out. As soon as a man becomes the center of out thoughts and plans it’s high time we put a cross on it.

Be strong, stay single (if you’re single) and respect yourselves. Stop complining and take action! Do not sell yourselves cheap because you feel a little blue and lonely. We all feel that every once in a while. But that’s nothing compared to the constant frustrations once can get out of all hese complications with men.

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tired of being screwed with my pants on

I am so sick of being pushed around by men I can’t stand it anymore even my own father is getting on my nerves .my are they such control freaks,liers,manipulaters and just plain assholes.

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Cheated Again

I was sitting at home with my “boyfriend” last night, and we were enjoying reruns of Will & Grace, when I noticed that something was out of the ordinary. My “boyfriend” was texting during the show, which was strange because normally he loves the hilarious comedy antics of America’s favorite on-screen gay couple. I glanced over at the screen to see who he was texting and what did I see? I saw the the name Kelly…

I didn’t really think a whole lot of it, but then I realized that I don’t know any of his friends named Kelly. Was Kelly a “man” or a Woman? I decided to ask him.

“Honey, who is Kelly?” I sheepishly asked.
He shoved his phone into his pocket.
“Uh, no-one dear,” he hurriedly replied.

At this point I realized that something was definitely wrong, I mean my “boyfriend” never did this kind of thing. I was beginning to get worried.

“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Look, there’s something that I’ve been needing to tell you,” he whispered.

I started to tear-up as I only expected the worst at this point. I had an idea of what was happening, but I didn’t want it to be true. I just wanted it all to be over.

“What is it?” I demanded.
“I’m… I’m… I’m a straight cis male. I’m not gay, I just can’t go on like this, I’m in love with a woman, and there’s nothing I can do about these emotions.” he responded.

I was stunned. I was shocked. I’ve always identified as a demisexual, lithromantic, transabled, mermaidkin, and I assumed that my “boyfriend” did too. Now I was left with nothing. My whole life was in shambles. I don’t that at any point in herstory anyone has felt the pain that I felt, I mean, I was in love.

So, ihatemen.org, I come to you for support, I just don’t know what to do with myself. I just really need help, what can I do?

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I always vote for the ladies on singing competitions….

As with every singing competition, White Guys with guitars are threats to the ladies, I founded this web site Voteforthegirls.us on April 28, 2010. The site promotes votes only for the female contestants.

I do belive that WGWG’s are the enemy and have been blamed for female front-runners of American Idol’s female contestants like Pia Toscano and Malaya Watson and to a lesser extent The X Factor USA and The Voice of America, As a woman that is officially a manhater, it makes perfect sense for my site Vote for the Girls and this site (IHateMen.org) to totally sync up, which is fine? Or do you really hate the male contestants when they win these singing competitions?

I’m serious. Looking forward to replies.

NOTE: Ava Zinn is the founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls USA (voteforthegirls.us) and UK (voteforthegirls.co.uk). She is a transgendered woman that identifies her sexual orientation as a lesbian to reflect her gender identity as a woman.

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i hate men so much!!

im an independent buisness women and everyday at work all my coworkers keep staring at me whenever i walk around or they think i cannot see them doing it >:-O !!!
i was born with a big chest and while i was proud if it as a teenager it realy started to bother me :-(

why must men be such pigs? noone i dated seemed remotely interested in me as a person. when im not having sex with them in the first 1 2 month they usually leave me. i had a friend that left me after i refused to “titfuck” him!!!!

argh >:-(

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It was ignorance

Growing up; 14, 15 years old, I often shacked up men much older than me. My first “boyfriend” was in his mid-thirties. By 16 a man twice my age had me pregnant. He was arrestable and ran to the copshop to turn himself in when he’d discovered I was pregnant. My father did not want anything to do with me, and so at 16 I was pregnant and alone. During my pregnancy I lived with a 46 year old man. He already had a son and painted the Big Happy Family picture, and didn’t follow through. I discovered he was “into pregnant young girls” ditched me soon after the child was born (I’m intelligent-obviously the baby was adopted 8 weeks after his birth).
I went through a phase in my adulthood where I felt screaming rage at theses pigs, these pedophiles! I hated them, and felt seething anger. I wanted to see them in jail.
I began to realize that, while they did take advantage of my ignorance, they had my consent (more or less) to do so.
I don’t play the victim card; I simply avoid the victimizers now. I do not trust the motives of men.

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Why can’t we appreciate one another?

More often than not, to obtain/maintain a long-term relationship, a woman is expected give up her free time, autonomy, peace of mind, and her dreams for a man. For those who don’t believe this to be true, I will explain my position.

She is expected to do the things that take the most time and energy daily; like care for the children, cook, clean, run household errands, entertain, do household shopping, do laundry. There isn’t enough time left for sleep, much less for personal time and freedom. For this reason, much is expected in return from the man; i.e. honesty, devotion, romance, respect, safety, and financial support. After all, he isn’t expected to give up as much freedom.

The expectations placed on him are definitely very stressful, but he generally has more financial power at home, relaxation time, and freedom to come and go. I know this is a more traditional arrangement, but it is still the norm as far as I can tell by observing my sisters’, aunts’, and mother’s marriages. Now, tell me. Which role would you choose if presented with the option?

People should do whatever works and makes them happy, but I’d choose the role that allowed for more freedom and power myself. I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t follow this tradition, and I think these roles should be tweaked a little more often. I think there can be more of a balance that takes some pressure off of the man and gives the woman more personal freedom.

Would most men go for this though? I don’t think they’d want to because I think their role has the most perks…

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With Good Reason

As a very young child I was molested by my father and his brother (who was only 13)
My mother was always around to protect me, but if he couldn’t f&$@ me he beat me. As I grew into a beautiful teenager, he beat me more often…I woke up with him jacking off over me one time. I ran away from home.
20 years later, my father begged for forgiveness and took counselling.
Easter 6 years ago, I was 30. He was alone with me for a minute, and he pinned me down wanting me to kiss him. When I protested, screamed for help, he called me a ‘cock tease’ THIS IS MY FATHER!!!!
No wonder men disgust and scare me

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sick and tired of being sick and tired!!


I am a stay home mom who has been taken for granted too long! The sad thing is i know most of you are thinking its the kids. No, its my selfish, self centered fiancée. I wouldnt dare call him my husband!

All week i stay home dealing with the daily drama associated with having kids. Im not complaining about THEM, I love them and they make my life worth living. But my this man of mine would rather spend time with his dead beat drunken friends then put any time into us! he keeps saying he stays home some days but when u sit next to someone and still feel alone, there is a problem.

I honestly know for a fact that i having falling out of love with him! Im not in love with him at all. I find myself hating when he is around but find myself angry because he isnt trying to repair us! I know, if he isnt trying why stay? well with five kids in the mix of this cluster fuck I cant be selfish and only think of me.

But i keep telling myself that i am setting a bad example for my children. Children grow up to imitate what they witnessed growing up. I dont want my children to feel that disrespect , selfish, and one sided is the way to be in a relationship. And im scared to death that my girls will be weak because of how they see me.

Yes, i think im weak. Yes, i feel trapped and no, i was not always this way! Before this man i was the light that lit up any room. The sweetest person you could meet. My grandmother always called me Sugar, she said i was too sweet for this world. i guess she was right! This man has taken everything from me, and has left me at home in a little jar on the highest shelf so he can take me down to play with when he feels fit. Its to the point that my friends hate him. When we speak the first thing they ask, “have you left yet?” I know its never right to stay for the kids especially when your miserable but I cant just walk away.

I thought that writing this would help me blow off steam but reading this i sound foolish. I know im being vague and im all over the place but its really too much shit to type! I promise you i could write a book on my life, and it would sell.

I have so much too say but don’t know where to start. I mean i practically run this man business, take care of kids, and still try to please him within not leave my house for more than 5 hours accumulated. Im about to pop! I have to find a way to get all of this out!

- Jaded

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Idiot stalker

I met a guy about a year ago on the bus. He seems nice, gentle, a little bit goofy looking. Effeminate, which I appreciate in a man. He gave his number to me. I waited two weeks to call.
We went to dinner, we had coffee, we went to the woods on a hike with a campfire. A few awkward, sloppy kisses…I decided to keep him in the friend zone.
Here’s the problem. He professes to “be in love with me” I expressed clearly that I did not reciprocate. And then in typical male fashion begins to persistently try to wear away my resistance. I mean long love letters in my mailbox, epic emails describing the excitement of his loins etc. I try and re center everything around “JUST FRIENDS” and he resorts to calling me names.
I’ve had other men call him, I’ve had my mother call him, I’ve asked his brother to speak to him. Leave me the fuck alone.

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Hello, i have a question,
How come its not ok for a man to say anything bad about a girl but when i girl makes a site like this its ok is this in powering to women ?
Are Men already Powered And if we are and the world is sooo anti- women then why is there sites like these that are just fine and t-shirts that per mote third world acts like stoning men ok but stoning women not